Taking delivery of my Mahindra XUV700 AX7 diesel MT

Lack of hydraulics on the bonnet. Again not that important, but one realizes the lack of it when lifting the heavy bonnet.

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Finally took delivery of my AX7 MT diesel white yesterday. The car had been at the dealer for over a week while they were sorting out the paper work with my employer and lease company. Really got annoyed yesterday and went to stage a sit in at the dealer the whole day. Finally came back with the car.

The ride is amazing and it's an absolute driving pleasure. Still testing out ADAS, though it seemed to work on highways more than the internal roads. Some important points - would request knowledgeable folks to provide feedback:

  • One week ago when I inspected the car, the odometer was 61 km (as I reported in my earlier post). At time of delivery this was at 3 km. The SA had no clue how it was reset. This is a real mystery.
  • The Zip/Zap/Zoom mode always resets to Zap mode after switching off the engine and restarting. This is a bit of an irritant, as I found the zip mode to be very comfortable for short city drives. This can't be changed as i checked in the manual.
  • Alexa is extremely iffy. For one, it does not reduce music/radio volume when listening for voice commands. Second, accuracy is sub par. And third, for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to change the music service to something else other than Hungama.
  • None of the third party apps in the applications section work. Don't know if it's just me, but the splash screen of, say, India Today, Thrillophilla etc just hang in there without moving on.
  • The AC vents don't have a 'shut' position. Might seem like a minor one, but this is definitely a miss. Not everyone sitting in the car wants to have direct AC airflow.
  • Lack of a time clock on the center console, when NOT on home screen. They should have just put the time in HH:MM next the date on top left corner. Usually, after interaction with the console, one tends to leave the screen as is instead of going back to home screen and so, there is a need for an always visible clock for checking the time at a glance, especially by co passengers.
  • The screen protector from Mahindra is a waste of money. I mean it does its job, but It doesn't come with a pre cutout for the AdrenoX logo. As a result the manual cut looks ugly. And the matte finish tends to reduce the sharpness of the screen. Might just remove it in a few days.
  • Why not two cup holders in manual non luxury variant? Another small irritant, as the co passenger will be hard pressed to find a place for their cup/bottle when the driver has used up the sole cup holder to place his own or maybe even the car keys.
  • Lack of hydraulics on the bonnet. Again not that important, but one realizes the lack of it when lifting the heavy bonnet.

And my biggest irritant - since mine is a non Luxury:

Lack of a passive key less entry. I will now have to press the unlock on the key fob every time I want to unlock the car.

I may be accused of fault finding, but I wanted to capture these as i genuinely feel Mahindra has regressed on some points. Much cheaper cars and even my previous XUV500 had some of these missing features.

On the positive side, whatever is said will not be sufficient, the car is truly amazing. It is a beast on the road.

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