Rode the Triumph 400 X: Comparison with rivals from KTM & Royal Enfield

This engine has completely different characteristics to the other 390 and Himalayan.

BHPian VW2010 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A short review after riding the Scambler 400. Reference bikes compared include KTM 390, ADV 390, Int 650, Himalayan new.

The good:

  • Excellent engine and has very good torque in all gears
  • Comfortable seating and riding position
  • Wider handlebar makes it easy to ride around
  • Excellent power that most won't need or use it
  • Throaty exhaust note. Liked this exhaust note over all the above bikes
  • Good front brakes.
  • Decent or similar to KTM like rear brakes. Himalayan has the best brakes.
  • Can keep up with most bikes in this segment when riding as a group
  • Far more comfortable than the speed 400.

The so-so:

  • Engine vibrations are high at higher RPM making it difficult to cruise above 100 comfortably
  • The most comfortable zone is 85-95kmph where the bike excels
  • Lacks outright top end of the Ninja or R3 or acceleration of the KTM.
  • Seats are a bit narrow for long rides.
  • Tall people may need some handlebar risers


This was a pleasant surprise and this engine has completely different characteristics to the other 390 and Himalayan. The bike can be run in 4th gear at any speed inside the city making it very comfortable. Even in highways slowing down in highway in 6th and continuing is not a problem. Excellent balance and can hit triple-digit speeds in a short time. Extremely poised at speeds between 85-95 and can keep up with most of this segment bike. Top speed comparable to the ADV but slower than KTM and Himalayan.

Feels like a perfect balance between the Duke and Himalayan.

KTM needs to be revved like you want to remove the engine casing bolts. Himalayan has a laziness as well as a vibration that makes it no different to the KTM. This engine balances both at the right RPM.

Loved the bike overall and would recommend this for first-time buyers if they are considering this segment as a no-brainer.

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