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Default Re: Spooky Experiences : Share them here

Came across this interesting read.

Quoting some of the texts.

Kuldeep died last year at the age of 34. He had a wife and son who ironically was born on the same day of his death. Iíve known this person for last 10 years and was fortunate to have a friend like him. Kuldeep belong to a remote village in Uttarakhand ( mana ) and he moved to Delhi after his higher secondary. He did his graduation and MBA before he became my colleague. Iíve never seen kuldeep visiting his village in past 10 years although his mother and grandmother were still there in the village. Kuldeepís father died when he was young and he was a single child.
Around 2 at night we both were sitting in the balcony with the first sip of the tea he said,Ē I was in graduation when I first had dream about this person, he was around 45 years old, had a wife and 2 children. That night it seems like a normal dream to me where I saw a man and his family working in a muddy field in village and village seems like mine although I donít remember much about my village but by the glimpse of it I can relate to it, but after a week I had the same dream about that person but he was looking bit older now around 60 years of age and his children were not there, he was sitting on a chair with two other person and his wife was serving tea to them. Actually I am having these dreams since last 8 years and now I remember name of that person his wife, children and all his friends
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Default Re: Spooky Experiences : Share them here

Yesterday night, it was pitch black, the half moon on the horizon appeared like a golden white mask worn by man without a head. As I came back from the terrace, to the living room my 8 year old daughter yearned to watch Vikram aur Bethal serial on my cell phone. It was already past 11 and as we watched Vikram chasing the white ghost, the great bethala, she withered into a beautiful slumber in my arms cuddling her fluffy white bunny rabbit whose black button eyes appeared to be gouged from it. I put her angled head on a soft pillow and went out to look at the headless moon. Again. That's when I remembered an event I witnessed when I was an 8 year old boy and I am here to tell you what happened that night, a long time ago.

My mom and dad dropped me at my Ajji's place, she is my grandmother. During those hard times, we used to sleep on the cold marble-less cement floor. That day my granny narrated an old tale of Yama, the God of Death who would come down to the earth on his majestic beast clutching a rugged rope in his hand. She told me, she saw him visit the lanes in our surrounding during night time looking for someone. She vividly told me, I remember, that Yama will lasso the rope around his victim's neck and tighten it untill the person dies, and drags the dead carcass and flies across the cloud to Yamaloka, where the victims were fried in a piping hot boiling oil and burnt with a raging fire and beat with a heavy wooden log. It was horrifying to hear while I dreaded to look at my granny who was brushing her saggy silver hair with a twin sided wooden comb.

What I saw that night, I tell you, I can never forget. I will also tell you my friend, that you will also remember this tale for a long time. It has forever etched in my memory. Something that comes back to haunt you when you are depressed, when you are lonely and when you feel you are ancient.

I slept that night on the cold floor in the small living room. Sometime around midnight, while Ajji was fast asleep I could barely sleep and in between my droopy eyelids I could faintly see the reflection of the moon light, creeping inside the home, through the broken crevices on the moth eaten wooden door. If you light a torch from outside, you could see its light falling on the floor through the holes in the door. That cold dark night, I could see the moon light creeping into the home being interrupted by a shadowy figure. I was delusional or the story told by my Ajji in the evening was playing in my head in loop. I was too young to comprehend, but I am sure I heard the sound of hooves of some majestic beast clanking the cement floor just outside the door. That damned DOOR right in front of me. "Oh God, not me, not my Ajji I love her, please go away", I thought to myself. I wanted to wake my Ajji but couldn't muster the strength, my voice was drowning in my throat, and all I did was pray. Then, suddenly there was silence, last I heard was, I remember now, some one was being dragged. And through the crevices in the door, a slight ruffel of the moon light and the shadow disappearing into infinity.

The next day I woke up to a wailing sound of an old woman, our next door neighbour. Her husband had died of heart attack that night.

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