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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Hi, some answers based on my limited understanding. Suggest recheck process & timelines with a good local RTO agent to avoid consuming a lot of own time.

Originally Posted by KadiNiSikhiya View Post
It's going to be a bit of a read, but please help me out here.
A guy I know, not personally, will be leaving for Australia next month. Last year, he bought a Toyota Fortuner and he'll probably be selling it off before leaving. Now here's the thing, he bought it pre-owned, not from a showroom. Add to it, the vehicle was financed, so he is paying EMIs for it.
Now my questions are:

1. How does such a transfer work? Is the loan transferred onto a new buyer ?
Like a normal transfer. Seller will need to get NOC from his lender or cancel hypothecation by paying off the loan before transferring.
New buyer will take new loan (based on his/her credit history). Existing loan will be closed & borrower may incur some prepayment charges.

2. If so, then does the credit score of new buyer checked before transferring loan ?
Yes. New loan as far as lender is concerned.

3. Does such process involve paying the seller some amount above what's due as loan on the vehicle ?
Yes, if sale consideration > loan. Loan amount can be paid by buyer directly to lender OR seller settles the loan & then sells.

4. In such cases, how is RC and Insurance transferred onto the new owner?
Like normal cases. Lender NOC / removal of hypothecation will be required.
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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Hello Gurus,

Any one have experience in buying from FF Cars Tamilnadu or have feed back on them?

We are looking for a used Innova under 15L (in TN).
i see lot of options at Bangalore? if we re register, do we have to pay road tax again or that clause is relaxed now?

Please keep in mind, this is my FIRST post, living in US for 15+ years, now planning to relocate to Madurai.

appreciate your response and feedback.

Let me know, If there are other places to look for selling predominantly clean cars.

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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Hi folks,

Planning to buy a used car and need a few recommendations of good mechanics in Mumbai to scrutinize the car before I call it a deal. Also, since a PPI is a MUST, I understand that the manufacturers of the vehicles also offer this service at their ASS. Can y'all throw some light on the cost of the PPI out there.
BHPians- your help would be highly appreciated!

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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Moderators - Not sure if this is the right thread to post this query

One of my acquaintances (in Bangalore) is relocating and is selling his car. Details are as follows -

ODO - 3500
Date of purchase - July 2021
Asking Price - 9.5-10 lacs
New Car on-road - Rs. 1192315

1. Is it a good deal considering it's close to 1 year and that depreciation is steepest in the initial years?
2. How do I judge a car's condition internally? It is hardly run, 3500 is as good as new in my view.
3. I am told use-car loan is higher, what's the implication of that when bargaining.
4. How does the paper-work work, existing loan for the seller, Insurance, etc
5. What all do I need to check or be wary about?
6. When insurance renewal comes up, can I use NCB of my current price which I will be selling to buy this used car?

I have never bought a used car all my life, this deal seems quite good as ODO is just 3500. Any help/guidance would be very appreciated.

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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

I am considering purchasing a used Mercedes C200 Avantgarde 2016 model. Have received service history from the dealer. I am relatively less knowledgeable about the technicalities of the car. Would more knowledgeable members here please help me understand the condition of the car / risks based on service history (attached).

Car is run approx. 19000 KMS

Thank you.
Attached Thumbnails
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img20220802wa0061.jpg  

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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Need some advice on buying pre-owned luxury cars from Delhi market

Recently, I was searching about buying pre-owned cars on YouTube and found a few videos like this.

After watching such videos, I have few questions

1. What is the modus operandi of such a dealer? How come they are selling at such low prices (S class in 7 lacs)?
2. If someone has purchased cars from a similar dealership, can he/she share experience?
3. I am from Ahmedabad and is it possible to re register these cars in different city from its original registered city?
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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

A big relief to used car sellers in this country. Govt to pass a law that deems 2nd-hand car dealers as owners of vehicles.

2nd-hand car dealers will be ‘deemed’ owners of vehicles
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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Hi everyone

Sub - regarding purchase of a used Hyundai Tucson diesel AWD(2020 model)

I have been following team BHP for reviews over many years, became a member now because I feel its the best place to clarify doubts regarding purchase of a car.

I prefer used car over new ones, for the same reasons given extensively in the team BHP post on advantages of buying a used car. I narrowed down my search to a used Hyundai Tucson(2020), 4WD auto diesel. The reviews of this car are good everywhere including Team BHP. I have seen and driven the car, it is in good condition. It has 33000km in the ODO, sold by Hyundai H-Promise. The asking price is 26 Lakhs and they don't seem comfortable in any sort of negotiation, claiming that the demand is so high.

Reasons why I like this car
1. It is a looker, a design that will age well.
2. Comfortable.
3. Spacious.
4. Reliable service.
5. Quiet, powerful, efficient diesel engine.
6. Quality of materials used.

I do know that I can get a used Innova or a brand new harrier/XUV 700 for this price, but preferred to stay away because

1. Interior quality of harrier and XUV 700 are not up to mark. XUV 700 infotainment can show glitches which is not expected from a car that costs north of 20L.
2. I already have a Hyundai i20 elite, petrol, which has given me zero problems over the years. So I am prefer to be a loyal customer to Hyundai. I also preferred a Hyundai Grand i10 automatic(used) for my sister which is a great car except for the mileage.
3. Avoided Innova because i am not in to MPVs. I prefer SUVs.

However I can't help the feeling of getting scammed at an asking price of 26 lakhs. At 24 lakhs it would have been a no-brainer. Can the expert members of team BHP give an advice regarding the expected price of this car? I would need to renew it's insurance soon, get new tyres too. They offered 4 lakhs for my petrol i20 elite sportz(2016) which has 80000 km in the ODO. Thanks in advance.
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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Hi bhp'ians,

Posting here, on behalf of my friend, who is getting his first car and being relatively new to driving, he's getting a pre-owned one.

With prices of pre-owned cars in bangalore being the highest and with all the hassles of searching for good ones, we have narrowed down on 2009 Maruti Suzuki Ritz, LXI variant, 3rd Owner, which has clocked 84,000 KMS priced at ₹. 2,10,000/-

But I'm really worried about the Rust associated with the car.

Request users to provide your valuable inputs.

Snaps attached.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Attached Thumbnails
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-ritz-rust-1.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-ritz-rust-2.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-ritz-rust-3.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-ritz-rust-4.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-ritz-rust-5.jpg  

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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Hi everyone

Is this thread dead? I have posted a question a while back, to no response. Please redirect me to post the question elsewhere.
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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

Fyi for anyone looking at researching used cars. I had been to Volkswagen showroom in Whitefield to check the service history of a car with a RC copy and they refused to provide service details saying owner has to be present.
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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

The Toyota Corolla is surely a gem and I never knew that I'll be driving one too.

So, this is how it all begun. I did have my VW Polo 1.2 TDi as my daily driver since ages but it wasn't legal for the Delhi NCR. Biting a hard bullet, I went to Gurgaon in a train on 26th July and joined the internship the next day. I was living at my cousin's place which was just 1.5 kilometres away from office. The to and fro travel costed me Rs. 700 the day it rained and 'find the wheels' bug bit me way too soon. (Maybe rain was just an excuse, who knows?)

I was a hardcore VW fanboy strict on budget and was suddenly reminded of the Polo 1.6 MPi which was a pocket rocket with a perfect power to weight ratio. I did have some direction that I wanted something fun (a manual of course). If not a diesel turbo spool, then a high displacement petrol would do it too. If a petrol, then it should have been a four pot.

A few cars I would still consider over the Polo:
  • VW Vento: An elongated Polo but the engine would be a 1.6 Petrol. This was a plus side but would lay hands over a Highline only.
  • Ford Figo: Heavy Build like the Polo
  • Honda City I-VTEC: I was just in love with the 3rd gen City as it was such a cute car but would choose one if it had fog lamps and sunroof
  • Honda Civic I-VTEC: I have had feelings for this car since childhood. Low slung and its looks are killer.

My first preference was to purchase the car directly from an owner. However, most of the people on OLX turned out to be dealers while the others were quoting unreasonably high prices.

2011 Civic with a third party insurance run 70k quoted 3.5 lakhs
2013 Vento run 1.1 lakh quoted 4.7 lakhs
2013 Honda City V Manual run 45k quoted 4 lakhs

Post these quotes, I planned to switch to the window shopping mode. So, here's the chronology:

TeamBHP classifieds: No luck
Cars24: Polo 1.2 MPi which was wrongly mentioned as 1.6 in Flash Red and 3rd Owner. Cleary a deal breaker
Spinny: Polo 1.6 MPi Candy White, Cosmetically Highly damaged
OLX: Polo 1.6 MPi Candy White (Cosmetically fine, First Owner, Mileage: 58k), Honda Civic 2011 (Looking speckless, First Owner, Mileage: 72k), Vento Silver (But a comfortline)

An OLX dealer ticked some of the goodies on my Wishlist and I jotted down the address to plan a visit that Sunday.
Destination: OLX Autos (Car Dilwado), Sector 44, Gurugram

Booked a Rapido that Sunday afternoon under the scorching sun in excitement and there it goes. I saw all these cars in flesh.

Polo 1.6 MPi:
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-80e87648aa6848f9a5ab02d88c550595.jpgAbsolute Love at first sight.

This was exactly how my 1.2 TDi looked like and I won't miss it anymore. No words to express how I felt but I was satisfied. Took a test drive and the condition was good enough.

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-4340ba9fee3945d8999285eb037608fe.jpg
Upon closer inspection, I found a lot of orange peel on multiple panels and the bumpers highly repaired. However, I could just live with it as I was planning to make the 1.2 TDi the donor car.

I was carrying my VCDS cable along and wished to scan the vehicle once for any major engine faults but thought of having a look at other cars as well.

Polo 1.2 MPi: Flash Red and Comfortline which meant that it would miss out on a lot of goodies I was now used to. A big no!

Vento 1.6 MPi: I didn't even bother to ask its price as they had the Polo 1.6 which was my main focus.

Honda Civic: The Civic was a teenage love and I still admire it the same way. However, this particular car for sale didn't give me the confidence to lay hands on it as I seriously doubted its mechanicals. Moreover, I just popped up the hood and found the engine oil mixing in the coolant. So, had to bid a goodbye to this infatuation.

Mitsubishi Outlander Junior: Not on the list but I felt it was something uncommon and clutterbreaking.
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-73722cb599154cb79f2dbd16b4528c20.jpg
I wished to test drive it but then was reminded of the pain of sourcing the parts for a Mitsubishi. Dropped it immediately.

Honda City Fourth Gen: I do like the Honda City and the car was in a decent condition too but was quoted much higher than its worth post the 70k kilometres mark.
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-e1bbf0f85cc9425089b34b90f01ff257.jpg

Alto K10: Just checked it out, the dealer told me that the car had been lying there since long and was a mistake on their end as it was registered in Chandigarh. It was in a mechanically decent condition but the safety factors pulled me back.
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-9964bc6104af4d3192a5bed34f591f02.jpg

Toyota Corolla Altis: Did I even want a Corolla? There were 3 of them, prefacelift silver 1.8 V Automatic, prefacelift off white 1.8 J and Facelift Golden 1.8 Manual. I asked the salesperson about the Golden one and he handed me over the keys but was hesitant to give me a test drive. Let's keep the rest of it for later.

First things first, I had never experienced a sedan and I didn't want to experiment it in the worst traffic of Delhi NCR. So, had kept all the sedans on the side and then focus on the Polo 1.6.

The negotiation begun on the spot and the dealer quoted 3 lakhs for it as it was rare. The IDV was just around 2.4 lakhs and I wanted to pull down the dealer to that amount or somewhere near. Finally, we negotiated around 2.65 lakhs and I was ready to strike off the deal but here comes the twist. Another person who had purchased a Polo 1.6 MPi from him a few months back came with a friend and they signed off a deal within seconds at a much higher price! I may be crazy for the 1.6 Polo but not to such an extent that I would spend over what it's actually worth.

With a heavy heart, I begun checking out the other cars and then I came across the 2011 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G Facelift. It seemed as if it was peeping out from a corner and wanted someone to take it away from that place.
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-fa89e79cc0e6433280e05b1b84ba5bb7.jpg

On unlocking the doors, this car still had its 'new car smell' and I was pretty stunned. Moreover, the mileage 21,986 kilometres was actually unbelievable for a Toyota. This was the reason why the dealer was offering the test drive just to serious buyers. I did go through a few checkpoints and found something interesting.
  • Steering Wheel: Toyota wheels suffer discolouration on the edges and the buttons. They can be replaced but are hard to source in mint condition. These buttons can be repainted as well but the odds were almost negligible as the interior was in a perfect condition.
    ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-6255f7973fcc4d9798e67381795c6c53.jpg
  • Tyre Code: The tyres were 195/65 R15 Bridgestone Turanza and they were straight from the factory. The car was made in October 2011 and so were the tyres. They had at least 70% tread left on them. Popped up the trunk and I was greeted with something assuring.
    ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-e628718f100347dab8702368bc0805e1.jpg
    The factory QC paint codes were intact and the spare wheel speaks for itself. The tyre codes for all 5 matched.
  • Shocker Mounts and other rubber parts: I asked the mechanic to jack up every corner of the vehicle one by one and checked for any repairs and replacements or any major damages and I fortunately found none.
  • Stickers and info badges on the car: I did have the entire second hand car checklist in hand and it was customary to do this as well.
The entire checklist satisfied had also ruled out the possibilities of having the meter rewind. Moreover, the entire service record was available with Toyota which I confirmed before purchase.

At this point of time, I had to choose between headaches which came with a fun to drive car or just cruise around tension free in this unknown city. After some thought, I choose the Toyota.
Post negotiation, I held 10k for the registration and drove to my cousin's place.
P.S. No one knew that I would be bringing a car home, and that too a Corolla. It was a shock for almost everyone but I enjoyed it.

To be honest, it is a typical cultural shock for me, moving from a Volkswagen to a Toyota. I miss the solid thud and a few nifty features VW offers (multi-stage opening doors, flip key, a classy boot opener, master control for power windows post locking to name a few). The Corolla Altis has many upsides in terms of features and has a lot of goodies on offer too! However, Polo is a car which you would turn back to have a look at in the parking lot and you'd feel as if its smiling back at you. Corolla Altis, initially, wasn't the one for me. It was more of an executive feel compared to the enthusiasm I had. It feels like an arranged marriage and now I am gradually falling in love with it.

It is a pristine condition late 2011 Corolla Altis G with a 1.8 Litre NA Dual VVT-I engine (16 Valve DOHC which is an improvement over the previous iteration) in the Champagne Mica Metallic Shade.

Looking forward to maintain a dedicated thread as a lot has happened from 31st July till date and I have already clocked 3000 kilometres on this beauty!
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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

I bought a used Hyundai Santa Fe SUV in the previous year for Rs. 6 lakhs. It is a 2011 model, and I purchased it in March 2021.

The IDV quoted by an insurance company (Raheja) was Rs.10 lakhs.

I want to share a few of my experiences of buying this as they may be useful for others:

I went alone at midday and was immediately given a test drive. I found that the engine was very smooth and fell in love with the engine and smoothness of the suspension. But there was a noise from the front left side (when I sat on the driver's seat) and I found that both the rear tyres were of different make and with minimal tread left.

Immediately after purchase, I changed all the tires to 2021 make Continental but even after that a slight vibration on the steering still remained. When I took the car to Laxmi Hyundai, Yousufguda Hyderabad, they mentioned a long list of spares that needed to be replaced, and not all were readily available. They did the regular servicing, reset ABS etc., and gave the car back to me.

Nearly a month later, a new drive shaft, two front shock absorbers, three engine mounts , windscreen washer motor and a few titbits were fixed, and the cost came to nearly 2.5 lakhs.

I made a trip to Gujarat and visited Somanath, Rani ki Vav, Dwaraka etc., from Hyderabad and returned non stop from Rani ki Vav to Hyderabad, driving 24 hours. I shut the engine only after 24 hours, about 100 kms from Hyderabad. And now recently (20 days ago), I went from Hyderabad to Gangtok, Sikkim and back to Hyderabad with my family, visiting Konark, Kolkota etc. over 13 days.

The vehicle never gave me any problem during these trips. When I purchased this used Santa Fe with 1,02,000 kms on the odometer, I only checked if it was spewing out smoke; there was none even when the engine was revved to full throttle.

After buying, the service center told me that the previous owner regularly did the servicing (at another center KUN) but did not change spares and that his refusal was clearly mentioned in the record.

So far, I have spent a total of Rs. 4,50,000 on spares, tires, and servicing since the purchase. I have not included a further Rs. 58,000 for the damaged drive shaft due to hitting an elevated drainage manhole.

What can anyone learn from this?

The ultimate selection should be only after a test drive.

In my case, I had to finally change the steering rack a month before my Gangtok tour, and this steering column cost me nearly a lakh and three visits to service center. They could not correct it the first time and they finally managed to fix it on the third attempt, after my complaint. They did not charge me for refitting etc. during each of these visits.

Overall, I love the car's road manners, easy to control engine and its 200 PS power.

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Re: ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India

My in-laws have zeroed in on a October 2017 registered Swift ZXI from True Value dealership. Car has done about 22k kms. I asked them for service history of the car. From the records the car had its last service in July,2020 when the odo was at 11k kms. Thereafter, it was serviced earlier this month when the car was put up for sale at 22k kms. The dealer at first said the insurance had lapsed but it appears from the record that insurance policy (Go Digit) is valid till April 2023 but instead of the owner's name its shown in the name of Ola Fleet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.! Dealer insists the car wasn't used as a taxi & doesn't carry yellow plates. I am starting to wonder whether the car was let out to someone (maybe Ola) or whether the odometer is tampered with. Btw, my in-laws mechanic whom they got to access the car said the car is in ok condition.
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Buy a used Skoda Rapid.

Good evening all fellow bhpians.
I was looking for a used car with the budget of 11 lacs. Cars prefered were the Skoda Rapid and the Volkswagen Vento. One day when I was casually browsing through cardekho, I found a 2021 rapid style model, with a 24000 kms on the odo. Contacted the dealer, and they told the car was in khardah,some 25 kms far from my residence. So I went down today to check the car. The car is visibly fine with some minor scratches. Checked the vin and was confirmed that it is a 2021 model. Asking price of the car is 10 lacs. So my fellow members , now my question,is the price justified for a discontinued model and that also a Skoda ? What are the potential issues I should look out for ? Generally we keep cars for many years, my Hyundai Santro Xing 2008 currently has 179xxx on the odo . We are not selling it, and we have no issues except some routine maintenance and some surface rust. The new car should also be reliable like our current car. Will this rapid be reliable ?. Or should we look for some other car? Attaching some photos of the rapid
Attached Thumbnails
ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img_20221102_161552.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img_20221102_161532.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img_20221102_161645.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img_20221102_161613.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img_20221102_161806.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img_20221102_161711.jpg  

ARTICLE: How to buy a *USED* Car in India-img_20221102_161815.jpg  

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