Rats chewed the O2 sensor wire of my Ford EcoSport

I've been experiencing jerks & getting an error message on the MID. Even the Check Engine Light has come on multiple times.

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Hello BHPians,

I have a 2019 Ford EcoSport with a 1.5L engine.

For the past few months, whenever I drive, in between there are sudden 2-3 jerks & immediately an error “See manual” on MID appears along with Check Engine Light. When I give input to the accelerator pedal, the car jerks further & doesn’t run smoothly and I’ll have to stop aside & restart the car. Now, it runs smoothly but CEL remains and it goes after some time.

However, this issue keeps coming back after a few weeks either when I just start driving after initial idling of 1:30 minutes during a cold start or when I’m driving at any speed.

Also, sometimes when I let go of the accelerator pedal, then it gives a jerk but the issue is not like the above where I have to stop, restart and also no CEL appears.

Does anyone know the problem behind this behaviour, especially the first one? I’m planning to visit Ford Service Center this weekend.


Wanted to provide an update on the above issue.

I went to a Ford Service Center & they said that the O2 Sensor wire have been chewed by rats.

So, it had to be replaced. However, the part was not in stock & it took 3 days to arrive but a wrong part was ordered. So, had to wait 3 more days for the correct part to arrive.

Today, I went to the service center & they replaced the part which costs Rs. 1600 & they also updated the PCM to the latest version. Total bill came to Rs. 1900.

Now, the issue is solved with the replacement of this part & car is running smoothly.

I asked a technician how to prevent rats from entering the engine bay. He suggested putting 'Kuber' in dry cloth & hang it on the bonnet joints or at the windshield washer bottle container. This will prevent them from entering. Has anyone done this technique?

Also, see below the picture of the damaged O2 sensor wire.

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