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mkc15 24th September 2009 21:53


Originally Posted by mwzd (Post 1487027)
Make : Honda
Model : New Civic
Variant : 1.8VMT
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 19th Sep 2009 (postdated)
Color : Polished Metallic Metal (Grey)
Expected Delivery Date : 23rd Sep 2009
Dealer & City : Solitaire Honda, Borivali, Mumbai
Freebies : Mats, Rearview camera, vKool sun film
Others : Cost more than I could afford, but well worth it I hope.

Wow, first New civic in TBHP I think. CONGRATS, how did you manage these freebies on such a new model. In Bangalore, Honda dealers wont even give a body-cover. Hope you have got your car by now. Awaiting your review.

nvldvr 24th September 2009 21:57

Scorpio SLE - White
Finally got my loan sanctioned. Booked a white Scorpio SLE. If all goes well, should be able to take delivery by Sep 30th or so.

nvldvr 24th September 2009 22:01

Finally decided scorpio it will be and ABS is the way to go.There are definetely going to be a few long runs on the highways, and the added safety of ABS is a must. Booked white SLE today. Hope to take delivery by 30th or so.

Mission_Safari 24th September 2009 22:28


Originally Posted by nvldvr (Post 1500634)
Finally got my loan sanctioned. Booked a white Scorpio SLE. If all goes well, should be able to take delivery by Sep 30th or so.

Congrats!! Getting it delivered in 6 days ? Last i enquired a dealer here he said 3-4 weeks is the wait period .

nvldvr 24th September 2009 22:33

Well i am told there's a vehicle available. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Anoop RD 25th September 2009 12:06

White Scorpio, wow!!! Congrats friend. Where did you book the scorp? Also, did they give any offer in price or any freebies?

rajarajanr 25th September 2009 17:09

Palio MJD
Hi all,
This is my very first post on team-bhp, and I'm proud to share that I have booked a palio MJD.
Make : Fiat
Model : Palio stile mjd
Variant : sdx
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : September 10 2009
Color : Carbon Black
Expected Delivery Date : September 30 2009
Dealer & City : Concorde, Bangalore
Freebees : Mudflaps, doormats, perfume etc,..
Others : dealer+corp discount = 14k

waiting for the delivery day. ^_^

fast_elegance 25th September 2009 19:24

@rajarajanr : Congrats on the Palio. Whats the on road price?

nvldvr 25th September 2009 21:00

Thanx buddy. And nope. No offers, no freebies. Still happy buying because i think its a great package anyways.

Anoop RD 26th September 2009 10:31

It is the same scenario every where, I too did enquire about SLE (which is in my favorite list also) to one of our local dealer and he said no offer, nothing. They know people will buy Scorp even if they won't give any offers.:)

rajswiftvdi 26th September 2009 19:04

Booked Swift VDI ABS
Hello BHPians,

Booked swift VDI+ABS on Aug 10th 2009 and still waiting. Dealer promised delivery within 60 days, not sure how many days more to go.

Make : Maruti
Model : Swift
Variant : VDI + ABS
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : Aug 10th 2009
Color : WHITE
Expected Delivery Date : 60 Days
Dealer & City : Bangalore
Freebies : Mat + mud flaps
Others : None

Currenly going around forum and finding out accessories & modifications required and zeroing in on following things:

From Showroom
Autocop remote locking
Philips Xtreme Power Bulbs
Under Chasis Coating
Fit Old Music system(Sony Xplod) with new speaker
Fabric Seat Cover

From Outside
Sunfilm (Vkool Premium 70 on Windshield, Huperoptik X3 Ceramic 20 on sides and rear)
Steering grip - Leather
Tyres 185/70 R14 Michelin Energy XM1 (3650 each, buy back 1300 Each), on stock rims

Anybody know the cost & availability of Huperoptik X3 Ceramic 20 ?
Suitable speaker set for Sony?(Can stretch price for good system)

Any suggestions welcome guys.

rajarajanr 27th September 2009 13:07


Originally Posted by fast_elegance (Post 1502166)
@rajarajanr : Congrats on the Palio. Whats the on road price?

Thank you. The OTR after discount adds upto ~5.44L ^_^.
Have to pitch in another 20~30k for accessories.

ramas_smx 27th September 2009 22:06

My first post on the forum -

Make : Toyota
Model : Innova
Variant : 'V' - 8 seater option
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 26-Aug-2009 (ya it was way back!)
Color : Initially booked Champagne Mica, but changed to Mica Grey
Expected Delivery Date : Champagne Mica available immediately but with color change non date available
Dealer & City : Nandi Toyota, Bangalore
Freebies : Mats (rubber), color film - thats pretty much it and not other discounts.
Others : None

Devil on Wheels 29th September 2009 22:02

Just booked the 2.5 tonne MONSTER, few hours ago.

Make : Tata
Model : Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT
Variant : Ex 4X2
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : September 29 2009
Color : Quartz Black
Expected Delivery Date : October 9, 2009 (Depends on the Bank, if they can process the documents early)
Dealer & City : Rama Motors, New Delhi
Freebees : Insurance, General accessories, etc,..
Others : none.

Need4Spd 30th September 2009 13:00

Booked the City 09
Guys, I was so convinced by the "City is cheaper to own in the long run" thread that I actually went ahead and booked the latest City!
For the details:

Make : Honda
Model : City 09
Variant : V A/T
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : September 28 2009
Color : Bold Beige
Expected Delivery Date : October 7, 2009 (Asked the Salesman to confirm this ONE MORE TIME)
Dealer & City : Deccan Honda (No other option) Pune
Freebees : Are you kidding? this is a Honda (the general attitude is be happy that you are getting one :Frustrati)
Others : None.

Now the anxious wait begins.

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