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Cool...people are putting the loooooooong lists but it's interesting read.

As for father was the first one to own an automobile in our family. we had a lambretta for a long time.

Somwhere around 1985 we moved to Bajaj M50 after a long wait of 4 years then we had a Luna in 1988. I used the Bajaj M50 till me TE and then got a Bajaj Super FE scooter as a prize for getting first class :-)

The first thing I did was to buy a bike when I started my job and that was Bajaj Caliber - one from the very first lot of calibers. In hindsight, that was a BAD bike. We had second hand M800 car in 1998 till about 2005.

I bought my lovely Santro in 2004 and after completing 60000 km, she is still like a newbie! Then I bought an Alto in 2006 which I recently sold to buy a Linea (which I'm expecting sometime this week!!!)
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My Pa and Grandpa took/take pride in walking miles and miles, so I'm the spoilt one here.

Grandpa -
Bulls and bullock carts only

Pa's cars -
Ambassador (don't remember the year, must be early 80s).

I learnt driving in this. I remember getting up very early morning in foggy Delhi and learn driving. I wasn't even 16 then. Once my dad was sitting beside me and I was in the driving seat. The ambassador headed straight to the parked bike of a policeman. I saw him and panicked. Instead of brakes, I am flooring the clutch and it's not helping. My dad saw this and reached out to the brakes and steering in time to save not only the policeman but also me from juvenile prison.

I remember another instance when my dad was not in town. I got the urge to drive the car. I take the keys, sneak out of the house, remove the tarpaul, pack it in the trunk, and slowly take the car out without waking mom from her afternoon siesta. I drive hardly a KM when I see cops around the turn. I am on a narrow 30ft road with no turns before the cops. So, U-turn was the only option as I was not too comfortable driving in reverse.
I begin the U-turn, but to make matters worse, there is a handpump on the side of the road with a woman washing clothes there. I am afraid to reverse into her, so I am practically stuck perpendicular to the road. A good samaritan comes along and does the U-turn for me. I get home, park the car in the usual spot, put the tarpaul back and reach home sweating like a pig. I don't remember if I was sweating bcos of Delhi heat or the tension.

Omni -
Almost a decade later, dad decides to change cars. My brother and I have convinced him to buy a Zen. Dad goes to Pragathi Maidan one day to see an auto-show and guess what - he's booked an Omni - to the dismay of everybody else in the house. My brother and I were so mad, we wouldn't sit in it. Few times, out of protest, if we were traveling together, my brother and I would take our KB100 bike and mom and dad would take the Omni. Those were the silly days. He still has that Omni.

My cars -
in US
1990 Nissan Sentra - no trouble cheap second-hand transport car
1999 Audi A4 1.8L Turbo Quattro - Red color - sports package. Bought it new. Best car I've owned until now. I drove it to countless skiing trips without snow-chains as this qualified as 4x4. Sold it in 2004 at the time of shifting to India.
2000 Toyota Camry - wife's car - sold in 2004.
2001 Honda Accord - wife's car - bought/sold in 2005 when I was on a small project there for few months. It turned out to be cheaper than renting a car for the duration.

In India:
2004 Santro XG Manual - sold in 2006 when I bought the AT.
2006 Santro XL AT - wife decided to start driving in India and AT is all she would drive. Her thinking is, AT has one less thing to focus on when you have to focus on so many things on the road. I agree. Sold last week to make way for the i20 AT.

Current cars:
2007 Reva-i - needed a second car since both of us were driving. This is an AT too.
i20 AT 1.4L Petrol - Just got it couple of weeks back.

1990 KB 100 - learnt my riding on this. Have many accidents to write about, stayed alive inspite of them. Brother sold it off to a garage as it stopped working one day.
2006 Bajaj Avenger 180cc - sold it without many KMs on it as I wasn't using it much. Had great trips to Chennai and Mysore, but not beyond that.
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Originally Posted by TheIntrepid View Post
Wow, impressive!

In India, my grandfather

BMF6061 - 1959 1100D
MMB2851 - 1976 Padmini
MH04AX7688 - 2005 Innova

In India, my dad:
GJ15-9276 - 1989 Maruti Omni
GJ-xxxxxxx - 2005 Toyota Camry

In India, me and my older cousin (shared)
GJ6 A 5772 - Chevy Optra LT (Orange)
GJ21 M 0896 - 2007 Maruti Alto
MH02BD4055 - 2007 Hyundai Santro Xing XL

In Canada, my parents:
1985 Mercedes 450SL
1989 Toyota Camry AllTrac
1993 Volvo 850GLT
1994 Toyota Camry V6 LE
1995 Ford Windstar GL
1996 Ford Taurus GL
1997 Ford Taurus SE
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix SE
1999 Toyota Camry CE
2000 Buick Century Custom
2001 Ford Focus Wagon
2002 Oldsmobile Alero
2003 Chrysler Intrepid SXT
2004 Chrysler Intrepid R/T
2005 Chevrolet Impala LS
2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT (Still Have)
2007 Toyota Camry SE V6
2008 Mercedes-Benz C230 RWD
2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid (Still Have)
2008 Acura TL

In Canada, Me:
1989 Toyota Camry AllTrac 4WD
1999 Toyota Camry CE
2004 Chrysler Intrepid R/T (heavily modified)
2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI (Gone)

Whew...that took effort.
Just an update

Since; updated...
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The first car my family owned was a 1986 Toyota Corolla. We had that for a really long time, almost 13 years. My dad brought home a number of office cars during the 15 years he worked in the gulf. They included Isuzu pick up trucks, Chevy suburbans, Chevy Yukon, Nissan pick ups, Toyota Landcruisers and Nissan patrols. There was this one time he brought home a Chevy Silverado 3500 and I absolutely fell in love with it as I had never see a car/pick up with dual rear tyres before. We then had a camry for a short time before moving back to Bangalore. I got a Palio S10 for my 24th birthday. I also have a 99 Hero Honda CBZ. It once gave 70KM for a litre of petrol after its 4th service!!! I think its photo along with me and the service station manager is still at the KR puram Hero Honda outlet!!
Anyways I am in Brisbane now and my first car here was a 1994 Ford Falcon, sold that and got a 1998 Holden barina (Opel Corsa), sold that and got a 89 Nissan 300zx, sold that and got a 94 Nissan 300zx which I still own along with a 2008 Subaru Liberty and a 93 Merc SL500.
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Since 1954... as told my Grandpa.

1954... Morris Minor
1960... Chevrolet (model not known)
1969... Land Master
1976... Standard 10 Estate
1984... Premier Padmini
1992... M 800
1997... M Zen
1997... M Omini (used)
1999... M Omini (new)
2001... Ford Ikon
2002... Tata Indica
2004... Toyota Qualis
2007... Honda City
2007.. Tata Ace
2009... Fiat Siena
2009... Innova
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Wow awesome thread!

Here goes my list: (yr of purchase: yr of manufacture, brand, model)

Dad- (KSA):
1977: (yr?) Dodge Diplomat
1981: 1981 Mazda 323
1984: 1981 Nissan Maxima
1986: 1986 Chevy Caprice (bigger than a friggin ship!)
1988: 1988 Chrysler New Yorker
1990: 1989 Buick Roadmaster (just when you thought cars couldn't get any bigger!!)
1992: 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser
1996: 1992 Mercedes 280E (sold)
1997: 1997 Maruti 800 (sold)
1999: 1999 Maruti Esteem VX (sold)
2001: 2001 Hyundai Santro
2003: 2003 Hyundai Accent (sold)
2008: 2008 Honda Accord

Mine- (USA):
2005: 1992 Mazda Miata (sold)
2006: 1997 Mazda Miata [tuned] (sold)
2007: 2007 Accord EX coupe (sold)
2008: 2007 BMW 335i coupe [tuned] (on the market)
2009: 2009 Porsche Cayman S

2009: 2003 Audi RS6 sedan [ABT tuned- 505hp]

Still trying to get a decent car that saves me a lot of dough when I'm around town.
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My first vehicle was a Scooter.
(I do not have any photographs of any vehicle other than the latest one)

1 - 1990 : Kinetic Honda Dx (gearless Scooter)- Brown

2 - 1993 : Maruti 800, Blue colour - 2nd hand buy.

3 - 1995 : Maruti 800 std - REd colour - new purchase through
company, Fitted A/C and Stereo system outside. The car met
with an accident(ST bus rammed behind whilst stopping in a signal)- Sold it after repairing it.

4 - 1998 : Zen Vxi - Maroon Colour - New purchase through company
finance- Return back to the company when I left the company
during 2000.

5 - 2000 : Esteem LXi - White - 2nd hand purchase (Sold it after few
months since the engine started giving problems).

6 - 2001 : Esteem vxi - Maroon - 2nd hand purchase (Sold it towards
the end of the year since I had to shift to Chennai).

7 - 2002 : Esteem Lxi - Blue - 2nd hand purchase.

8 - 2003 : Hyundai Accent GLs - Black - New purchase. Enjoyed the
car for about 3.5 years.

9 - 2006 : Maruti ALTO Vxi - Brown - New purchase for using at home
town. I used this car whenever I come to home town (may be once in
3 or 4 months). In my absence, the car was overused by my relatives
hence I had to sell her out within one year of purchase.

10- 2007 : Kinetic Sym Flyte: Gearless scooter, bought for local use in
home town. still going good but bad FE.

11- 2007 : Sold the Hyundai Accent and bought Maruti ZEn Estillo VXi
Black colour. Since this came after the sedan (Hyundai Accent),
I am not at all comfortable driving the zen.

12- 2009 : Sold the Maruti Zen EStillo and bought Ford Fiesta 1.6 ZXi
Black colour in september 2009 (the full report is there in my thread)
and enjoying the car very much !

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My List in Chronological order

1994 - A 1985 Nissan Sentra (maroon)
1995 - New 1995 Acura Integra (black)
2000 - BMW 318i (Silver)
2003 - BMW X5 (Silver)
2006 - A 2004 BMW 745i (Black)
2007 - 2007 Mercedes GL450
---- Move Back to India (Mercedes to Honda - What a downgrade!!) ----
2009 - 2007 Honda CRV
2009 - 2008 Honda Civic
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here is my previous car a 1996 Honda Civic.
Attached Images
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My List in Chronological order (added pics)

1994 - A 1985 Nissan Sentra (maroon)
1995 - New 1995 Acura Integra (black)
2000 - BMW 318i (Silver)
2003 - BMW X5 (Silver)

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-dsc_1256.jpg

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-dsc_1235.jpg

2006 - A 2004 BMW 745i (Black)

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-bmw745.jpg

2007 - 2007 Mercedes GL450
---- Move Back to India (Mercedes to Honda - What a downgrade!!) ----
2009 - 2007 Honda CRV
2009 - 2008 Honda Civic
Attached Thumbnails
Your Previous Cars & Bikes-dsc_1236.jpg  

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My list is as below
1) 1989- Fiat Premier padamani we bought it second hand what i remember about model is 1980 one.
2) 2000- Fiat- Premier padamani once again, the repair of earlier one was real hell.
3) 2002 Big Brother bought Maruti 800.
4) 2003 Big Brother bought another one Esteem VXi
5) 2008 DAD bought Maruti 800, met accident in earlier one and car was not running properly even after restoration.
We sold the earlier one at 8K just as a piece of mettle
6) 2008 I bought Zen carborator engine ( blew up the engine on very first day ) even after engine change car was not running properly.
7) 2009 this was year when we bought 2 cars Dad went with Maruti Alto LX and i went with Zen Estilo LXi.

Now our complete family is Maruti Suzuki family.
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Didn't know this thread existed other wise would have posted my long list of cars here. My twin brother and I purchased our first car, a 1930 Ford Model A 55 years ago at the age of 15. Since then I have had 50 plus cars and bikes.

Most are listed in the "introduce yourself" thread and photos of many are posted in "View my garage" in the Vintage & Classic thread.

We recently sold, after 30 years, our immaculate 99.78 point JCNA North American Champion 1968 Jaguar MK11, and currently have a 2003 Volkswagen Passat wagon, V6 all wheel to drive in Toronto and WBF-1 a 1962 Fiat 1100 Deluxe here in Calcutta where we spend the winters.

Team BHP has to be one of the BEST CAR Websites in the world!

P.S. The MK11, was totally original, had 34,000 miles when purchased and turned exactly 57,000 miles when the new owner drove it away!
Attached Thumbnails
Your Previous Cars & Bikes-9_2.jpg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-2.jpg  

Attached Images

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My first and only car that i bought on my own $$ is the current Zen. Love her to death! Previous cars given to me to drive:-

1st : Maruti 800 (driving illegally without license!)
2nd : Saab 95 (that was when i was living in Brunei with my folks. Dads old car become mine!))
3rd: Maruti Esteem (my college car, a spare one from uncle's garage)
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My list, quite short
Maruti 800
Wagon R
Tata Indica Xeta
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Default Miltein hai dil yahaan, milke bechadne ko..

Your eyes and my eyes haven't talked in quite a while
Seems like a lifetime since I walked beside your smile
There's a dark cloud that's hanging above
Memories never lie, still we talk about the way that it was
And I think we both know the feelings haven't died.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-1.jpg

I wasn't the one who said goodbye, oh no
I wasn't the one who disappeared in the night,
And I won't be the one to say that we can't try.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-2.jpg

Your touch and my touch haven't spoken for some time
You say we've both changed and you're always on my mind..

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-3.jpg

Always on my mind... I can tell you that it's over and done,
But I would only lose being close to the one that I want
So go on, and ask me if I'm still in love with you.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-4.jpg

I wasn't the one who said goodbye, oh no
I wasn't the one who disappeared in the night,
And I won't be the one to say that we can't try.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-5.jpg

No, there was no need for you to ask
Oh please don't ask,
You ought to know by now,
Oh babe, I want you back.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-6.jpg

I wasn't the one who said goodbye, oh no
I wasn't the one who disappeared in the night,
I wasn't the one who said goodbye..

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-7.jpg

Our second Premier Padmini, a DX BU F/S
Purchased in 1994, sold in 2000.

But reunited today after 10 long years.
Still the same shape, same original paint, even after 15 years, so immaculately maintained, nothing has changed.
Except maybe many owners..

Spotted near my colony when I was going to purchase vegetables.
Don't know how it came, when it came, and who got it.

Just luck by chance to click these pics before it disappeared.
Those 5 minutes bought back old memories forever...

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