Petrol / Hybrid SUVs under 1 Crore: Looking for value for money options

I already have a 5-year-old VW Tiguan which I intend to keep for at least another 2 years.

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I am a 50-year-old doctor, well-settled both professionally and financially. Currently, I own a 5-year-old Tiguan with only 25,000 km on it. Given my daily commute involves walking to the hospital, I rarely drive, particularly disliking crowded city driving, especially at night. For monthly night drives to the city, I opt for a taxi. Due to my preferences and low mileage, I plan to keep my Tiguan for at least another year, a maximum of two.

Now, I'm beginning my search for a new vehicle and would appreciate input from all of you.

I prefer SUVs over sedans, although I had a Mitsubishi Lancer more than 15 years ago in the Middle East. However, I'm open to change. As I always drive myself and have no need for backseat space, that's not a priority. The new car should be petrol or, ideally, a hybrid since I don't have charging provisions in my apartment. The on-road price should be below 1 crore, and I prioritize value for money over brand loyalty. I'm not keen on oversized SUVs; they can be slightly larger than the Tiguan, but not excessively so.

I've considered Lexus based on limited research. Are any of the German brands comparable or perhaps better?

I appreciate your insights and recommendations.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

You are lucky enough to be walking to work & not having a nasty daily commute. Your Tiguan appears to be in like-new condition and you should keep it for as long as possible.

Since you still have a year or two to go, it's hard to make specific recommendations. There can & will be new models coming.

But since you love to drive, aren't big on size and don't want an EV, I would suggest something like the X3 M40i to you. There's also the Q7 which is well-priced (due to discounts) and has a great engine. Since your driving is low, you could take a risk with Land Rover's reliability and consider the Defender; it's way too sexy and has unmatched allure (test-drive it and you're hooked). In case your budget increases, a Porsche Macan is simply perfect for you; fun to drive, short on space.

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

This is a shortlist of one for me. The X3 M40i. Preferably wait till it comes in the all-new generation in 2024 / 25 so that you have the latest iteration. The current one is beginning to look outdated.

It's perfectly sized for being self-driven, and it’ll be an absolute pleasure to drive when you do - fuel efficiency is not a concern, and I have a strong feeling this one will leave you looking for excuses to drive more often than you currently do - just for the smile it’ll bring to your face when hitting an open road.

Amongst the Germans, IMO BMWs are the most reliable and easy to hold for a very long duration so it’s the perfect long-term enthusiast’s car.

Here's what BHPian 84.monsoon had to say on the matter:

I doubt if we will get the next generation X3 in the M40i guise in India, especially one with the 3-litre B58 engine. Due to tightening CAFE regulations in India and similar regulations elsewhere, automakers are downsizing their engines rapidly and switching to electric and plug-in hybrids. The new 5 series does not yet get a 3-litre petrol or diesel engine anywhere globally, even 6 months after launch. The most powerful 5 series offered is, the M60, which is fully electric.

If one is keen on the power and driving pleasure of the current M40i vehicles, it may be wise to get the M340i or the X3M40i now and keep them for a long time.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter.

It is not easy to predict what the premium compact SUV scene will be two years from now, the market and technology is changing so quickly. From the current crop of cars, the BMW X3 M40i stands out. But you might be tempted by the new breed of electric vehicles coming in. All it takes is one spin in a Volvo C40, and the Germans start feeling lazy. I will personally find it very hard to justify spending big money on a fast depreciating and ‘more of the same as a decade ago’ ICE car when I can get supercar performance with an EV for the same price. Unless there is a specific requirement for long-distance cross-country touring. And once you go electric, there is no looking back.

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