TPMS shows a warning during the delivery of my brand-new Nissan Magnite

I've been promised a replacement tyre but it has already been over a month now.

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I have a Nissan Magnite (Premium-CVT-Turbo). It comes with CEAT Secura Drive 195/60R16 89V.

I got a flat tyre as I rolled off the showroom, I found it thanks to the TPMS system. The SA promised a replacement tyre and it's been over a month now (but that's another forum post I intend to make soon). They replaced it with a tire from a non-premium Magnite (from a showroom car) and the TPMS system threw up a warning of "Check Tyre Pressure Sensor".

This is likely because the non-premium version does not come with a TPMS sensor installed(?)

This has got me thinking that any tires that I buy in the future will likely need to have a TPMS sensor pre-installed.

I looked up on CEAT's website, but they don't seem to provide any information on whether CEAT Secura Drive 195/60R16 89V has a pre-installed TPMS sensor.

I was wondering with so many cars now coming with TPMS, how does the tire replacement work? Do we need to get these sensors installed from the aftermarket?

Any advice / discussion on how to tackle this?

Here's what BHPian harsh79 had to say about the matter:

As per my experience with an aftermarket model in my car, the sensor is in the valve.

Here's what BHPian deep_bang had to say about the matter:

Typically the sensors are integrated with the valves even for high-end cars. So I would suspect that the Magnite also does the same. Either way, the tyre vendor who removed the old tyre should have told you about this.

There is a variant of TPMS that uses the abs system to detect a loss of tyre pressure. However, I am not sure if the Magnite uses such a sensor. In this case, it may be related to the ABS sensor too.

Perhaps other Magnite owners may be able to confirm. But I would say, first talk to the tyre dealer and ensure the old sensor is secured. That's the easiest path to follow first.

Here's what BHPian anandpadhye had to say about the matter:

They just had to take out the old sensor when they removed the tyre and fit it back when installing the new tyre. They may have forgotten.

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