Skoda Slavia 1.0 TSI Ambition AT: Initial thoughts & impressions

NVH levels are well controlled, and I found the cabin more silent as compared to my cousin's Vento 1.0 TSI.

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Dear members,

I bought a Skoda Slavia Ambition AT for my wife on 25th March and am thoroughly happy with the car so far. It definitely lacks the raw European solid feel like in my Polo & T-Roc but ticks most of the boxes as a very balanced product. I shortlisted the i20 Asta-O (booked), XUV3OO AMT, S-Cross AT, and Verna SX-O IVT but canceled the i20 booking as soon as prices were out realizing that I can get a much better car with just 2.50 lakhs difference. Yes, 6 airbags are a big miss as compared to the i20 Asta-O though.

As shared by many members, the Slavia ticks all the boxes as a family car, and all variants are very well equipped. It feels better built than other sedans in the segment, space is something we never associated with  VW/Skoda passenger cars but this one has acres of space in the cabin and boot, plastics mostly feel good and they don't creak like the handles in my T-Roc. The Ambition AT variant that cost me 15 lakhs OTR in Ludhiana is very well equipped with safety features, 16" alloys, 8 speakers, 10 inch sharp infotainment screen, wireless Android-iOS connectivity, off-line Maps, Valet Mode, 5 adjustable headrests, cruise control, steering mounted controls and fog lamps. I understand that the City and Verna are slightly better equipped, but we do need to consider that the Slavia has a 1.0 turbo engine (TSI) and better transmission technology. (Torque Converter).

The suspension feels very balanced on bad roads, but deep potholes are felt inside with a 'THUD' sound as if the wheels had a free fall and no shock was absorbed.  The 1.0 TSI feels faster till 80 kmph as compared to the T-Roc's 1.5 TSI. With 5 passengers on board, you do feel the difference in the performance slightly which is not the case with the 1.5 TSI. The gearbox is smooth at low & high speeds and has a micro second jerk as compared to the DSG which definitely won't be noticeable if you have never driven a DCT/DSG. NVH levels are well controlled, and I found the cabin more silent as compared to my cousin's Vento 1.0 TSI. Body roll is negligible till 40-50 kmph.

However, there are some grey areas that I would like Skoda to take care of at least in the Style variant if not all. The under body layout isn't as neat & polished as the Vento/Rapid/Polo, anti-rust coating in the skirting area feels cheap and untidy, doors feel 15 percent lighter as compared to the Rapid, the opening latch sounds cheap and door thud isn't a THUD anymore, the horn feels cheap, no rolling up/down windows with key, no one-touch up/down windows for the passengers, thin sun visors, no bonnet insulation & under-engine protection and missing modern features like 360-degree camera & Lane-keep assist.

But, I feel happy that instead of giving up, Skoda/VW are trying their best to ramp up their portfolio with some really competitive products coping with the requirements of an average Indian buyer. This car definitely has the scope for improvements to appeal to a larger audience and compete in a finer way with the City/Verna.

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