Instantaneous drop in SOC on my Tata Nexon EV when driving

I personally took the car for a of couple of drives and faced the issues both the times.

BHPian silvy_rider recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Posting this on behalf of my relative who owns Nexon EV Prime XZ+ (20K on the ODO)

They have been facing the SOC issue from couple of months now.

The reduction in range is instantaneous

I personally took the car for a of couple of drives and faced the issues both the times. Attaching photos from one of the instance (1 km difference in the odo but the SOC has decreased by more than 40%).

As suggested in some posts, I have tried multiple times to charge it from 10% all the way to 100%, and even keeping it plugged-in at 100% for more than an hour (in case this is some calibration issue).

Is there some other solution that I can try?

They plan to take the car to the service center asap now (they couldn't previously as they needed the car for some important run abouts).

My apprehension is that an inexperienced service center will waste time by attempting software upgrade/downgrade solutions before actually calling some expert as in the quoted post's author's case.

My fellow BHPians, can someone suggest a trust worthy Tata workshop in Delhi NCR that can actually handle EVs?

Thanks in advance!

Here's what BHPian GS300 had to say on the matter:

Going by our experience, this particular behavior implies that the battery pack need to be replaced. Since it is within the warranty period, all that is needed is taking it to the Tata Service center, explaining the behaviour. I believe they have a standard protocol for handling suspected battery failure cases such as this. In our case, they kept the car there for 3 or 4 days, called a battery expert to diagnose the problem and as per the expert's conclusion, got the pack replaced free of cost and gave the car back. So far no further issues experienced (touch wood!).

Here' s what BHPian s10 had to say on the mater:

The last thing you can try is hard reset to defaults. Just check my post here. See if that solves your issue, it solved mine.

Tata should open service centers specific to EVs, so called EV specialists in regular ones are just clueless.

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