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Congratulations on your


Car known as the CIVIC!

Time to update your profile. Looking forward to see your car like this!
Attached Thumbnails
Got my *pre-worshipped* Honda Civic-2007_honda_civic_typer_01.jpg  

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Congratulations on your buy, a very good deal IMO, especially with so few kms on the odo.
The Civic has always been a favorite of mine. Looking forward to those suspension mods - the scraping scares me off from buying one every time.
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"Originally Posted by ramzsys
it is best outsourced to fellow citizens around (CPO-Car Process Outsourcing).They do the research, buy it after a bargain, pay the tax, run-in, maintain and then sell it at a discount to potential customers like me."
LOL well we have another example of CPO here.

Congratulations GTO. White Civic looks stunning! day before i had asked in DYNO thread "news about Civic" and here I find a very detailed report.

Nice write up. enjoyed reading through thread.

Have safe and happy revving
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Congrats. That's a great deal. White CIVIC is awesome.
You made my day. Now i'm running behind used CIVIC.

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Thank you for all your wishes!

First things first, you know what my benchmark car was? This Civic (from our classifieds). An '07 with 11,000 kms for 8.25 lakhs. Well, I beat it

Originally Posted by prateekm View Post
I too got a '08 Corolla A/T for 7.5l. And yeah, a Civic in white is heaven.
Whoa! You got an even better deal than I did!! How many kms? Pictures?

Originally Posted by Gilead View Post
When do the mods start?
Soon, Gilead, real soon. I have plans to take a dyno run before / after each modification. That ought to set the record straight (on stuff like K&N filters, free flows etc.).

So a new car at around 7/8 lacs at a much lesser interest rate is not that bad a deal either.
Even with the high interest rates, this car would work out substantially cheaper than a new Civic.

Also, if due to the high interest rates one wants to lower his budget, I have compiled an excellent list of 6 lakh rupee enthusiast cars here.

Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post
the only negative i could notice was that the stock tyres create quite a roar. anyway i think that will be taken care of by you?
Will be upgraded soon.

now wanna help me find one in the 7l range? need to replace the getz
Speak to Tejas Shah (Broker) on 98190.68141. Young chap, very hard-working with an ability to screen the entire market for good cars. He showed me the most cars in that 1 month timeframe.

Originally Posted by rajivn View Post
I have come to believe in used car deals mainly from your posts GTO. I was previously averse to Used car deals. Well, not anymore. You have lived by your words and have now given us great example on how to go about securing brilliant deals. Brilliant job GTO.
Rajiv, I've always been on top of the *used car movement* on Team-BHP. The current gen of modern cars are good for 1.5 - 2.5 lakh kms easy. The wide choice of cars, and frequent release of new models, makes its easy for value seekers like us to find great cars at reasonable prices. I wouldn't consider any new car within the 8 - 10 lakh rupee range as an upgrade from my OHC Vtec. That car was F-A-S-T.

Anytime you need advice on a search, just open up a "What car?" thread.

Originally Posted by Technocrat View Post
Lateral upgrades as proven twice by you are surely very tempting over a new car purchase
LOL, so true. Got the Vtec for 7, sold for exactly 50% of that price after 73,000 kms, put another 4.5 lakhs (equivalent of an Indica TDi) and got the Civic.

Fun to drive cars for relatively little money.

Originally Posted by f1fan View Post
If you handn't mentioned about the used piece and posted these snaps, I am sure most of us would have thought that it is a brand new car.
Do you know Team-BHPians? The first reply on the thread would have said "Hey, these aren't bumpers from the facelift version. It's an older car".

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Congratulations GTO. It's hard to believe that it's a pre-owned car. Yes, it's 'pre-worshipped' as you have said. Hail the owner and Honda Auto Terrace for delivering the car gleaming as new!
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Congrats GTO, thats a nice car to own. I always felt Civic's interiors are the best on this side of 20L car. I just love that steering wheel
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Looks brand new...

I admire Civic a lot, and white looks elegant.

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Congrats GTO!!

It looks as good as a new one. Great deal!! You have indeed proved that it makes sense to do research and get a second hand car.

I love Civic in white!!
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I'm Jealous lol. Congrats my friend. Awesome purchase, I was also researching used car market big time. I'm on week 3 now, but it takes lot of time when researching alone amidst busy schedule at work.

Chennai used car market demand a higher premium, similar civics here costs us minimum of 10L. Sigh... congrats again n happy revving (still jealous )
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That's a used car?! :O Who are you kidding, Rush?!

Seriously, looks like your efforts paid off, and what a car as well.
Looking forward to how this shapes up with the mods you're planning on it.
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Great buy !!! Nice to see that some of us look after our cars. You obviously got your car for someone who was caring towards his car.

Happy Modding !! Or is it too early to say that - yet ?

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I am pleasantly surprised that GTO went ahead and bought a 2nd hand Civic - fantastic VFM and in mint showroom condition ( For a second I thought it was new )

Congratulations GTO

My partner in the UK always goes and buys a used vehicle as he says he gets 30 - 40 % knocked off in less than 18 months of usage.

Last he brought a Black Honda CRV Diesel Top Variant with twin sunroof, Sat Nav and Leather for less than 20000 pounds ( 15 Lacs ! )

The used market is a great one and if looked with patience and knowledge can be very very rewarding just like in GTO's case here.

In smaller towns like Agra - people have the money to buy expensive cars BUT once bored they try to get rid off it for ridiculous prices and that is where these used car dealers make their millions.

I found someone here selling his 2008 Accord V6 with 14k km's for 8 Lacs !!! Crazzyy !!

I am definitely looking for a used Corolla Altis AT around Diwali. Will start looking August onwards.

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Congrats for this *NEW* civic.
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That is a nice deal. Even I am a huge fan of a second hand purchase with all headache taken care of buy the first owner.

Enjoy your ride
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