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Old 11th July 2008, 19:40   #811
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Ripper, I'll burn the videos onto a DVD Just let me know when you arrive.
Zak was drifting, but I was trying not to get thrown out of the Swift so I dont think I got that on the camera

ps: Isnt drift for rear-wheel drive vehicles and powerslide for front-wheel drive?
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Old 12th July 2008, 18:33   #812
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Default Could this compensate for the rainless Monsoon Drive?


My first visit to Ponmudi and what a day it turned out to be!

Trivandrum was bright and sunny. Ponmudi was rains and fog!

A video of the rainy drive!

To compensate for the dry Monsoon drive, this is a rainy drive to Ponmudi

Sorry for the off topic post.
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Old 12th July 2008, 20:47   #813
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cool video srijit

Guys wish i was there...
atleast it would have been a change from the horrible chennai heat...

any plans for mansoon drive part 2 ?

more pics guys please or videos
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Old 16th July 2008, 23:26   #814
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A month over after meeting you all. when will I next???
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Old 20th July 2008, 05:43   #815
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Default Anecdote!

Today, 20.07.08!
It's been a month and almost a week after our Monsoon drive. Just can't believe how this one month flew past. Everything seems like yesterday or the evening before. Ain't it guys?

14th and 15th of June 2008 won't be that easily forgotten. It was full of fun, joy, togetherness, mess, mistakes and pure happiness. That weekend taught me a lot of lessons and well, a lots of good memories which cannot be just erased from my life. But again, I just can't believe it was a month ago!

I still look back in my rearview mirror and I see lot. Lots and lots!
I see lots of winding smooth roads, I see lots of greenery, I see lots of laughter, I see lots of passionate driving, I see lots of cars, I see lots of finger licking tasty food, I see lots of cameras, I see lots of photography, I see lots of fun, I see lots of enthusiasm, I see lots of dams, I see lots of hairpins, I see lots of burnt rubber marks, I see lots of satisfaction. I see lots of booze, I see lots of loud happenings, I see lots of singing, I see lots of fire, I see lots of cops, I see lots of fear, I see lots of trouble, I see lots of phone calls, I see lots of puzzled faces. I see a lazy morning, I see the cheering, I see happy families, I see pine forest, I see lots of guavas.

I also see a red fire, I see a video butcher, I see an Ubuntu bullet rider, I see a bhaiyya, I see a mad veg mallu, I see a boy with a patch, I see a Bomb att, I see an ElanTadu, I see KP getz a Bolero, I see a maseratti on Q, I see a Roopa from KR puram, I see a roamin guy, I see XXXX, I see Which, I see some Shaf(i)q(at) between them, I see Ripper, I see a Mallu dude, I see 123 very Ezee, I see a Poduval, I see a Stump sized man, I see a thin, slim Jay, I see another one with a D at the end, I see a knight from California, I see a Man's (what an) Idea, I see a fat sober mallu, I see a shy guy from Mah1, I see an Elantya, I see an ElantRaj, I see a 100 dB, I see a Bai on Veels, I see some more which I just cannot remember in this sleepy morning.
I also see about 30thousand happy faces of fellow bhpians who have visited this thread.

Refreshing and cherishing those good moments alone are giving me a lot of relief from all the stress and tension I go thru in my office and work. Afterall, this is what a DRIVE should be na?

I take this opportunity to thank one and everybody who have taken part in this thread. I am proud of myself to be a Team-bhpian. If not for this forum, these kinda DRIVEs would've never happened. Atleast for me, never!

It's also time we lay this thread to rest.
A new one is waiting to be opened. The month of August is running closer to us and even before we may know, it would be time to start our engines!

So, hold on to your horses guys! Be prepared.
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Old 20th July 2008, 13:37   #816
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Originally Posted by speedzak View Post
Today, 20.07.08!

So, hold on to your horses guys! Be prepared.

Just WoooooWWWW !!!
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Old 20th July 2008, 14:20   #817
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Originally Posted by speedzak View Post
If not for this forum, these kinda DRIVEs would've never happened. Atleast for me, never!
Zak, pondering over the point you just made i realise that it IS the truth. If not for this forum i wouldn't have met you all or wouldn't have had beautiful memories to cherish.

for the next D.R.I.V.E
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Old 20th July 2008, 23:11   #818
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All good things MUST come to an end.

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