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ShanG 26th November 2009 19:46

Registration before PDI?

My dealer seem to be implying that my Hyundai i20 has arrived and I need to start making the payments for Registration & Insurance processing to be done -- before I can visit for Pre-Delivery Inspection.

After reading flyingspur's posting "Uneven panel gaps on Hyundai i20. Should I take delivery?" I was wondering is it ok to agree for Registration & Insurance processing before I get to do the PDI..

Request advice please.

sdp1975 26th November 2009 19:57

I assume that you have paid some amount for the booking. Please do NOT pay the balance amount before doing the PDI.

Once the car is registered and if you happen to find a fault with it, there is nothing you can do about it. Insist on doing the PDI, then pay the full amount followed by the registration.

shatrughna 27th November 2009 11:06

Please, dont pay for insurance and registration without checking the car. Dealer is just making a fool of you in the name of some process which is default logically but its important that you check the car physically, before you register it.

Your location shows Mumbai and what actually happens that the cars are kept in the dealer's godown outside octroi limits - most likely Bhiwandi or Kalamboli area. You may have to visit there to physically inspect the car but its worth the trouble. Dont forget to note down the engine no. & chassis no.

sohail99 27th November 2009 13:44

Exactly the same thing is happening regarding my(soon to be) i20!!

I had paid total 350K at the time of booking(via cheque(receipts with me))

just now my dealer called and said that the car has been dispatched from factory on 26th Nov and will reach the showroom on 1st or 2nd December.

He was asking me to make the rest of the payment ASAP!!

I told him that when the car arrives, I'll do a PDI and then pay the remaining amount!

Regarding the PDI, he said "its our guarantee" etc. (basically dodging)

But I maintained that I'll do a PDI first, to which he said "we might give the car to someone else who's made the full payment then"

I was like Wha:eek:!

Pls help guys, what should I do?please:

(As far as I know, ideally I have to do a PDI and then only pay the rest of the amount before sending it for registration.

But the dealer's statement - "we might give the car to someone else who's paid full amount" has me scared + annoyed!)

sdp1975 27th November 2009 14:45

Send an e-mail to Hyundai customer support -

Also, tell the dealer that you've written to Hyundai.

sohail99 27th November 2009 16:41

Just mailed them explaining the problem! Thanks for the address! :D

Are they gonna call the dealership?(how does this go about?)

sdp1975 27th November 2009 17:09

They should call the dealership - but there have been instances where they haven't done a whole lot also - see sidindica's thread. So keep your fingers crossed.

Is there a waiting on the i20 you booked - maybe that's why the dealer is acting smart .

sohail99 27th November 2009 18:06

Mine is the only one with sunroof! + all other booked i20s are either white or silver!(they had shown me the list of i20s coming in)

I've been to the dealership and shown absolute interest in the car so that thy don't just give it away to someone else!!

btw any idea how long does a through PDI take? + I might need help in PDI'ing the car(any BHPian willing to help?)

Gandhi 27th November 2009 19:33


Originally Posted by sdp1975 (Post 1604359)
They should call the dealership - but there have been instances where they haven't done a whole lot also.

In my case, Maruti went overboard and complained to the dealership. Check out my thread below -

sdp1975 27th November 2009 21:46

Going OT here , but I had booked a swift. After waiting for over a month and the dealer changing the dates, sent a mail to Maruti asking for the status of my booking. They didn't reply for over a week. Finally, I cancelled the booking, and sent them a mail asking them to close my "ticket" since the booking was cancelled.

They didn't even want to know why I had cancelled my booking - just sent a reply saying that I could get in touch with them if I had any further issues :uncontrol

Guess the experiences with dealerships are always varied.

sohail99 28th November 2009 10:53

Same here! E-mails were never replied to!!(sent to the dealership's e-mail id)

Had to call them every-time(the dealership)

btw Hyundai care sent me a mail that they'll look into the matter.
I hope they escalate it just like in the case of Mr. Gandhi :)

I don't want my car being handed over to someone else just because I didn't pay before doing a PDI!! :(

sohail99 29th November 2009 16:10


Originally Posted by nilanjanray (Post 1417912)
Thanks folks for the inputs. I did a PRI using the checklist - whatever I could do without driving the car (they wouldn't allow me to do that). Everything seems to be fine. The car chassis number says that the car manufacturing date is July 09 (G9 were the last two alphanumeric digits) - so got a new car! The thread on chassis number deciphering was really useful.

Paid the balance amount (1.2L odd), and gave my approval for registration. Will also be doing a detailed PDI before delivery.

Am posting pictures and my experience in the other thread that I have started.

I have around 3L balance payment remaining that I intend to pay by cash after doing a PRI.

But the sales guy is insisting that I make the full payment now(car is yet to arrive at the dealership)

Should I pay the balance amount only after doing the PRI??

I'll be heading to the dealership in 1/2 hr for some other formalities, please suggest.(regarding how to convince the sales guy otherwise)

GTO 30th November 2009 11:06

@ sohail99 : What I'd recommend in such cases is to make the balance payment, but do NOT sign on the registration papers until the PDI has been completed. Net net, no car is your property (i.e. registered to your name) until you have approved of it (by PDI'ing).

sohail99 1st December 2009 15:24

^Thanks a lot GTO :D

I'll heed to your advice! :)

sachinj12 8th December 2009 22:22

How to identify a lemon car(showroom car)?
One thing that every car buyer(irrespective of new or used) prays is that his/her car should not be a lemon? Of course when you are buying a second hand car, you can take a test drive, push the car to its limit and then decide. But what about a brand new car? Even a though a complete and through PDI will ensure you get a good car( read a car without electrical faults.scratches etc.), how can you decide about the mechanical precision of the car? Even if you take the car for a test drive prior to registration, you will definitely not the floor the car, obvious reason being it's a brand new. How then do you identify whether the car given to you is not a lemon? Over to you guys.

PS: Mods, did a search and did not find anything related to this. Hence created a new thread. In case a similar thread exists, please merge the thread.

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