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Congrats GTO!!
I think u have got one of the best deals possible!! Congrats again.
Please keep us posted on the modifications. Since i also have a civic and dont know too much about modification! So lead the way!

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congratz GTO..!
The car looks in amazing shape.
Enjoy buddy..!
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Originally Posted by lsp View Post
I have to show this thread to my folks who are surprised that I am again thinking of going for a used car. My first used car was the one which I used for 'haath saaf karna'
And if they need any more convincing, ask your folks to join up and create a "What car" thread. We'll be only too glad to help.

Originally Posted by Ace F355 View Post
I was about to start a thread on the same topic, but your thread has tempted me to put my query here.

1. I have always liked the civic since it was launched.
2. I could never justify the price for a new civic.
3. I drive a Swift VDi back home (in Haryana).
4. And last but not the least, I want to present a (used) Civic to my father, bought from my own money as a replacement of Swift.

My budget is around 7-7.5 lakhs
Aren't you in luck? Delhi has even better deals than Bombay (since new cars are cheaper to start with). Link to White '07 Civic for 7.5 lakhs Team-BHP Classifieds

Originally Posted by avinash_m View Post
I should confess that I already knew
Ah, the boys told you over the dyno run?

Why do I get this feeling that in a few years time I might end up buying a used Civic, 07 white color, 75k kms (approx) on the odo, well maintained, and a t-bhp car, as my next car?!

Originally Posted by gomzi View Post
Which is it first, wheels, exhaust or remap?
Wheels + tyres + audio first. Before I start modding the engine, I first want to condition it my way (Read = Italian tune up = High-revving away to glory). Want to put the engine through another 5,000 kms of my driving style before the Race dynamics piggy-back / remap, free flow etc.

Originally Posted by csentil View Post
You are spot on with the likes and dislikes. Doesn't matter with the low torques... Rev her all the way man!!!
This car was built to high-revv. Seriously, its so crisp all the way to the redline. Hardly feels strained even when the limiter is hit.

Take her for a long drive. You'll just love the drive, the control and the car in total...
Funny you should mention that. My respect for the Civic grew after experiencing her high speed stability first hand. Not a Benz at speed, yet sufficiently safe & stable (zero nervousness). Japs have come a long way and very soon, the Europeans are going to run out of their USPs.

I don't think I saw anything about the tyre conditions, how are they? Planning any changes?
Tyres are in good shape, spare is unused. Upgrade coming up.

Originally Posted by mkc15 View Post
Can we have a quick comparo of OHC vs.Civic and C vs.Civic, right from the owner of all the 3 (ex-owner for OHC though!) ? Will be lots of fun.
OHC Vtec : Insane power delivery, very raw (no other engine can match), the best driver feedback, engine + steering + gearbox are the stars in overall package. Poor high speed behaviour. Overall package seems basic. Cheap to run + cheap to own.

Merc C220 : Solid, quick, fast but in a refined way. The best for high speed / expressway / highway driving. Mega torque, great tank range. Excellent steering + 6 speed gearbox. Dynamics, chassis grip and brakes are unbeatable on an open road. Reliability is iffy, cost of maintenance very high. Premium Euro diesel + manual 6 speed are rare (precisely why I'm holding on to mine).

Civic : Somewhere in between. Revv happy engine (though not as violent as the Vtecs), excellent firm steering and awesome brakes. Huge step ahead in highway stability. Appeals to the head and the heart. More once I spend 10,000 kms with her.

Originally Posted by sbraj View Post
I am risking a prediction.

Lots of TBHPians looking to purchase a new car are going to consider buying a higher segment used car.

Congrats GTO on your buy, your thread and on showing the way. Round of applause!!!
Thanks, I hope this thread encourages many more VFM buys on this forum.

Originally Posted by suman View Post
has she scraped any speed breakers so far?
Not yet, Suman. But then, she's only had a rear passenger (i.e. Mom) once. Most of the time, its me + 1 front passenger.
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Originally Posted by petroheadkaran View Post
Congrats GTO!!
I think u have got one of the best deals possible!! Congrats again.
Please keep us posted on the modifications. Since i also have a civic and dont know too much about modification! So lead the way!

Here's an excellent thread by GTO on modifying your car.
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Hey GTO, Great great buy !! This is just so exciting !!!
This thread has changed a lot of things going through my head !! now, looking for a driver oriented small diesel hatch...Pre-owned
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Ah, the boys told you over the dyno run?
Yep! I couldn't believe my ears when Dippy told me the stats (Price/Year/Odo)!! The VTEC too was of a similar lineage and now this
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Congrats GTO!! Awesome Buy. I own a '07 white civic VAT which i picked up in the second hand market for pretty much the same price in Chennai. I had a very simialr experience where I saw a million cars but the moment I saw and sat in my white civic which was as good as new and smelt new and was only half the price of a new one I wrote down the cheque. Its an awesome buy but I still miss my RS. As mine is an AT it makes a whole load of sense in the city but sometimes in the highway it does not feel as planted as say a RS. The RS would be good to go till about 200 but the civic doesnt feel as powerful or meaty(hope am making sense here). My RS was a monster but the civic is a suave yet sporty animal. Am sure a remap and suspension stiffening would make a whole load of difference. The ICE is something which needs to be upgraded as well.

Please do keep us posted on the mods as I am looking to mod my ride as well. Who better to have as my reference but you.

530d/A4 for 15 is defintely my next buy as well. Even if I have 40 lakhs to buy a new Beemer I would rather go for the steal deals and spend the rest on driving it around on looong drives/holidays.
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
Time to update your profile.
Thank you, did too.

Originally Posted by neoonwheels View Post
I always felt Civic's interiors are the best on this side of 20L car. I just love that steering wheel
Seriously, the interiors wear a wonderful design, premium part quality and have great room.

Originally Posted by musicvj View Post
I was also researching used car market big time. I'm on week 3 now, but it takes lot of time when researching alone amidst busy schedule at work.
Keep the persistence going. If it was easy to buy such cars at VFM prices, wouldn't everyone? Want to save, be ready to work. Good luck with your search.

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
That's a used car?! :O Who are you kidding, Rush?!
Hey Benny, I can resell the car to you for a 1 lakh rupee discount (off the price of new) if you wish

Thanks for the compliments.

Originally Posted by vkochar View Post
My partner in the UK always goes and buys a used vehicle as he says he gets 30 - 40 % knocked off in less than 18 months of usage.

The used market is a great one and if looked with patience and knowledge can be very very rewarding just like in GTO's case here.

In smaller towns like Agra - people have the money to buy expensive cars BUT once bored they try to get rid off it for ridiculous prices and that is where these used car dealers make their millions.
Your partner is our kind of guy. An uncle of a fellow Moderator ONLY buys used in the States. His cars (in no particular order):

Used S65 AMG (current wheels)
Used E55 AMG
Used Mazda RX-7
Used 911
Used SL600
Used Toyota Supra

Again, our kinda guy. Instead of spending $150,000 on one new S65 AMG, I'd much rather own all 5 listed above. Pre-worshipped, of course!

Originally Posted by gaurav_chopra04 View Post
I would look forward to a detailed review of suspension upgrade!
Sure thing.

Originally Posted by kutlee View Post
i'm seeing a RD ecu soon on this. civic in white is mouth watering.
VERY keen on the Race Dynamics box. Will be dropping Karthik a line once my engine has been "Italian-tuned"

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Rush congratulations on the new acquisition.At 8.10 lakhs and 7k clicks on the odo you couldn't wrong with the choice.
She looks awesomely clean and wishing you many more miles of happy motoring.
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Brilliant brilliant deal. Looking forward to the mods now
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@GTO, fantastic thread man!! actually eye opener to many like me who never think of "pre-worshiped" cars. But after this I will surely buy second Civic or Laura TSI for sure if I can not make money for the new one!!
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I've been using the civic for quite some time now, and I have a lot of admiration for that car. In fact, even though I was in the US when we bought the car, it was my decision to buy the civic and what model to buy. After moving back, it became my staple, and even though I've moved on to another car now, I've still kept this one so I drive it every now and then.
There's just this thing about japanese cars.. they feel light.. chuck-able... Its almost like a toy.. compared to the europeans with the heavy sheet metal. And the steering on the civic is just FANTASTIC..Thick and chunky, while at the same time small.. and very good feedback.. I have an i20 with the superlight EPS, but I'd take the civic hydraulic any day over it..

To put it in a different way, the i20 steering is what I would use to park, while the civic steering is what I would use to drive.

Congrats on the wonderful purchase GTO, may it serve you for years to come.

PS - I still think that for pure driving pleasure the Laura 1.8TSI the civic hollow

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Congrats, that's a superbly maintained civic. Looks as good as new.
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GTO congratulations on the wonderful acquisition. I was very impressed by your article on Pre Owned cars and with this there is nothing that is going to make me buy a new car (whenever I do next thanks to your other advise on hanging on to your cars for a long time) .

BTW how about a little more detail on Auto Terrace ? I never paid attention to it before but it suddenly feels like great VFM.

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Congrats GTO. I am getting my Civic next week. From now on, I can look forward to a lot of inputs from you on maintenance et al.
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