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Ferrari1976 30th August 2009 22:45

FTA Linea
Make : Fiat
Model : Linea
Variant : MJD Emotion Pack
Booking Date : 30-Aug-09
Color : Fox Trot Azure
Expected Delivery Date : 19-SEP-09
Dealer & City : BU Bhandari, Pune
Freebies : Pune Tata/Fiat dealers give only headaches free lol:
Others : 15000 Corporate discount which hopefully will be available in September as well

There is nothing much to write as far as the dealer experience is concerned.

On the car itself, I have waited and waited long for Linea. The inital owners reports were followed religiously over the last 8 months; every problem was noted, every solution studied.

I know it is still a risk to buy a Fiat, but the heart is in love...and I have finally taken the plunge

Thanks to all the current Linea have effectively pushed me to take the bait!!!

Tushargohil 31st August 2009 08:49

Maruti Swift VDI
At Last

Make : Maruti
Model : Swift
Variant : VDI
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 12-07-2009
Color : Pearl White
Delivery Date : 28-07-2009
Dealer & City : Bangalore Bimal
Freebees : Ganesh Metallic Car Frame / Carpet Mat / Perfume
Others : Total Cash Deal

So far good experience with dealer, after taking delivery i have noticed one minor scratch on break light which sales guy promise to replace (i donít know how come i missed it. :Frustrati

Tushar Gohil

sesha 31st August 2009 18:05

Booked - Corolla Altis 1.8G
Finally, after almost 1 year of deliberating, the booking is done and wait is on

Make :
Model : Corolla Altis
Variant : 1.8G
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 30 Aug, 2009
Color : Champagne Metallic
Expected Delivery Date : 4 Sep, 2009
Dealer & City : Nandi Toyota, Bengaluru
Freebies : Negotiating...
Others : Usual - corporate discounts; Haggling with dealer on freebies and potentially more discount

Eagerly waiting for the D-Day with printed copied of the checklists and advices from TBHP team

Will write my report once i get the car


Dealership experience has been good - courteous and appears straightforward

TC_aashay 31st August 2009 20:54

Anxiously Waiting...
Today, I booked the car i fell in love at first sight 3 yrs back; FIAT Grande Punto.

Finalized a Exotica RED - Emotion Pack, which will run on GASOLINE! From Wasan Motors, Marine lines; Mumbai.

No other dealer was willing to offer freebies which this dealer offered me.. Sun film, Mats, Mud flaps (on availability) & Teflon. But i'm still confused if i should go ahead with teflon.. Also Rs. 5,000 discount!

Getting insurance from BAJAJ, a quote of approx Rs. 12,000..

I should have the FIRE PUNTO by 8th or 9th SEPT. :D hopefully...

Will be performing the self inspection at the stockyard by this Saturday.. (thanx to the pre-delivery inspection checklist at Team-BHP)

Till then I will have to face many sleepless nights!!! But WORTH IT.

Oh and another thing, I also ordered the Team-BHP stickers online today right after coming home.. so that the stickers reach me in time before the delivery of my punto. Don't want her to leave the showroom naked!

rajneeesh 1st September 2009 13:15

Teflon is no good. Wax polish your car once in 15 days and it will do fine. I had got the teflon treatment on my car ( dupont) and it is sheer waste of money.

TC_aashay 1st September 2009 13:29

Yup, the same thing was in the back of my mind.. no teflon.

vineet_k21 2nd September 2009 13:49


Originally Posted by Ferrari1976 (Post 1457845)
Make : Fiat
Others : 15000 Corporate discount which hopefully will be available in September as well

Ferrari, which company do you work for man? I just got 10 k corp discount. Also, just a suggestion unless you have already decided, take the insurance from outside. I have saved about 7k on that.

Is he giving any freebies?

I'm expecting my Petrol E Pk today/Friday. Have asked him for mudflaps/mats as complimentary but not sure if he'll provide.

premjit 2nd September 2009 18:41

Blue Streak...The Mental...Fiesta 1.6S...BOOKED

Got done with the booking for the Ford Fiesta 1.6s in Aquarius Blue today. Now, the long wait begins. Something like the eager wait for your very first date with someone whom you’ve spoken to, hurriedly met in the company of friends, but one's who finally agreed to go out with you...ALONE !! Your mind does a million calculations every second. Where do you go, what do you wear, what do you say and what the possibilities are. Well, that’s precisely what this has been doing to me ever since I thought of buying it.

But then again, it wasn’t love at first sight for me. I’d seen her when she was launched and even though she set a million hearts a flutter with that exotic blue color, I was made of sterner stuff. So I kept driving me Aveo 1.4 LS and cursing every moment I drove the car (Aveo owners, please forgive me but I’ve lived with the Aveo for more than a year before taking this decision). Then my eyes rested on the new Cedia Sports but considering it was Rs 10.5 lks OTR, I started the hunt for a used piece.

Then came Shuvd who suggested the Fiesta 1.6s in the first place. His sms remained hidden in my inbox all the time i was searching for a used Cedia, but an offer at office coupled with the text and frankmehta's reviews on the S made me pine for a TD. Ganges Ford in Kolkata doesn’t’ have a 1.6S for TD and use the 1.6Sxi.

We had the TD promptly arranged on Saturday and Razor and Vroom had a whale of a time giving it the stick, I THINK. The Ford guy was somehow scared silly (Thanks to Razor who'd TD'ed the car for the 2nd time in as many weeks). Me, the somewhat sedate driver was impressed with the directness of the steering and the addictive engine rasp, which made me, wanna downshift and mash the throttle…just to hear the sound again and again. Loved the precise gearshift, which fell nicely to hand. Ford could have added in the arm- rest on the front seats. The tires on the TD vehicle were the standard 175 MRF ZV2K so am sure the wider NCT 5’s on the S would improve the handling even more.

Haven’t really got a feel of the interiors of the car but looking at the pics put up by frank, thought its pretty decent. Of course, am thinking of a nice interior black seat combo with a red “S” stitched, if possible. But that’s only once I get the car.

Now to the overall booking experience, which as been pretty good till now. Currently, have negotiated a very good buy back for the Aveo, which would cover the down payment on the car. Apart from this, am getting discount of Rs 50k, 50% off on insurance and essential accessories like Mud flaps, floor mats, dickey mat, idol, perfume and car cover (The salesman has assured he will give me the car cover but not in writing).

“Guys, who’ve bought the S, is it absolutely necessary to take the insurer offered by Ford India (They offer Iffco Tokio, Bajaj and ICICI Lombard), since I have a tie up with the Royal Sundaram people. Ford folks say that insurance claims from any other insurers other than those approved by Ford India would not be cashless… “:Frustrati

But, after all this, I was told by the salesman that the car isn’t in Stock in Kolkata and isn’t available in Chennai as well and I should expect the car within 3- 4 weeks. Any idea on how I can track the car folks?

Away from all this, I spent/d all my free time drooling at frank’s, gautam’s, shajufx posts of the car. Waiting, thinking and planning about how life is gonna change once the S is here. So here’s to the long wait….:D

Joy 2nd September 2009 22:47

I have booked a Spark LS with Dhulichand Motors, Kolkata. Since, during test drive I am not a member of team-bhp. I have to go along with a friend who is more of a two-wheeler driver. Most of my four-wheeled friends could not find time to accompany me.

At last, based on team-bhp guidelines, I tried the test drive with my friend sitting beside me. I found car very much to the specification as described in here. Though drove a LT model, I know that the engines are same. My friend told me it is much spacier than he used to travel in other friends car like Alto, Santro, i10, etc. and there is airy kind of feeling in spark. Though, I am already decided on the spark based on this forum (this car fits me to the T). This is the final call but to make sure I drove A-star (though never drove i10), liked it but interior space lacks that spacious feelings. At last, without any doubt (long live team-bhp), I booked my first car (Chevrolet Spark LS) with an advance of Rs. 10k. Though have not finalised the colour which I will when (according to team-bhp) I will visit there stockyard and take a look at the cars there. Preferred colour, Platinum Metallic. Guys, if possible suggest your colours which looks best. Let's see what's in store.

I am offered a on road price of around Rs. 3.47 lakh with mud flaps and mats thrown in (though not in writing). At present, the papers are with HDFC bank, hopefully by weekend it will get cleared. The salesman told me all colours are available. Let's hope for the best. Any suggestion for any particular lokkup during PDI will be welcome.

Spark owners, please help me.


atilla 6th September 2009 19:08


Originally Posted by Ferrari1976 (Post 1457845)
Make : Fiat
Model : Linea
Variant : MJD Emotion Pack
Booking Date : 30-Aug-09
Color : Fox Trot Azure
Expected Delivery Date : 19-SEP-09
Dealer & City : BU Bhandari, Pune
Freebies : Pune Tata/Fiat dealers give only headaches free lol:
Others : 15000 Corporate discount which hopefully will be available in September as well

Any information what is the ongoing offer on Linea for September? The dealer at Bangalore who had promised me a similar figure(15000 for Emotion, 25000 for Dynamic) during booking of my Dynamic Pack Linea MJD is now saying that the Offers for September are hardly 5000 across variants. :eek:

schitre05 6th September 2009 20:49

Make : TATA
Model : VISTA
Booking Date : 6TH SEPTEMBER 09

Expected Delivery Date : 28TH SEPTEMBER (DUSSEHRA)
Dealer & City : Balaji Motors, Thane
Freebies : Mud Flaps, Mats and 5000 Cash Discount
Others : 8K corporate Discount & free Insurance

Make : Royal Enfield
Model : Thunderbird Twin Spark
Booking Date : 5th September 09
Color : Black
Expected Delivery Date : 20-SEP-09
Dealer & City : Soniya Royal Enfield, Thane
Freebies : None


s3va 6th September 2009 21:05

Chevrolet AVEO 1.4 LS
booked my Chevrolet Aveo LS

Make : Chevrolet
Model : AVEO 1.4
Variant : LS
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 29 Aug 09
Color : Intense Black
Expected Delivery Date : 10-15 Sep 09
Dealer & City : Kropex, Bangalore
Freebies : Mats, Flaps, Central Lock, Reverse Parking Sensor, Art Leather Seat Covers, Car Cover
Others : Corp. Discount.

SriSri 6th September 2009 21:07

Make : Ford
Model : Fiesta
Variant : 1.4 TDCI 'Duratorq' Sxi Premium
Booking Date : 28-Aug-09
Color : Platinum
Expected Delivery Date : 10-SEP-09
Dealer & City : Mody Ford, Hyderabad
Freebies : Nothing much. Just the Teflon coating & Sunfilm
Others : Corporate discount

Ferrari1976 6th September 2009 21:26

@Vineet: Have PMed you on your queries. Have you taken the delivery?

@atilla: The Sept corporate discount on Linea has gone up, to 21000. I am not sure on the discount for regular customers.


s3va 6th September 2009 21:38


Originally Posted by krish3 (Post 1446122)
Make : Hyundai
Model : GETZ Crdi
Variant : GVS
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 17/Aug/2009
Color : Dark Grey
Expected Delivery Date : 25/Aug/2009
Dealer & City : MGF Hyundai, Cochin
Freebees : Floor Mats, Mud Flaps
Others : Bought at discounted price of 4.99 lakhs ex-showroom

Thats cool ! I desperately tried for one. But I was out of luck since they had stopped production by then and the one that was available, since the customer canceled the order for the i20 CRD, was a white color one that was out of my choice !

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