ClueRace smartphone app for TSD rallies

ClueRace is a smartphone application, which aims to make events like TSD rallies, minimum distance challenges, navigation challenges, scavenging events and treasure hunts easier to organise and take part in. For the users, it works like a virtual marshal and records the time of visit at various preset points in the route. The organisers can set up these points and different parameters through the app. It can also be used to access the results or timing outputs.

Users need to register on the app. Once registered, they can see events taking place all over the world. Once an event is selected, competitors will get directions to the event through Google Maps and can also register for the event. The app shows confirmations with red and green boxes.

Pressing the "Start Race" tab on the app does not immediately start the timing. Instead, the timing is started only after the competitor leaves a pre-defined start area. The developers claim that this is to prevent complaints from competitors stuck behind others. Once the race begins, the competitor's location is constantly monitored and timestamps are generated. The timestamp pops up on the screen and is also announced to the competitor as a voice over. The speed is shown in green, but turns to red when the driver overspeeds. Penalties are given accordingly. The time is also monitored and once the competitor enters the finish zone, the timestamp is recorded and the event is closed. A summary of timings and violations is generated.

Organisers can set up events and location points. Organisers with the free version can set up two events with up to five points each. Registered motorsport club organisers can have multiple events with up to 20 location points each, while commercial event organisers can also add logos, clue delivery through the app and also event propagation. For the paid version, it costs between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 per event.

The ClueRace app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

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