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Ouch. Dippy that looks bad. It's atleast good to know that they are willing to repair it.

One thing though as Aditya said you will have to go through a lot of pain to ensure the car is back in shape. Since they will be repairing it at their own cost, you will have to supervise and go down to the workshop everyday to ensure that they do not kam chalao job just for the sake of it.
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This initially sounded like another Metro Ford thread.

Dippy, really painful to see your immaculately maintained car in this condition. This certainly was no low speed mistake of tapping the accelerator instead of the brake. The damage caused is quite evident of a greater incident which is being hushed up. Also, someone who cannot make out the difference between an accelerator and the brake pedal doesnt deserve to work at an auto dealership and service.

Honda dealers seem to be taking the lead these days on TBHP when it comes to inscruplous activities and causing discomfort to their customers. Quite a few threads already!
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please photograph everything under the bonnet
if possible take down the model nos of the parts that you think are damaged.
it would be worth it if you take an independant mechaninc to asses the damage.

linkway will do change all exteriors but you should be sure they change the damaged internal parts as well not just repair and shine.

but i guess you know all this nway
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Thats really unfortunate Dippy, the silver lining is that you don;t have to fight with Linkway to take responsibility.

Do take loads of pictures & document part numbers etc. Make sure all the parts are replaced with new ones & till you have the car in your possession in a satidfactory state don't let them forget that you can stil take legal action against them.

Anyway, don't lose heart, try and make them sweeten the deal for you - perhaps a couple of free services / polishing etc. are in order.

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Originally Posted by m-hawk View Post
i even went to shoppers stop today can u tell me what car was it that took the 6 foot plunge !! Wow those guy s in their stpid fluroscent green jackets generally look like they know their job well . Their parking grid is at the basement and it cannot be seen as it s hidden by a roundabout how did you witness it pal did you go after the loud bang ??
Its was a gold coloured accent that rammed into a white i10. Was getting into my car when i saw this. I usually never give it for valet there. Since ive heard about the other incidents there.
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Dippy, Sorry to hear that your Honda got damaged.

Originally Posted by iraghava View Post
You know Dippy, the more I look at it, the clearer it becomes that that did not happen by hitting the accelarator accidentally.
I also in the same opinion of iraghava. Study the scratch marks on the left top of bonnet. No way that area can come in contact with Accord's fender.

It should have hit objects (higher than height of your car's bonnet), or vehicle (possible a truck or bus) from behind on road. It is a matter sheer irresponsible behavior by Honda Service Station.

Also ask service station the difference in value (reduced value) of your car when you sell it off after accident. It could be possibly around 50 Grand.

Do not let them wash their hands easily.
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Just saw this thread man. Ouch that hurts. Anyways whats happened has happened, like others have already suggested here's what I feel you should do

1> Take the replacement service car so that at least you are mobile.

2> Insist on replacement of the damaged body parts(bonnet, LH fender. bumper, grill, Head Light assembly. That's all that can be confirmed as damaged from the pics given.

Do not worry about the paint matching as that is a computerized process for shade matching. Please ensure that they do not use your insurance for effecting the repairs. You can try and ask for compensation or freebies(free service etc) but beyond that there is very little you can do as in any case they are repairing your car and giving.

Am sure you must have read the clause on your slip which says "Cars driven and parked at owners risk". If at all you do want to fight do so only after you have the car back in your hands duly repaired else they may just shove that clause n your face and say get your insurance to pay for it.


PS - Even I can 100% say that the damage has not happened as per what they say its impossible. Did you see the Accord do you have any pics of the same.

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It's really sad to see your beautiful car all bashed up like this.

I hope they give your car the proper attention and get it back to what it was.
Don't let this go off lightly; as others have said it could be due to some gross negligence on their part. Threaten them you will report this handling accident to Honda and do it.
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Ensure you get a written statement from them admitting liability
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feel really sorry for you mate - just last weekend, i took my car to PEARL honda out here in Gurgaon for a mere alignment set and they did a terrible job.

i had to take it back again to the workshop - around 15kms from home and they offered to pick it up. at first i accepted and then refused and said i will bring it fearing exactly something like this

even during test drives, these workshop idiots drive the car so rashly, u just want to get the car out of the workshop at the soonest.

saving grace is they have offered to repair the car totally. as everyone suggested, pls take detailed photos right away and make your requirements as far as repair is concerned very clear at the outset. retain a copy of the job card which reflects the condition of the car when given - carefully
the clause on "parking at owners risk" will not hold much water in a consumer court but anyways im sure u wont have to go that far..

all the best
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Originally Posted by ajmat View Post

Ensure you get a written statement from them admitting liability
First of all thank you everyone for the support.

@Ajmat : Yes they have given it to me in writing that the car is damaged at their workshop and also admitted liability in writing without which I did not leave their premisies.

As regards to the impact, I sort of agree with your opinions that it may not have hit the Accord after all. My guess is a wall maybe? A wall impact can cause that sort of damage. I will try to get pictures of the Accord as well when I visit them. Plus I will be asking to handover all the damaged parts to me as well.

I've had a sleepless night. More later.
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Oh man.. That really sucks. I feel so bad for you. Goes to show the "Excellent Honda A.S.S".
but the good thing is they are claiming responsibility and fixing it for you instead of pulling a fast one on you (i.e like the continental skoda case)

Do make sure you get the damaged parts (Busted radiator, fan etc). Chances are they will try to repair most of the parts instead of replacing it. Also check the hood before delivery. It might look fine on the exterior but the inside frame will be messed up if denting has been done.
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Sorry to hear about the mess buddy. It def hurts to see your car in such a state.

As lots of t-bhpians said, the impact does not match to what the dealership says. Please verify that they were not involved in a accident and have run from there. It sure looks like a cover up.

Also, take a written statement from them as suggested by other members asap, that they are responsible for the crash and will repair the car. If there is some discrepency in what they are saying , maybe a FIR is in order.

Probably, it's just some stupid service guy who was getting the car from an incline after wash and crashed in the wall in the service station itself
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Ouch... I can understand, it really hurts.

Service bay mover/drivers are actually very bad in driving and treat customer cars as racing cars. I fixed up such a bay-mover while getting my optra serviced at Autovikas last weekend only.

Good part is they have taken the responsibility.. otherwise usually service centers try to wash their hands off from such incidents.

Do update the thread with latest updates.
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I read somewhere that Mr Dippy has to be careful about his insurance policy not being put to effect. Dont all these Manufacturers/Service stations have insurance of their own for mishaps within the compound?If they can cover from theft within the warehouse,how much more could it be for covering damages up till a certain value. I'm sure they would claim considering the high premiums paid on such a facility.Even the "Car is left at owner's risk " should be banned/changed at Authorised Car Service Stations.

Service standard, Technical issues sorting out, Labor rates, parts rates and availability ,Metro Ford kinda issues ,Negligence by employees and a lot lot more .

Hmm, just a thought, what would be the number of members(and vehicle count)in each metro?I'd open a Private equity fund and see if we can have our own service station for T-Bhp and their family cars and customers they would bring in.Mahindras are doing it, So can we!!.

Sorry about the OT , but didn't think this passing thought deserved a separate thread.The idea spawned out of reading through this thread anyways.
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