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dwaraka 10th November 2008 21:22

Maruti Gypsy Pictures

May I take this opportunity to bring out how many of Team-BHP own Maruti Gypsy, model, year, pictures and modifications done.

Let me start the thread with permission of mods.

Stay in Bangalore and I own 1995 wide track MG 410 gypsy , hard body, modified by Dilip Chhabria. I have travelled on highways for over 70,000 kms and have engaged in hardcore off roading.

I have recorded 16 hrs journey from Mumbai to Bangalore


gd1418 10th November 2008 21:46

And Dwaraka, where are the pictures?

badboyscad 10th November 2008 21:47

@dwaraka: Good thread. please start by posting pics of your 4X4 doing offroads.:)

autopsyche 10th November 2008 22:53

This thread is useless without pics :) a DC modded gypsy would be an interesting sight.

wads78 10th November 2008 23:45

@Dwaraka.. if i am not wrong i think you have that brown colored gypsy... seen in some pics of OTRs .. would love to see the close ups and interiors of a DCed Gypsy

dwaraka 11th November 2008 12:15


Yes Mine is maroon brown colored gypsy. posted some pictures

PAVAN KADAM 13th November 2008 13:35

That looks like a cross between a Zen and Gypsy.

mjothi 13th November 2008 13:42


Originally Posted by PAVAN KADAM (Post 1051334)
That looks like a cross between a Zen and Gypsy.

You will take back this word when you see the rear.

Its Zen, Gypsy and a Omni too:D

Please take it in a lighter note.

Tejas@perioimpl 13th November 2008 14:14

I've always fancied a gypsy with a soft top.

Would love to see more gypsy pics!

- an ex-gypsy owner!

PAVAN KADAM 13th November 2008 14:27


Originally Posted by Tejas@perioimpl (Post 1051388)
I've always fancied a gypsy with a soft top.

Would love to see more gypsy pics!

- an ex-gypsy owner!

True Tejas,

A Gypsy is a great looker with soft top.

Only one gypsy so far on the thread, c'mon guys, lets see more of them here.

Tejas@perioimpl 13th November 2008 15:08

Check out the official website.

Maruti Gypsy: Built to take on any terrain in any condition

They have the worst pics ever!

khan_sultan 13th November 2008 16:54

2002 Gypsy King 1.3L mpfi
1 Attachment(s)
Ok, since this is a thread about Gypsy and it's details, here is my contribution:

I am in Bangalore and I own a 2002 1.3L Gypsy King. Was a hard top but i removed the hard top. Runs on the most stupid tyres one can ever get -- MRF Zigma GP 215/75/15

Completely stock :D.

Here are the pictures as it looks now.

Attachment 69424

Tejas@perioimpl 13th November 2008 19:39

Great ride shahnaz!!! Way to go. More pics!
P.S. Had a great time with you in bombay.:)

headers 13th November 2008 20:01

Own a 97 Carb Gypsy. The pics will follow soon.

autopsyche 13th November 2008 20:27

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Have 2 gypsy's in the house.

One is my wife's rally prepped 2005 King 1.3 MPFi model (pictured below)

The other is a '86 MG410 with widetrack fenders (but narrow track drivetrain :D)

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