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hey leave c3po alone he has disgusted him self enough!
ps: hey viper your coming down for the next meet rite?
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Hmm. Looks like a real great meet - took me 4 beers to go through all the 11 pages. I am tired - need another beer fast. Don't know how I am going to drag my sorry a** to work tomorrow.

Nice location, nice planning, nice company and some nice steeds make a real nice meet. The organisers really deserve respect.

BTW, I dont see whats the big deal about v1p3r going a bit, you know, over-the-top. I am sure it has happened atleast once, to almost all that drink ie. if you really drink - I am not talking the social drinking stuff and 16 quarts for 18 people thing. Add a young age and its really not that improbable. Been there, done that, many moons ago.

Anyway, guys, it was real fun going through all the pages - felt like being there. To those that post snaps, please separate each snap from the other - I dont know about others, but when I see a stringed together group of snaps, I just skip them. Be aesthetic not only in taking the snaps, but in presenting too - it matters, believe me.
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Default And some more:

1. v1p3r with the truck, just before Thoppur.

2. Bite it, Bite it !! McL goes after the pizzas at CCD

3. Tadu ...

4. Charan .. the look on his face says it all. Wish I had got a better shot of him

5. Men in White

6 More Hard Rock Bar

7. A TBHP Sunrise

8. Tried to go to Pykara, but IMO, that road would have led us to Ooty

9. McL uptp it ..

10. Some lovely spots on the way



13. Group snap - well, almost. Two missing.

14. Lazing around, not willing to return ..

15. The trucks ..

16. The trucks again

17. Elephant Warning System in sleep mode ..

18. And the discussions continued .. even as we head back to CBE

Sorry, guys. It's been a week over-due. Things have been hectic. The pics are not as good as many of what's already been posted. Have tried to put in ones that were not similar to what's already there.

Full size images, pls ping me.

Zak, were you able to collate all the pics into a CD ? Would love a set of all snaps at max resolution.

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Originally Posted by Zak
Mayhem is not yet over!
We are waiting for Condor!
The Mayhem is still not over ! Lets get back together again soon .. and do it again
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and this time let me also know guys.. will try my best to be there.. Hmmm.. guess i can jump in a ride with any of the guys from cochin..
or can my zen take all that.. *I don't think so*
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