The Kia Seltos is Team-BHP's Car of 2019

Taking a whopping 55% of the votes on the Team-BHP COTY poll (link to poll), the Kia Seltos is Team-BHP's Car of 2019! The Seltos got a total of 1,499 votes from BHPians, which is a new record on Team-BHP (link to historical numbers). Also in 2019, a total of 2,751 BHPians voted on the Team-BHP poll which is the highest in history. Lest we forget, this is the first time that a manufacturer has won the Team-BHP COTY in its debut year and with its debut product.

Congratulations to Kia & to the Seltos! This award & the market success are well-deserved. Kia arrived late to the Indian party, but boy has it arrived with a bang. In a market that is going through tough times & has seen volumes shrink by up to 20%, the Seltos is consistently doing 10,000+ sales / month! Frankly, this is unprecedented.

It's an all-rounder of a product, it's superbly engineered, it's loaded to the gills with equipment and it's well-priced. Of course, the Seltos is not flawless and the chinks in its armour have been covered in detail in our Official Review, yet it's THE car to buy in the 15 - 20 lakh segment. Period. Equally important is Kia raising the bar for everyone else to follow. End of the day, such models make the arena way more competitive and thus, better for us customers. God bless competition.

Kia has demonstrated just how a new manufacturer should enter India. This is the stuff of IIM case studies. Brilliant researching, product planning, execution, roll-out, marketing & pricing. See how they aggressively ramped up production to 10,000+ units! You need guts for that. Or how quickly they responded to market feedback & introduced the fully-loaded automatic variants. I’ve spoken to people in the industry and noticed that even the competitors respect Kia. That’s saying something.

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