Himalayan 450 mirrors, rider ergos & size comparison with V-Strom 650

Royal Enfield has made the mirrors far more functional and properly adjustable than those of the Himalayan 411.

BHPian shyamg28 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Few observations from me


In general, I feel round mirrors, while they look good, aren't that functional.

But the 450 mirrors actually work well. They also have some sort of anti-reflection thing going on which really helps at night.

On my Himalayan 411, this was the first thing I changed, about 100kms into the ownership.

What I feel is the main difference between them, is how far out the mirrors are on the 450.

Maybe I'm reading into it a bit more than I should, but I feel the 450 ones being a little further out, actually makes it far more functional, in addition to it being properly adjustable now.

Himalayan 411 mirrors.

Himalayan (450) mirrors.

Brake lights/indicators

LEDs on the indicators.

Tail lights default.

With brake lights on.

Turn signals on.

Ergos for a person of height 5.10 and 32 inseam

Himalayan vs V Strom 650 in size

Some cool shots my wife took.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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