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Default re: The School & College Admissions Thread

Originally Posted by arun1100 View Post
My Daughter is studying at Trio since Nursery. Now she is in K2. We are very happy with the school; be it on the education front or the extracurricular activities.

Trio was recommended to me by Bhpians Parag Sachania and Pavan Kadam.
What is the yearly fees that Trio charges. On similar lines any International school for that matter.
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Default re: The School & College Admissions Thread

Originally Posted by satishchugh View Post
Bangalore folks, need your help and guidance.

I will be moving to Bangalore early next year (depending on COVID and my son's admission, but looks like April 2021). I still have to select the area and the criterian is -
  1. Comparatively easy to drive to Whitefield (PSN / Divyasree) and Bellandur (Pritech Park SEZ). I expect to work from Whitefield for 3-4 days, Bellandur once a week/fortnight and 1-2 days from home.
  2. Near my son's school. He will be almost 4 year old in June next year.
  3. Where the rental for a un furnished or semi-furnished 2BHK is in 25-30 K range.
  4. I am looking for a CBSE school for my son and also some sensible option, can't spent more than 1.5-2 Lakh p.a. and I have heard stories of 3-5 lakh fees for some good schools.
So the real question is where to seek admission for my son. At this point I have applied to DPS Whitefield, NPS Indira Nagar, Chrysalis High Kadugodi. I would apply to Vydehi Whitefield when admission opens there. We couldn't apply to Kideens as the admission closed within a day :(
  1. What are other good school, I should apply to?
  2. Many people have suggested Varthur as a good area to live in as well as for schools. Any suggestions?
  3. Chrysalis High has offered admission. How is it as compared to DPS and Vydehi? We haven't visited any of these but the inline review seems to favour DPS, Vydehi than Chrysalis - any first hand view?

Thanks in advance for your guidance and suggestions.
  • If you need to be in Whitefield more as compared to Belandur, better option would be to stay in the Whitefield area.
  • If you want to be kind of equidistant from both areas, a little down on Sarjapur Road (look for Carmelaram, Dommasandra) would be a choice. It is little on the outskirts, closer to Belandur but accessible to Whitefield.
  • With the above option, you open up tons of schools in the Sarjapur-Varthur area. This link is a post I had put up some time back on the list of schools in the Belandur-Sarjapur-Varthur belt. Many are CBSE.
  • Suggest to drop NPS Indiranagar, it is off the areas mentioned and would be a bad commute for kids.
  • With current situation there are tons of empty apartments with owners desperate to rent out. Situation may change by April, but pretty sure you will have a wide variety of choices well within your budget and will have the luxury to negotiate to the price you need.
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Default re: The School & College Admissions Thread

Originally Posted by redcruiser View Post
What is the yearly fees that Trio charges. On similar lines any International school for that matter.
For 1st grade ICSE syllabus, 1.8 lakhs just the fees. Books, uniform, transport all extra.
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Default re: The School & College Admissions Thread

Thanks Rajeevraj for detailed guidance.

I agree it's more practical to live in Whitefield and hence I am targeting Vydehi Whitefield, DPS Whitefield, Chrysalis High Kadugodi. Does anyone have real world experience and can compare these 3 and any other school nearby - like Whitefield Global School?

Also I am not sure if I am missing some other good schools. Are there any other real good school that I am missing in Whitefield ore nearby areas?

I wanted to explore Varthur but Carmelaram, Dommasandra seems really far from Whitefield, where I will be working 3-4 days a week. So I would skip it unless I am left with no choices, esp. because I want to stay very near to my son's school. (Apologies if this is incorrect, as I have very little idea of Bangalore made up from Google Maps)

Also I don't want to risk admission by applying to just 3-4 schools in Whitefield. Hence the request to suggest some more schools.

P.S. Once the school is finalized, I would stay nearby or max 15-20 mins drive for my son. So if he gets in NPS Indira Nagar, I will be staying there only. But what I heard is it's very difficult to get admission there.
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Default re: The School & College Admissions Thread

Originally Posted by satishchugh View Post
P.S. Once the school is finalized, I would stay nearby or max 15-20 mins drive for my son. So if he gets in NPS Indira Nagar, I will be staying there only. But what I heard is it's very difficult to get admission there.
NPS Indiranagar is much sought after due to it's reputation and location - in the midst of a very upscale residential locality that has residents who are the who's who in society - politicians, businessmen, folks in the film Industry, bureaucrats, senior officers in the police/armed forces so you can imagine the kind of pressure to secure a seat there.

Moreover, seats for lower classes open up only when children move out of the school and there will some kind of written test as well. Also, as you know the schools will never be transparent when it comes to admissions so you will not be in a position to ask for the reason why the child did not get selected (in case that were to happen).

However, it may be easier to get a seat at other NPS branches like the one in HSR layout for example. Unless you're the type of parent who has already made up plans for the child's future so early and very particular about this school, I would suggest not to worry/bother. Also, NPS is known to focus more on academics and the child will need to find a way to balance it with extra curricular activities/sports.

When it comes to facilities, almost all these bigger schools are at the same level almost, so nothing to worry there.

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Default Suggestions and advice for admission in Symbiosis Medical College for Women, Pune

Hi all,

Writing this to seek your valued inputs and advice on the following matter:

I am looking to get my daughter admitted to Symbiosis Medical college for Women Pune. The issue is that since I am from North India, and have no contacts in and around Pune, its been impossible to get any first hand information about the antecedents of the college.

Request you advice and suggestions. The choices have to be submitted on mcc website by tomorrow.

Thanks in anticipation.
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Default Re: The School & College Admissions Thread


Admission to LKG 2021-2022
Admission to LKG is done in April every Academic year. (Application Forms to LKG are issued ONLINE in the first week of January).
UKG to STD X (LATERAL ENTRY) Admission to all other classes (UKG to Std 10) are closed.
Please submit a request letter stating the Standard for which admission is sought.
If there is any vacancy arising out of the sudden and unforseen departure of any student, an opening for admission may be possible. We will inform you after 20 May.

SJBHS Facebook page:
SJBHS Instagram account:
SJBHS Youtube channel:
Dear Parent
We invite you to apply for your son’s entry into LKG.
Please note that we do not take donations for any admissions. We do not have any agents through whom you can procure seats. Do not give any money to anyone who promises you a seat in our school. You will be doing so at your own risk.
Application forms for admission to LKG for the academic year 2021-22 will be issued online from Friday, 1 January 2021 to Thursday, 7 January 2021. They can be downloaded from the school website
You can apply online ONLY on the above mentioned dates. Thereafter no application form will be issued and enquiries regarding the same will not be entertained.
NO application forms will be issued by the school office.
The hard copy of the duly filled in E-application form may be submitted at the school registration desk from 4 to 9 January 2021 between 9:00am and 2:00pm. The last date to submit the filled in E-application form is 9 January 2021.
Admissions are NOT on a first-come first-served basis. All applications submitted on or before 9 January 2021, will be considered.
Students who have been selected as well as those who have not, will be informed of the same by post/courier in the last week of February 2021.
Parents are advised to apply for admissions to other schools as our seats for LKG are limited.
Please submit the following documents at the School Registration Desk (4 - 9 January, 2021, 9:00am - 2:00pm):
Fully completed and signed E-application form with 3 passport sized photographs, one of the student, one of his father and one of his mother.
Birth certificate of the child (child should have completed 4 years of age on June 1, 2021)
Corporation certificate of Birth with name of the child - for all. (Photo copy)
Aadhaar card of the child. (Photo copy)
Caste Certificate where applicable specifying the category to which the applicant belongs (Photo copy).
Baptism certificate along with a letter from the Parish Priest stating that the parents belong to his parish. This is for Catholics only. (Photo copy)
Proof of present residential address (Copy of Passport/ Aadhaar card/ Voter’s ID card/ Rental Agreement with Electricity Bill).
Details of sibling studying in this school - where applicable
Proof of father or mother being an Alumnus - if applicable
Attested copies of the highest Educational qualifications of both the parents.
1. The application form may be downloaded at:
After filling in the application form on the website, please click on the submit button. A soft copy of the duly filled in E-application form will be generated with an E-application form number. The same will be sent to your email ID for your reference.
At the time of submission of the duly filled in E-application form, an amount of ₹300/- is to be paid online.
Kindly fill in and submit only one E-application form, as duplicate applications will be rejected.
Any enquiries about admissions will not be entertained.
Recommendations of any kind will disqualify the candidate.
Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ
Click here how to apply online application instructions

For any technical assistance contact: 8884200548, 8884200549 or Email to:
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Default Re: The School & College Admissions Thread

Folks - requesting feedback on Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya on Kanakapura Road near Yelachenahalli (Bangalore).
We are looking at getting our son admitted to LKG there. Would be good to hear feedback about academics as well as extra curricular aspects.
Any info about Student-Teacher ratio also would be helpful.

We have got a call for "Meet The Child" for early next month - if people have info on what is the process for admission that happens that would be good as well.

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