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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

I own a Hexa XT 4X4. The pros and cons of the Hexa are readily available on these forums, so I will just focus on ownership experience.

I have had not one niggle or problem with the car after driving it for 28K kms over 2 years. It is a wonderful mile-muncher. I have taken it over horrible roads and smooth tarmac. Fantastic for both. City driving is a bit of a pain (manual + big car + heavy steering).

When you drive sedately, you can squeeze around 15kmpl on the highways. Servicing in Bangalore has also been good.

Based on my experience I would recommend the car
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Have had a HEXA XTA for 4 years now and 60k KM done. (Would have been past 75K if not for Covid-19). I have had a wonderful experience with the vehicle and we swear by it for all our long trips. It has offered more or less the same reliability as my other cars and hence nothing to complaint out there.

The abuse that the vehicle generally gets from people is due to the perception of Tata as a brand. If a Toyota breaks something, the reaction is, 'awwww, s**t happens'. While if a Tata breaks something, the reaction is, 'pathetic company....blah blah.'

Recently I had an issue of water seepage inside the cabin (we eventually figured it was due to clogged drains around the firewall separating the engine bay and the cabin. A usual occurrence because my car is parked under a tree). We called the local friendly mechanic to check the door drain to eliminate the basics first. His reaction was, 'Why did you buy Tata? It's pathetic. This car seems new, take it to the service centre, it will be under warranty.'
I didn't know if I was to be appalled at the quality perception or be impressed about the fact that he thought my car was new!

One point about battery and long term storage: As has been pointed out, large diesels tend to really need quite a bit of current for cold starts and this is no exception. A petrol will have higher chances of turning on after 3-4 weeks compared to a diesel. There's no getting around this fact. Considering that your requirement is for it to be stored for 6 odd months, you'll be having problems irrespective of the vehicle type or brand.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

So many opinions and tips in this long thread have prompted me to upgrade to HEXA from Ritz (which I recently sold with a heavy heart).

I have found one from an Individual and the specs are : Jul 2017 registered XM 7 seater MT version, 30,600kms Arizona blue colour. Alloys wheels installed at the time of purchase and car is under warranty till Jul-2022 and engine oil was changed in the last service in Mar 2021. There are a couple of nail drawn small scratches and the passenger sear on front has a small tear. Otherwise the car is in excellent condition. He is a first owner and the insurance valid till Oct 2021.

The price quoted is 10.5L

Reason for upgrade is addition of 2 kids and a pet daschund and frequent trips to Mangalore meant Ritz was getting smaller. Also, occasionally parents join us on cuty rides to malls, markets, church, etc.

Do you think its a fair price? Not worried about the mileage but Is the maintenance on the higher side (owner says 25k only which is ok for me if true)?

Marazzo and Scorpio are next choices on pre-owned list. Ertiga is ruled out and Innova/Fortuner/Endeavor are explicitly pricey for a pre owned car.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Hello to the entire Team-BHP community. I would like to thank the moderators for finally approving my membership.

This community helped me in making my first used car purchase. We as a family, have always drove cars out of the Company showroom and never ventured the pre-owned route. I have always seen the value in pre-owned but the wife and other family members were always against the idea of a pre-owned.

Come 2021, our family was expanding and we needed a larger car. Our current ride is a Dec 2018 VW Ameo Highline Plus DSG. The Ameo is a great vehicle to drive, however it is tight on space. I was looking for a large 5 seater or a 7 seater, however it had to be a diesel automatic. I was okay with spending about 18-20 lacs as I was also going to retain the Ameo. I put the idea up to the wife for going the pre-owned route and VOILA, she agreed. I immediately started my search in March 2021 and my criteria for pre-owned was that it should be less than 4 years old and the mileage should not be more than 35k. The options considered and decision made was as below:

Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta: Both these were ruled out owing to the size and engine capacity. Both the vehicles are amazing when it comes to the feature list, the fit, finish and general feel of the interiors. I was considering the topline diesel auto in both and was ok to stretch the budget by a little to get features like ventilated seats. However spending 20-21 lacs on a vehicle which lacked road presence and more importantly was only 113 bhp did not make sense to me and was ruled out.

Tata Harrier: I test drove the Harrier and was fell in love with the size and road presence. It had a spacious cabin and good interiors. Obviously the fit and finish in the Kia and Hyundai were better, but the Harrier actually felt like a SUV to drive. It also had the 170 bhp 2.0 diesel engine which was great. However there were a few cons, like the ride was not very supple in the city and considering my budget I would have to consider the mid-variant. Spending 20-21 lacs and not even getting leather seats was a bummer. For the same reason it was ruled out. The safari was not considered as it was more expensive than the Harrier.

Mahindra XUV7OO: Was keenly following the thread and launch of the XUV7OO. I never like the XUV5OO's exterior styling, however somehow the straighter lines on the XUV7OO's exterior and interior impressed me and add to that the tempting 185 bhp engine. However considering the waiting and Mahindra's reputation of new launches, I did not want to be a trial customer for their new product.

Innova Crysta (pre-owned): The undisputed MUV king Indians swear by. The Crysta I was searching for was the 2.8 torque monster. It had to be the topline Z variant as I wanted all the bells and whistles. The G variant was ruled out as it was too basic for the price it commanded even through the pre-owned route. However considering my criteria, almost all Crysta's I came across were 23 lacs plus. Furthermore there were a couple of 2016 Innova's with 30-35k kms on them, however the asking was 20.5 lacs. It is known that Innova's are reliable, however considering the issues faced by Crysta owners and spending 20 lacs for a 5 year old vehicle made me wary and for the same reason it was ruled out.

Tata Hexa (pre-owned): Come September 2021, I came across a October 2017, Grey Hexa XTA with captain seats driven 22,500 kms. It was a MH-14 registered and was listed on Cars24. I paid the reservation amount and did a TD. I took a friend, who owns the exact same model for the TD. We both felt that the car drove well and there were no mechanical issues. No cuts to the leathers seats and the exterior, though faded slightly, was acceptable. I immediately decided to finalize this vehicle. Before I made the final payment got a friend to verify the service history from TATA. The service guy mentioned that the left quarter panel was repainted, other than that the car was clean. I also got in touch with the previous owner to verify the same and he confirmed stating that the quarter panel had few scratches due to which it was repainted and he sold the car as he moved out of the country. He also mentioned that the vehicle was in excellent shape and I would not regret the purchase.
That gave me some peace and I paid the full amount of INR 12.90 lacs on 22-Sept-2021. The car was delivered the same day. I had to buy insurance, which had expired, costed me 23K. I got a complete treatment done at 3M viz. paint sealant, interior germkleen and full underbody anti-rust treatment which costed me 18k. The battery was showing it's age being close to 4 years old. Got the same change to Amaron which costed me 6K. The car did not have a fastag, so ordered one from paytm.
Total damage to wallet; INR 13.38 lacs. All in all I got a 7 seater at much lesser $$$ than my budget. I know the Hexa is not as reliable as a Crysta, but I can live with that.
I would like to mention here the poor service from Cars24. They did not clean the vehicle even after repeatedly requesting them. On the day of the delivery the interior and exterior was dusty (could be coz their drivers drive with windows rolled down), the cubby holes in the 3rd row was filled with empty wafer packages, old plastic bags etc. I had noted these during the test drive and and specifically requested them to vacuum the interior and do a basic wash to the exterior on delivery. However the same was ignored and I was highly disappointed with their service.
I have driven the car for about 350 kms already and the car feels amazing. It has a roomy cabin, seats 6 comfortably and has a commanding driving position as you sit high. The JBL system has good bass and the AC is a chiller. Sharing a few pictures before signing off.

Drove to my trusted local mechanic to get the car checked. Cars24 delivered the vehicle in the exact condition you are seeing in the below image.
Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-img_20210923_142913.jpg

3M in action
Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-img20210925wa0011.jpg

The front of the Elephant in the room.
Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-img20210925wa0023.jpg

Picture after the treatment
Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-img20210925wa0024.jpg

Absolutely love the 19 inch rims provided by TATA.
Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-img20210925wa0026.jpg
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Greetings fellow BHPians!

I am negotiating for a 2019 Tata Hexa XTA. The car has done about 32000 Kms and appears to be well kept barring a few minor scratches. It is the model without roof rails and with the old ICE without Android Auto.

I request your inputs on what to look out for in this particular model while buying a pre-owned example? Also, inputs on specific parts that need to be replaced often or any service related issues are also welcome.

Lastly, is a pre-owned Hexa still a good choice or is it advisable to buy an XUV 700?


PS: I have already gone over the thread on buying pre-owned cars and the Team BHP PDI list. This post is for information regarding this specific model.
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