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Good Pumps

My bad experiences are,

1. HP near the new COSMO mall on Brookefields.
2. The one at the entrance to Industrial area Whitefield (just before SAP labs campus)
3. HP on Airport road next to Golf course road.

The one opposite Manipal Hospital (BP) is a good one. I fill there all the time and I can make out the difference.
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I religiously stick to the Shell outlet at Whitefield (near the Advaith Hyundai service centre). Can swear by them, and my Ikon's been returning good mileage figures too. Service is good.

Added advantage to me here is that its very close to my office, and so can tank up when i get the car to office. Been filling my bike from the same place too.
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Originally Posted by n_aditya View Post
Bharat Petroleum - Malleswaram 8th Main 19th Cross. Close to my place and fuel quality is also good. Used to supply bad fuel years back when petrol costed ten bucks a liter. Now since a couple of years his fuel quality has drastically inproved.
Absolutely agree - the fuel used to be horrible in the mid 90s.
The BP bunk on the Old Madras Road near the Krishnarajapuram bridge is arguably the biggest cheat in Bangalore.

Shell has opened an outlet at Indiranagar on the OMR near the 100 ft road.
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OT btw.. On some Dyno Tests On Some Engines... Reliance & HPCL gave more power than IOCL (all for diesel)... for the same fuel consumption.... There were no chances of adulteration in this fuels because they were bought straight from the company in tankerfulls... I can't elaborate more.. but trust me...... I've seen the testbed results.. we haven't tested Shell... and with reliance the performance was almost same like the reference diesel imported from Germany..

And for me I fill up at Reliance outside Hosur..... Towards Krishnagiri .. The HP nearby is also good... The ones to aviod inside TN are IOCL straight o the border... One called national.. after 3-4 kms from the border.. Think.. hez IOCL.. Dunno whether this is because of the mindset after seeing the results.. for diesel..
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I don't see many refering to this pump but I'm quite happy with fuel quality and quantity supplied by Advaith Petrol Pump at Udipi Garden junction in BTM layout. I found it as good as or better than Shell Mysore road. Another quality petrol pumps are at Banshankari opposite to Family Mart and Kaveri opp. Lalbag west gate.
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i stay in BTM and my office is at Outter Ring road.

1: Advaith Petrol Pump at Udipi Garden junction in BTM layout.
2: Indian Oil Near water Tank
are the one i prefer.

i hate Shell Petrol pump at Outter Ring road, my bike started giving jerks and after filling petrol from them i got all dust in my bike Tank, had to get it cleaned. after having it cleaned it was running fine.

so i would tell you guys not to fill petrol from SHELL at outter ring road.
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Almost got diesel instead of petrol

Venue: Shell bunk on Hosur Road (near Bommanahalli)
Time: 7 am last Saturday.

Parked my car next to the pump and told him I need 1500 bucks worth of petrol. I usually never get down from the car when I fill up in Shell. (Also due to the fact that I drive a Matiz regularly which has the fuel tank lid on the driver's side).

I don't know for what reason I got out of the car, either to give him the credit card or probably becoz the kid forgot to repeat the order (which is standard practice in Shell) and I felt uneasy about that?? I went up to the pump on the other side and I see that this guy has entered the amount and slotted the fuel pipe nozzle into the tank. I looked up to check the zero reading and noticed the fuel price as 36.xx. That's when it struck me that he had the Diesel fuel pipe slotted in !!! He had just filled in Diesel to a vehicle before me and I guess the poor kid was sleepy.

Anyway tragedy was averted. I don't know if it was luck that I got out of the car or due to the fact the guy looked sleepy or he had not repeated the order !!

So whichever bunk it is, I guess one has to be very careful !!!!

Makes me wonder why we still follow the American way of having fuel lids on the left side of the car??? Another reason why I love the Matiz. such a small thing, but practically thought about.
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For the past one and a half year, 99% of the times, I fill Shell Super unleaded at the SHELL, V. M. Road.

BTW, NEVER ever get fuel from the bunk next to Cauvery Theatre, Bellary Road. They are cheats of the highest order. Almost ripped me off the other day - Asked them to fill for 10L, the attendant filled up without resetting to ZERO. Filled up for 5L (He had started from 5L after filling for another car). I realized the mistake and told them that I will take them to the authorities if my M800 did not have 10L in the tank. The manager sheephishly came and filled up another 5L. Decided never to visit that pump.

My observation - Most RHD cars (originally created / conceived) have fuel fillers on LHS Eg: Hyundai, Honda, Maruti to name a few, while cars done originally for LHD markets, have fuel fillers on RHS. Eg: Matiz, Optra etc

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Originally Posted by harshavardhan View Post
My observation - Most RHD cars (originally created / conceived) have fuel fillers on LHS ..
harsha, .. not necessarily so.
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While i remember reading here that the HP pump near the new Cosmos mall in Brookfields were cheats, going by the number of people filling up there, looks like not many know about it.
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ADvaitha Petrol bunk has been a good one for me.
I am going to try the Shell at Mysore Road...I hear from a lot of folks that it is good.
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the bp petrol bunk next to thoms bakery is good..... it comes to the right hand side of thoms bakery....
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The BP pump on airport road (opp Manipal hospital) is by far the best I have come across!
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Originally Posted by csateesh View Post
Fellow Bangaloreans,

I always filll up at the BP station in Sadhashivnagar and Malleshwaram intersection @ Bashyam circle. Excellent service and used to get good mileage on my Esteem
He must have changed recently; he was the BIGGEST cheat in the 90s. The entire family used to fill up vehicles there and he used to cheat each time. You tell him you want 25 lts and he will fill in 20.5 and charge you for 25. Never re-setted the meter back to zero for two wheelers; had 20 attendants to distract your attention while filling petrol; for cars, his meter used to jump from 0 to 1.5 in a jiffy; imagine, at today's rates, that is 75 Rs. down the drain each time - no wonder he can afford to have 20 attendants to distract you. Stopped going there in the mid-90s.

Next time; train your eyes on the meter - especially when they start; they will try like hell to distract you, I can assure you that.

In the late 80s they had a special trick for people who never got down from the vehicle; also when there werent that many vehicles around. they used to fill petrol in a can close kept close to the car
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One more cheat- IOC pump between forum and Big bazar at madivala.
The meter will show the correct amount. but what you get in your tank will be less.
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