Scraped the bottom of my BMW 330i M Sport's front bumper while parking

It was a busy road and the vehicles were piling up so I didn't pay attention to taking the car diagonally.

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Completed 30,000 KMs during my recent trip to Goa. The route taken this time was a circuit: BLR - MYS - Mercera - Mangalore - Manipal (stay) - Karwar - North Goa (stay) - Belgaum - Hubli - BLR.

I will update how the service duration came down during the trip once service becomes due in a few hundred kilometres. Astonishing how the 12,000 mark upon reset never comes down at the rate you expect it to. I am looking at another engine oil service in February.

For those who keep wondering about the ground clearance of this car, I have to say you cannot get adventurous at all. On my recent trip, I happened to park the car in front of a bungalow with a little steeper than usual incline. I was also focusing on getting the car onto the slot and did not pay attention to taking it diagonally or having the passenger get down, mostly because this was a very busy road in the evening and vehicles were piling up by the second at that time.

As you can see, this is not something most of us would worry about, the gradient is smooth and there seems to be no trouble getting on to it. But as luck would have it, I ended up scraping the front bumper underbelly. I am not sure if this is more specific to M-Sport as the bumper design appears to be lower or just my bad luck. Though this seems like just the PPF peeling off, a closer look makes me think this will need some TLC from the paint booth during my next service.

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