I don't regret the decision to cancel my Jimny booking, says Thar owner

I read some encouraging reviews from Thar owners, hence, decided to take a test drive.

BHPian vprao recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had booked Jimny but cancelled it the day the pricing was released. Had a good look when it came into the showroom and didn't regret my decision. Didn't even bother for a test ride as I knew the specs weren't impressive at all.Still, there was this doubt somewhere inside that it could be the one that I could trade my Petrol manual Thar with. Not that I wasn't happy with my Thar. Just toying with the prospect of having an off-road-er with 5 doors, a slightly bigger boot and a better economy. The human mind is never satisfied with what it currently possesses

Somehow this thread popped into my newsfeed late and I read some encouraging reviews from Thar owners. Decided to go for a test ride anyway. I had automatic in mind as I was getting a bit tired of manuals. That was another excuse actually to justify the test ride.

Honestly speaking, other than the ride quality, I didn't find anything impressive in the Jimny over my Thar. Here are the negatives I found:

  1. Noisy engine. The whine is just irritating. Even my wife complained about that.
  2. Low seating. I'm short. I just love the high seating of Thar. I don't have to stretch my neck and spine while off-roading. I found the Jimny seating very low. Even if I stretch I can't see the left corner of the bonnet, thanks to a huge infotainment system that juts out in the centre.
  3. Lethargic engine. While I'm a laid-back kind of driver, I do need that reserve power when required on the highways for overtaking. The Jimny doesn't give you that confidence at all.
  4. Claustrophobic feeling. While I didn't notice it as all my eyes were on the road, my wife felt claustrophobic in the Jimny.
  5. The tyres. As long as you maintain momentum, the stock tyres might do the job. However, with stop-and-go on muddy trails, you'll find yourself shifting to 4L often.
  6. Jimny is cute but I'm spoilt by the Machoness of Thar, especially my wife. The Jeep is a man thing for me. The mere sight of Thar in its parking space makes me happy.

At the end of the test ride, I was more than happy to be back in my Thar!

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