DIY Installation: How I fixed a 2022 XL6 rear spoiler on my old XL6

The sheet metal here is deliberately made super thin to facilitate easy spoiler installation.

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Installed Spoiler myself: Ever since the 2022 XL6 came out, the spoiler was growing on me. Being available from MGP also solved the child part issue, where some people lost their caps and it was not available separately.

The only issue now was that I was not happy with the way the showroom guys were installing it. Given the huge number of cars they do, they don't follow SOP and merely hammer/screw in a screw into the thin sheet metal. An example of how a spoiler is typically installed:

Decided to explore the possibility of DIY. After all the only thing risky was drilling holes post-proper measurement. Visited a nearby showroom and procured the instruction manual which comes with every spoiler, but no one reads it. Sharing the manual here:

The only changes from the steps mentioned in the manual were that the number of holes needed is two and not 7 as mentioned. Also, I didn't rely solely on the presented template. Took measurements by actually positioning the spoiler. Ordered the MGA spoiler pre-painted in Magma Grey from Boodmo during their free delivery sale. PN: 990J0M72R07-150


  1. Marked the hole positions. Made 11 mm drill and installed jack nut provided in that hole. The hole was deburred and also painted to prevent any future rusting before installing the jack nut. The sheet metal here is deliberately made super thin to facilitate easy spoiler installation. In one of the pics, you can spot the area of the hole that got a small dent, it's actually desirable since the jack nut then sits absolutely flush.
  2. Clean the remaining area, and apply 3M's adhesion promoter along areas which will mate with double-sided tapes provided on the spoiler. PN: 990J0M999H7-010
  3. After this, careful placement is needed and you are done.
  4. I also applied molten plastic from the Stanley glue gun over and around the bolts, so that there is no chance of water seeping inside.

Some pics:

Jack nut:

Molten plastic from Glue gun:

Pics of the car:

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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