Goodbye Fuel Hello Electric: e2o ownership scheme

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. has announced an easy ownership programme for the e2o. Called "Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric", the scheme is said to make ownership of the e2o more affordable.

The programme separates the initial acquisition cost of the car and the cost of the battery and its maintenance. The car can now be acquired for a down payment of Rs. 4.99 lakh, which is on average, about Rs. 1.7 lakh lesser than before. Under the scheme, the owner of an e2o has to pay a monthly energy fee starting from Rs. 2,599/- which allows him to drive the car 50,000 km over a period of five years (800 km per month). This gives him protection against rising fuel prices and inflation, since he pays a fixed running cost for five years. The ownership of the battery lies with the company, which will provide 24x7 assistance and guarantees a courtesy car during the battery repair period.

Mahindra Reva has also introduced Quick2Charge DC Fast Charging Station with new smart port technology, which, the company claims, enables the e2o to be fully charged in under 60 minutes. A 15 minute charge can give the car a range of 25 km.

The smart port technology also enables bi-directional transfer of energy to and from the electric vehicle. Apart from Quick2Charge, it supports Sun2Car (solar charging) and Car2Home (technology to use the car to power a house).

e2o prices (on road, Delhi):

  • Base - Rs. 4,82,129. Monthly energy fee: Rs. 2,599
  • Premium - Rs. 5,99,999. Monthly energy fee: Rs. 2,999
  • Premium + Quick2Charge - Rs. 5,99,999. Monthly energy fee: Rs. 2,999
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