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Old 25th July 2006, 19:20   #166
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mine is a fuji s5200 (4 MP) got a year back for around 13K with a 256 MB XD card
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Nikon FM10
Sony DSC S40 - 1gb memory stick pro
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Old 25th July 2006, 19:49   #168
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Currently use a NIKON P2.

5.1 MP
3x optical zoom
built in WIFI
zoom nikor lens

nice compact camera with above average picture quality, the flash is real powerful.

the only dissapointing part is the video recording. It is not up to the mark.

Bought it 2 months ago with a 512mb card, case and a 1yr wrnty for about 11.5K in mumbai.
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Old 26th July 2006, 10:23   #169
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cannon s2 is, for the last 1 year now
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Old 26th July 2006, 11:12   #170
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Canon Rebel 3000 V , more commonly known as the canon rebel K2

would like to know if anyone else has the same model in bangalore and from where have you been picking up accessories for the same in bangalore
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Old 26th July 2006, 11:47   #171
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Sony DSC-W70. 3x optical zoom, 7.2 megapixels. 1GB memory stick pro duo.
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Old 26th July 2006, 15:15   #172
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I have a
canon S2 IS
  • 12x optical
  • 5.1 Megapixel
very powerful flash
most of the shots come pretty good.
very fast transfer of data.
mdiway between a pont and shoot and a SLR

sony DCR-HC40 my first handy cam. but the software that come with this is useless.

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Originally Posted by Rtech
Recently picked up a Panasonic FX01. Was a tight call between the FX01 and the Casio Z850. .
FYI, I know it is a bit late but tHe Ricoh R4 runs about the same price as a 28-200mm lens with IS and is under 200gms (7 oz) for a bit less you can get the R3 as well. see for more.

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Hey Navin,

I did check out the Ricoh as well. Came to know about it just a few hours before I went out to get the camera thanks to yo mentioning it on one of the threads (maybe this one?).

However, from the reviews I read, it seems to have a a problem with banding on the pictures. Though its not a universal problem, it was mentioned enough times to make me change my mind about it.
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Old 27th July 2006, 16:49   #175
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Sony DSC-H1 5MP 6X optical zoom with image stabalization. got it with a 512 MB memory stick pro.
Good camera with very clear pics in daylight and at night. Only drawback is its bulky size.
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Old 30th July 2006, 23:29   #176
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SLR bodies : Nikon D70, N90S
Lenses : 28-70, 24-120, 105 Macro, 300F4, 1.4x TC
P&S : Canon G2

Ofcourse can't survive without my Bogen (Manfrotto) tripod and Pan head.
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Old 2nd August 2006, 00:23   #177
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Fuji FinePix s9000, 9 MP, Ultra Zoom 28-300, Full manual comtrol, SLR Like Prosumer, Great movie mode, very good low light capability.
BUT u need to know what ur doing. Not for novices
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Old 2nd August 2006, 15:54   #178
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well i have a canon (wait for it...) point and shoot film camera that i got some five years ago need to buy a new one now as i am getting lazier and lazier to get the prints developed. i am also so lazy that i am delaying buying a digicam because i dont want to compare features of all the cams that come under my price range
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Old 17th August 2006, 13:56   #179
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hey guys ... im in dubai .. picking up a canons3-is for around 22k with a 1 gb card..... camera boasts decent spec's ... hope its a good buy.
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Old 6th September 2006, 19:04   #180
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My camera - Sony DSC P200

I have a Sony DSC P200 - a 7.2 MP P&S camera. It is for Rs. 20K with three-years warranty. I bought it last year in October and believe it is in excellent compact P&S camera. You don't have to mess with image related settings to get a decent image in any condition. It has a macro function which giver very legible images of photographed text. Plus there is 3X optical zoom. You can check-out all the features by Googling.

It has got Info-Lithium rechargable battery which has got very good life, even if you keep the LCD switched-on for a long duration. The only hitch is that it comes with a puny 32MB memory stick which needs to be straightaway upgraded to atleast a 256MB stick (Approx. Rs. 2500/-) which can store about 65 pictures in the highest quality 7 MP setting and around 100 pictures in 5 MP setting. You can also make videos with the camera but that is limited to the amount of memory you have - On a 256MB stick it is around 20 minutes.
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