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Default Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

The Hexa is basically an improved, heavily reworked Aria. While the Aria fell flat on its face & had many reliability issues, the Hexa received a better response in the market. As the product was mature, almost all of the serious niggles were ironed out too. Talk to Hexa owners and you will usually find a happy lot. The Hexa is also more SUV'ish than the Aria's & Innova's MPV bodies. A lovely AT was available on the 4x2, but the AWD only came with an MT. How we wish Tata had offered the magic "AT AWD" for touring champions. Imagine the Team-BHP travelogues!

Our suggestion is to go for the Automatic variant; it's superbly mated to the 2.2L diesel. You'll enjoy the drive as well as the Hexa's class-leading ride quality.


• As competent as the Innova, without the high residual value
• Matured product means way better reliability than you'd expect from a Tata (see this sample post)
• Handsome styling & substantial presence. Solid build & paint quality too
• Spacious, high quality and comfortable interiors. Even 3rd row is rather useable
• 6-speed AT is smooth & competent. Perfectly mated to the 2.2L diesel
• Excellent ride quality. Comfortable over any kind of road
• Features such as selectable driving modes, auto headlamps & wipers, ORVM demister...
• Awesome 10-speaker JBL audio system. Sound quality is fantastic!
• Topnotch safety kit includes 6 airbags, ESP, TC, EBD, hill hold / descent control etc.
• AWD with electronic wizardry & 200 mm of ground clearance


• Automatic variant unavailable with AWD, ESP & super drive modes
• Missing essentials (steering reach adjustment, smartkey entry & go, auto-dimming IRVM...)
• MT variant has awful ergonomics for tall people. A deal breaker (read this post)
• Access to the 3rd row is flawed in the captain seat (6-seater) version
• Heavy steering (low speeds), long travel MT shifter, big size & wide turning radius are annoying in the city
• Fat 2,280 kg kerb weight blunts performance & efficiency. Competition is 400 kilos lighter!
• While reliability is better than the Aria, it is still not blemish-free. Expect niggles
• Tata's after-sales service remains a hit or miss. Some dealers don't understand the Hexa's electronics

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Mod Potential:

Not much, but be sure get yourself nice tyres to further enjoy that amazing suspension. A roof carrier is also an option if you intend to tour with a full house.

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Average. It didn't set the sales charts on fire & our unscientific analysis has shown that MPV owners usually hold their vehicles for longer. The Hexa is also relatively newer, so not many examples are on sale in the used car market.

Here are some - 2017 55,000 km 4x2 MT, 2017 32,000 km 4x2 AT, 2017 25,000 km 4x4 MT, 2018 35,000 km 4x4 MT.

Pictures of the 2017, 25,000 km done Hexa 4x4 with an asking price of Rs. 12.75 lakh. Bargain it down and you'll get a LOT of car for the money.
Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-images1080x108023.jpeg

Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-images1080x108024.jpeg

Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-images1080x108025.jpeg

Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-images1080x108026.jpeg

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Indian Car Scene. Thanks for sharing!

Voting an emphatic yes! I would buy the AT only because it is superbly tuned, and in cars that aren't sporty, I prefer AT over MT. Plus, the Hexa's MT is terrible to live with in the city. I just couldn't get used to its ergonomics.

Vans & MPVs aren't my thing; would make an exception for the Hexa because its so good looking. If I wanted a VFM 7-seater, this car would be on top of my list in the used market. Then take the full family touring like this:
Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa-beentobhutan02.jpg
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Voted no but the decision is based on my own negative TATA ownership. Otherwise, I have nothing against the Hexa and have read positive reviews always. Great build and road presence but probably won't opt for TATA again in the near future.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Voted Yes.

I did a stint with it from Mangalore to Goa with multiple stops on the way - the highways were still being built and three was a lot of traffic, but unlike in many other vehicles, I did not feel much fatigue driving the Hexa.

Were were 5 adults and one 2-year old kid, flying into Mangalore, so we had a bit of luggage as well. Even with an MT, it was not so bad in the city (although Mangalore is a Tier-2 and not as crowded as other cities). Body roll was way lesser than other MPVs I have driven - I was driving max of 80 kmph on highways (high load and high speed are a dangerous combination), so that may have contributed to the experience.

Overall, my favorite MPV in an attractive package. If only the rear had been slightly butch looking...
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

As an owner what would you expect me to say?

Other than an initial hiccup in our ownership experience, the Hexa has always managed to put a wide smile on my face. Solid build, butch presence, awesome ride quality, that kick-ass dynamic mode, even excellent mileage (I managed 16.5+, tank-full method on a 1k+ km trip, many owners having extracted more!) for its weight if driven sanely & decent equipment list. Another thing I have come to love is that hydraulic steering. A bit cumbersome at parking speeds, but an amazing handler otherwise.

A worthy contender for those looking for a pre worshipped tourer, not just a people mover. We have the captain seat variant, and the comfort on offer is amazing.

If you have a reliable TASS around, the Hexa is an amazing proposition, also the slightly lower resale value too helps. Plus all Hexas on road are currently under warranty too.

I'll only list some cons:
Really bad and useless low beams (can be tackled with an HID upgrade)
Chiller but really noisy air con
Lack of accessible smart storage for the driver
Hand brake is a weak point
Should have had a better rear camera
Steering reach missing
Occasional Tata QC related hiccups
Petty feature deletions in 2019 makes
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

I always thinks Tata Hexa is in league where likes of Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Alturas and Ford Endevour are. It's big, sporty, 7 seater, powerful and has many features. Sadly due to Tata Motors overall image, it didn't do well which it should have done. Tata should not pull trigger from it, still has lots of potential in my opinion. In next gen, they should go on some diet and remove few niggles left in it, surely they can sell around 300-400 cars which is quite handy.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

A big YES! This has all the attributes of a perfect Indian MPV - spacious, efficient, fairly reliable with one of the best ride qualities.

I'm a sucker for good MPVs and one of my dream cars is sleeper MPV with trick suspension, tuned engine and slick tyres. I know this is basically against the whole MPV ideology, but that's me!

We already have a 2014 Ertiga in the garage and for a long time I did think of moving up to the Hexa as the next upgrade. Prior to that, we also had an Indigo CS and my 5 years experience with TATA was very good overall; especially considering this was the generation of vehicles which brought a lot of notoriety to the TATA post sales experience and overall reliability.

Jaspreet Singh
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

My friend picked up a HEXA in 2019 while he was looking for a 7 seater. Primarily decided to get the New Ertiga, or used BRV / Mobilo. One fine day we came across a Top end HEXA which had done just 5000km , did a TD and dealer verification and bought the car next day. Such a fantastic car, it is truly an International car for the quality it offers at that price point.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Voted Yes. In fact,the Hexa makes more sense as a used car buy than a new one. For 13-14 lakhs, you will get a 2014 model Innova with two airbags in my city. If you know how to bargain, you can get a 2017 model Hexa with automatic and 6 airbags for at most a lakh more than that price. I find it more sensible than going for a used Crysta.

Recently I gave a hard thought about going for a used Fortuner to replace my Hexa because of some warranty replacements that I had to do. I dropped the idea since even if that Innova/Fortuner gives me a niggle free experience, I still have to take it for service every 5k km. For people with 1500-2000 km running per month like me, that is every 3 - 3.5 months. So I decided I am better off forgiving the odd tantrum my Hexa might present.

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Voted No. Hexa maybe a good product but there have been unwanted issues reported and neither the after market support nor the after sales service are competent enough to handle issues. An MPV = complete peace of mind as it will be used for family drives. The used Hexa options are tempting but I would rather have the Old Innova(for its comfort) or the Crysta(for the complete package).
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

YES I'd buy one if its an XTA or XT AWD. The automatic is really good & if the service history is available clearly beyond doubt, I see no problem in buying one. It would generally be available fairly cheap owing to quick resale value reduction on Tata cars.
The clear service history is a must because the car is not exactly "old" in the market. So personally used vehicles with average Indian usage should have a low mileage & the need for resale would be fairly low. If one is coming in the market, I need to be sure that the sale is not for mechanical troubles.

NO for all other variants. The features missing in lower trims especially before the mild refresh were deal breakers for me.

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Voted yes. I've voted no for a lot of the previous threads but this is one which I am genuinely interested, if the price is right, that is.

Tata after sales is not much of an issue for me as the dealership I frequent is decent.

A nice XT automatic for a really good price with that upgraded infotainment with Android Auto, will be appreciated.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

A happy owner here, my Hexa XTA has done almost 90000km. Top notch build quality, A+ seats, massive space, sorted manners, phenomenal ride with stable and predictable handling and a powerful engine. Hexa is the ultimate highway machine. Best part is that it has been perfectly reliable with no niggles, and service cost has been zero thanks to Gold AMC.

Only two potential drawbacks. The size can get a bit ponderous at times in crowded and narrow lanes. And the 60L fuel tank is rather small for the size and intended use. 80-90 liters would have been perfect. And if I am nitpicking, choice is very limited when it comes to replacing those 19inch tires.

This is an awesome product and a real bargain as a used car. I’ll stick my neck out and say that Tata offered a 40L rupee car for 20L here. Had it sported the Toyota badge instead of Tata, it would have easily been successful at 40L, and would have sold much more.

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Voted No. I had taken a test drive with my dad when it was initially launched and the AT is phenomenal but the overall quality of plastics and other parts seemed quite cheap. The car doesn't seem like one that would last really long plus Tata service is questionable.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Tata Hexa

Voted a big fat emphatic yes. I had taken a test drive of the XTA in 2016 and was amazed by the handling, ride quality, and smooth power delivery. Even the family was impressed with the interiors and ride quality. A property investment came up and had to drop the idea of buying a new car plus my Scorpio wasn't too old then anyways. Regret the decision of not buying one till date.

Will definitely buy a 6 seater XTA if I get my hands on a well-maintained example.
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