Upgraded my VW Polo's instrument cluster: All new features explained

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The aftermarket part can be installed on both the Polo and Vento models.

BHPian fluidicjoy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Since I have already made a post about the Maxidot Cluster, I will link it here and add more information in this post along with a video that shows some of the functionality along with some new add-ons.

I take this chance to update the feature list of the Maxidot Cluster, to the best of my knowledge and will address some common questions about this upgrade. I will make separate posts on the smaller mods related to the cluster.

  • Larger MFD screen
  • In-Built Light Sensor
  • Coolant Temperature and Fuel Tank Levels are back as gauges!
  • Door Open Display
  • Incoming Caller Notifications - from the RCD 330/340 Radios
  • Phone Control - Accept, Decline, and make calls directly from the MFD*
  • ESP OFF Triggers a Notification

Driving Data

  • Speed
  • Fuel Economy - Average, Instantaneous
  • Refuel Quantity
  • Gear Indicator
  • Trip Data
  • Oil Temperature Display
  • Outside Temperature Display
  • Navigation*
  • Compass*
  • Service Due Info

Vehicle Status Menu

  • Warning for Headlights
  • Direct TPMS**
  • Fatigue Detection**
  • Automatic OPS Detection Toggle**
  • Blindspot Monitoring**

Compatible sensors

  • Brake Pad Wear Sensor
  • Washer Fluid Reservoir Level Sensor
  • *Requires a Radio Upgrade to Composition, Discover Media
  • **Requires the installation of additional hardware, equipment, wiring etc.

Installation & Purchase Information

The cluster is a plug-and-play swap and requires no wiring modification. Wiring might have to be added if you plan on adding Brake Pad Wear and Washer Fluid Reservoir Level Sensor warnings. Installing the cluster needs no physical modification, but it requires online coding and adaptation which needs to be done with either OEM or after-market special tools depending on the condition of the cluster, whether it is New or Used. Immobiliser data needs to be transferred to successfully install the cluster. Used clusters cannot be officially adopted, and require special preparation and special tools to make them work, so if you want a very straightforward upgrade, I'd suggest finding a new cluster.

This cluster can be installed on the most recent Polo and Vento cars but might require some modification to the EEPROM to change the vehicle depiction to a sedan from a Polo hatchback. Since this cluster seems to be regularly imported and installed by many retrofit shops that have a presence on Instagram, so you can reach out to them to discuss pricing and installation queries. Recently, I have heard of prices near the 40-45k mark. Please note that I do not have any affiliation with any of these sellers.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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