Why I chose the Tata Nexon over the Tata Punch & Nissan Magnite

I started with used hatchbacks around 6 lakhs, increased the budget till 9 lakhs for a C-SUV. Found trust issues with sellers and the high price of used cars these days.

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Hi BHPians,

I have been an avid reader of the forum for a few years now, even though I'd not call myself a car enthusiast. The sheer quality of content made me read random posts almost every morning when I would get them on my news feeds.

Now surprisingly, the time has come when I am looking for advice from fellow BHPians on choosing my first car.


  • Learning to drive a car. Felt too tired driving a manual in traffic. I live in Bangalore so a strict no to manual owing to traffic here.
  • Had a bad motorcycle accident in 2015, so safety is a priority.
  • 6 ft and 80+ kgs. Need comfortable seating, for driver as well as for rear passengers.
  • While I do not like driving myself, my wife on the other hand is much more interested. She's also a beginner but occasionally drives manual. She agrees that automatic will be better.
  • While my wife prefers a hatchback, owing to my height, I've convinced her to a CSUV.
  • Need a car for daily office commute. Had work from home situation continued, this post wouldn't have been required. Yearly running will probably be less than 10k kilometres.
  • Budget - started with used hatchbacks around 6 lakhs, increased till 9 lakhs for CSUV. Found trust issues with sellers and the high price of used cars these days. Increased budget till 12-14 lakhs for a new premium hatchback or CSUV.

Shortlisted cars:

  • Renault Kiger RXZ CVT: Both my wife and I liked the car and the interiors. Exteriors don't matter. Wife took the test drive and felt comfortable. On the flip side, there have been reports of issues with the car like- steering not returning to centre (didn't experience in TD though), mud entering underneath the taillamp, and rattling doors. Not sure if these have been fixed in the 2022 update. Also, how trustworthy is Renault as a brand?
  • Nissan Magnite XV premium turbo CVT: Few more safety features than Kiger. The test drive felt very similar to Kiger except for a little stiff ride quality. The interiors looked too outdated. So preference is Kiger over Magnite. Also, similar to Renault, not too confident in the brand.
  • Even though liked both the 4* safety rated cars above, the concern with the above two brands is caused due to recent exit of Ford, Chevvy earlier and Datsun now. These induce fears of low resale value, serviceability and parts availability in future.

Pending test drives:

  • Jazz - Not CSUV but I hear it's spacious. Also, there are rumours of it being discontinued. Reference:
  • Altroz - Same as above.
  • Brezza / Urban Cruiser - Should we wait for the new update?
  • Nexon - Let's see if we like the AMT.
  • Venue / Sonet - Little pricey for lesser safety.
  • S-Cross - Lower trims of automatic might be in our budget. Also, a new update is planned soon I guess, in which case we can wait.

Other options not considered:

  • XUV 300 - AMT and out of budget.
  • Tata Punch - Already considering Nexon. We will look into it while we take Nexon test drive.
  • I20 - I feel price is on the higher side when compared to jazz.

Please help overcome this analysis paralysis stage.

Here's what BHPian neofromcapone had to say on the matter:

Had the same dilemma, for replacing my sister's Wagon R. Went from Altroz to Taigun and all cars in the middle.

  • The Magnite, was ticking all the boxes for me, till the test drive, couldn't live with the quality of the interiors. Kiger is better in that aspect.
  • Do check out the Kicks, it has some pretty discounts on it.
  • Nissan/ Renault should not have problems in servicing its cars, The resale value will not be its strong suit.
  • Jazz - For a tall guy, this is a good choice. Most space in that small footprint. Best paired with sedate driving.
  • Altroz - The DCT is paired with the wrong engine, should have been with the Turbo petrol, but do a test drive and see how it works for you.

My sister finally settled on the Glanza V AMT.

Here's what BHPian Ferruccio had to say on the matter:

The Jazz is a great buy but likely to be discontinued. If I were you, I'd blindly go to the nearest Toyota showroom and plonk an advance for the upcoming UrbanCruiser.

Likely to be dull as ditchwater, but things that demand nothing in life often are. You shall surely be a happy driver when you get delivery right up to the point when you decide to sell her!

BHPian rachetandclank shared this update with fellow members:


  • Booked S-Cross test drive, Nexa guy never showed up after confirming the vehicle availability. Followed up again, Nexa guy said he'll call back, but never did. Eventually, lost interest in S-Cross. Was never fond of Maruti brand anyway.
  • Visited Kia showroom to check Sonet. Premium fit and finish. Yes, the rear legroom is less but that did not cause any discomfort as such. Somehow, the wife was not able to find a suitable driving position, either the seat height was too much or too pushed back. Tried to adjust several times and failed in all attempts. Even I did not find the driving position too comfortable but not as uncomfortable as my wife. Ruled out.
  • Toyota urban cruiser was meeting all requirements. The interiors felt a bit dated but that was okay. Not a deal-breaker. However, the pedal position was not comfortable for me. I have a minor issue with my right ankle which causes discomfort when the foot is placed at certain angles. Primarily, the brake pedal was too upright for me. Could've gone for this totally otherwise. This also happens to be the wife's first choice.
  • Hyundai - Checked out the Venue. Comfortable but not very spacious. Interiors were good but I'd say Kia was better. Everybody liked the car. DCT was fine. We tested hill hold on a steep incline, worked well.
  • Tata - Went for Nexon test drive. Car was not available for some time so test drove Punch in the interim. AMT lag was present. Since this will be our first automatic and with no prior experience with DCT/TC etc., this feels bearable. The cabin was spacious. The seats were comfortable, it's a good car overall. After some time, Nexon was available. The test drive felt very similar to Punch's. AMT lag was present, same as punch, but the pickup was better. The bigger engine was probably in play here. but it had a much better cabin. We were in XZA+(HS) model. Feature-wise, the car felt loaded. I am now okay to let go of Kiger/Magnite CVT for Nexon AMT. My dad also did a test drive. Everybody agrees that it is not as fine as other CVT's we drove earlier, but still, the opinion is to go for Tata due to its brand image. Besides, nothing was bad except for a little downgraded gearbox. Overlooking Venue due to spacious cabin of Nexon and the 5* safety rating. The car build quality feels to be a level up from others. True for all Tatas.

So final verdict: going to book Nexon XZA+(HS).

Waiting time: upto 4 months.

Any advice on negotiation folks? They're budging a little on insurance but beyond a certain point, they say you can take it from outside. They're not even giving me a corporate discount because my company is not on their "Top 20" list.

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