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Old 5th October 2010, 12:44   #451
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Default yes i am addicted..

Realization comes very late if you are addicted to something..

I also realized that pretty late..

I could say one is addicted if TBHP is your home page ..I do that!

Addicted if you are discussing about all the specs and features of cars to some one who by mistake mentioned something about his car .....I do that !

Addicted if you check out the car and the modes or even try to see the driver if you see the TBHP sticker on any car which is passing by or just parked ....I do that!

Addicted if you search the forum for hours without any particular reason or motive....mostly after 12 midnight...I do that!

Addicted If you check TBHP when you visit your friends place and you got a chance to browse...just open , check the portal ..close it!!.....i do that!

This can go on for pages if i think...

One last thing : If you post something silly like this when you are in office and lot of work is are addicted!!
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Old 5th October 2010, 18:40   #452
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My name is noopster and I am a TBHP addict.

I realised this when:
- I TDed the Vento on Sunday morning and couldn't WAIT to get back home to logon and post my experience.
- When I reached home, the TBHP site wasn't loading and I almost had a panic attack.
- I spent the afternoon composing the review in my head.
- Later that evening, I finally posted it after working on it for over an hour (pretending to watch TV with wifey but tapping away at lappie).
- Checking every few hours ever since to see if anyone is responding to my review and hi-fiving myself everytime someone actually does.
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Old 9th October 2010, 15:27   #453
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Default Help Needed for T-BHP Stickers

Hi Everyone,
I was "normal" like "everyone" and was not "crazy" until my membership to T-BHP was approved.
After that lot of activity in T-BHP site, posting and checking responses etc.,
But when I ordered the T-BHP stickers, it was the clear sign of division.
My wife and children firmly told that "No stickers on our cars".
Yes that was my policy too and have never had any stickers on my car except for the one that is put on the headlights.
Even the service station stickers are removed as soon as the car come home.
But that was the past and now T-BHP is different, and how do I explain this contradicting my own rules !!
Surely T-BHP has played its part in making me "normally crazy", (sorry NC for using your name).
Help me with your ideas and experiences to stick the T-BHP stickers on my cars
T-BHP is sure to be addictive to anyone crazy or not !
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Old 9th October 2010, 22:09   #454
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What to say???? Will anyone deny that once they start visiting T-Bhp effectively/regularly, can they stop it? No way......

This is the site for everyone..... All praises....

Of course, its addictive.... so what?
Sometimes, there are exceptions where nothing wrong being addictive about good things in life...So i will always be for good intention every T-Bhpian has here....

Information is wealth.... Sharing that information with good intent is great and appreciable

Mods... sorry i am unable to restrict myself from using more than two smileys in this post....


Last edited by GTO : 19th October 2010 at 22:35. Reason: I understand your enthusiasm, but rules are rules :)
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Old 15th October 2010, 14:22   #455
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Default How can All good things and people be at one place ???

Hey Guys,

Happy Dussehra and festive times !!!

Its been a while since i am here in this beautiful Auto forum. I would rate it the Best In India. I can rate it only so much since i havent been on any other Auto forums in India or Abroad.

I was just wondering, everyday i get to see so many individuals, debates, subjects, discussions, so many forms of writing. I have also seen people discussing friends and family issues, asking for suggestions for trips ( Personal and business visits)

I see that each one of these topics more or less gets to its eventuality and everyone does go back with a solution to his or her question or a problem.

Tell me, how can all the good people with such a vast treasure of knowledge be at one place ??? i feel TEAM-BHP is a family and a wonderful place, what about you guys?

I see that i am automatically driven to log on atleast once for 1 min, 2min or so on, why does it happen to me ? why does it happen to you?

whats making this happen to all of us ?

I immensely appreciate its creation..Congrats GTO & all the guys who did it. Hats off !!

Please come, Join Hands to congratulate them !!!

Last edited by nandans2005 : 15th October 2010 at 14:29.
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Old 15th October 2010, 14:39   #456
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I did start a similar thread sometime back, asking people to post their experiences which made them feel proud being a BHPian.
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Old 18th October 2010, 20:39   #457
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Though I have joined t-bhp 3 days before.

But I did started my thread on "Owning A Beast - Scorpio/Safari" 3 months before itself. I even went top of the sky by seeing my thread got 5 star and all my fellow team-bhpians pouring there posts and it also got crossed to 2000.

Yes, it all happened when I was dreaming.

Later I felt really

Dreamy Camon
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Old 18th October 2010, 22:08   #458
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Whenever we go to a supermarket, I never get lost. My family can easily find me in 'Auto Accessories' section.
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Old 18th October 2010, 22:17   #459
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Originally Posted by ch.nathan View Post
Whenever we go to a supermarket, I never get lost. My family can easily find me in 'Auto Accessories' section.
almost same here! whenever we go to Metro (and in case i go MIA) my wife can find me hanging around the Auto and Tools section!
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Old 19th October 2010, 01:39   #460
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I know am addicted coz,

I don't see 'things' now, when am on the road or otherwise, I see 'threads'. The most common ones being,

- Weird and wacky mod jobs
- Funny signs in general
- Funny signs on cars/bikes
- TBHP stickers
- Accidents in India
- Flat-beds being out of business
- Traffic updates for hyderabad
- Movies threads, english and hindi
- Bollywood goof-ups with cars
- Super cars, imports

I get this strong urge to 'capture' the thing and post it in the relevant thread! Anyone else experienced this?

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Old 19th October 2010, 09:19   #461
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The height of BHP addiction.

My neighbour got an Figo and when he invited me to show off the vehicle it was me who started giving him the details. I barely allowed him to talk about his car. He just stood there eyes wide open without a blink, I had to wake him up. In fact I even went ahead and mocked him for not inviting me for a test drive.
Later I apologised to him and told him about the T-BHP forum. Guess what he too was keen follower of the forum and had chosed Figo based on reviews. It was my turn to look
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Old 27th October 2010, 11:24   #462
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My exams are going on ! Still I cant control myself to go through what's happening on T-BHP atleast 3-4 times a day ! Addiction?
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Old 27th October 2010, 12:32   #463
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Originally Posted by fz_rider View Post
My exams are going on ! Still I cant control myself to go through what's happening on T-BHP atleast 3-4 times a day ! Addiction?
3-4 times a day ain't no addiction mate!

whole day on T-BHP = addiction
including night = serious problem (if married)
checking T-BHP when the rest of the world is asleep at night = needs counselling!

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Old 27th October 2010, 17:03   #464
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Joined TBHP in Jan 2006, was silent and reading the forum for all these years. Started posting in the last few months. At office, everyone who looks at my Laptop screen sees TBHP pages. I use FF and they see more than 5 tabs on TBHP. Do you call it addiction?

@home: using the Opera Mini on my cellphone I browse TBHP pretend listening others or TV! Addition?

I am not addicted, am I?

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Old 27th October 2010, 21:52   #465
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Default Addiction

Now this iswhat I call addiction, whenever I open my laptop automatically my fingers start typing TEAM....... This is the height of addiction yaar.
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