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Default Cars that you regret NOT buying!

I was going through one of the threads which was explaining about cars people regret buying. thought of the idea for this thread.

Nano -- Definitely one of the best innovative car to have come from India. Had it been marketed properly, it would have done wonders. I Was thinking of buying when I was with staying my friends. Spending 50-60K per head was not a bad investment. Only problem was our constant overseas travel which always used to play spoilsport. Regret to this day for not having this classic in my garage. Hopefully will get a chance to own one in future.

City Automatic -- Although I was not in market to buy one, I got an amazing offer on a used City Automatic top end. It was 2017 model with just 6K on the odo. It belonged to a 70 odd year old doctor and he wanted a small car to manage. Immaculately maintained and he was ready to be hit by even 60% depreciation. Only condition was that he wanted to give to a trusted person. I took 4-5 days to convince my family and although they were not fully convinced, I was sure I could manage once the car is with us. But the delay was too much and another buyer closed out the deal in one hour it seems! I could not sleep peacefully for few days.

So what are all the cars you guys regret NOT buying!

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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

I had a used Fiesta 1.6 Sxi which was great to drive but incurred a lot of damages on my wallet. I sold it off to buy a more reliable Honda Brio in 2012. In hindsight, I should have a bought Fiesta Classic petrol. Would have been a great car to drive.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

A couple of times I regretted not buying higher variant cars:

1) Buying Dzire VDI instead of ZDI (saving 1.5lac), I missed the safety and superior braking of the ZDI (ABS+EBD), Dual Airbags-one of the reasons I moved to the Linea later.
2) Buying Duster 2WD over the AWD (saving 1.5 lac). I guess I didn't learn from previous experience. Perhaps I was a bit spooked by reports of transmission reliability issues as well as some "rust" observed in some of the AWD cars delivered ex factory.

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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

One and only, Tata Nano. We deeply regret not buying one.

Not a big two wheel fan, plus the traffic and parking situation in Mumbai points to something like the Nano to get around quickly.

Too bad it doesn’t exist anymore. Wonder if Tata could have polished it over a bit and sold it as a niche product.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Polo GT TDI. The one which came with that stonker of a engine from Vento, 1.6TDi! I was at VW whitefield the day the model was unveiled and will never forget that TD, right up there with the best of cars I've had the chance to lay my hands on. I enjoyed it more than the GT TSi I drove the same day.

With downsizing and electric cars being the future, chances are such cars won't be on sale ever. There are more on the list, but this was the only one I could afford back then
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Had a budget of 11 lakhs for my first car. Went around test driving all of them (across segments). Booked few in the order below:
1. Baleno Alpha MT (P) - cancelled
2. Nexon top end MT (P) - cancelled
3. Polo 1.2 MPI (P) - cancelled

Went almost to all brands and finally bought Vento Allstar 1.6 MPI MT. Initially was quite happy with the purchase. The car was a luxury for me as I had been using a humble Wagon R for the past 7 years. I wasnt much informed about engines, handling and suspension during my first purchase. Vento felt premium, fun to drive and had that snob feeling to it.

Now post owning two other cars in the last 3 years, I realised how I could have been wise and smart to buy something which I could live with almost forever. (Being my first car)

Instead of Vento 1.6 MPI, regret not putting my 11 Lakhs on the below (in order of preference or rather regret )

1. Abarth Punto/ Ford Figo/ Aspire Sports (D)
2. Urban Cross (Abarth)
3. Linea Tjet
4. Polo GT TSI
5. Vento TSI
6. Rapid 1.5 TDI MT
7. Toyota Liva Diesel (for the ever lasting idea)
8. Toyota Etios Platinum Diesel
9. Vento/ Rapid TDI DSG

And throw in few more in no specific order S Cross 1.6, Brezza Diesel, pre owned Corolla Altis Diesel, Linea/ Punto MJD and Baleno Alpha Diesel.

I was damn confused and probably did the research after getting the Vento registered on my name

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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

I really loved the Palio Adventure!

Back then, I could not afford it. By the time I could, it was not on sale anymore.

I used to really really drool over it. It was good-looking, practical and 100 bhp used to be a pretty respectable number.

Pic Courtesy: BSM
Attached Images
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

If there is one car I regret NOT buying is the Endeavour with the 3.2L 5-Cylinder engine in 2015-16, bought the Fortuner in 2014, could have waited. Had impressive grunt and that massive road presence. 197Bhp with 470Nm were really impressive figures back in 2015.

Now will have to try the 500Nm Fortuner to see if it is any good.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Ford Figo 1.5D - Especially with the updated 99PS 1.5D engine.

We had a chance to pick-up our second car recently, and we almost finalized on the Figo 1.5D. Then one thing led to another and we picked up an Ignis AMT. Though on the one hand our Ecosport 1.5D keeps us satiated, at times when I'm driving our Ecosport, things worsen when I think what a package the Figo would've been with the same sweet 1.5D mill on it. The sports edition is definitely also a looker, ain't it?

Name:  FordFigoSportsEdition.jpg
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

None, really!

Whenever I have had to choose a car, I have been able to choose the car that best suited my requirements at the time, including budget. So I haven't really had any regrets about not being able to get a particular car.

Of course, there are many great cars that I would love to buy, but which I don't have the budget for. I'll NOT regret NOT buying them!
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Our family has always been a Maruti loyalist.

1st car being 800 (88-96), moved to Zen (96-2006), Esteem (2006-2010), A-Star (2010-2019), and Ciaz (2019 - _).

Learnt driving on Esteem, loved every bit of it. While A-Star has been a fairly neutral ride, love Ciaz for what it offers.

Cars that i'll remember for forever - Esteem and Ciaz (at this moment) !!

Cars beyond Marutis I'll not forget - Linea, Vento TDi and Innove Crysta !
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

A topic close to my heart. The list (a long, exhaustive one, chronologically below) started in 2017 when I got my pre-owned SX4 and keeps on growing every now and then, but all are now pre-owned desires as they are all discontinued.

1. Honda Civic V AT with sunroof from 2011 or later - Back in 2017, my father scared me about the spares of Honda and I was too amateur to research the details. I still sometimes search for one on Olx but so far have found none in my state, although there have been a few listings in a neighbouring state.

2. Maruti Baleno VXi from 2005 or later (the one with auto climate control) - I passed this on due to lack of ABS and airbags, but have constantly read about the great torque low down (peak at 3000rpm if I recall) compared to the SX4 (peak at 4000+rpm if I recall).

3. Maruti S-Cross Alpha 1.6 - I loved one back when I was in the market in 2017. I thought to myself to wait a year or so, and get a new one with the facelift. But, who knew that it won't survive the facelift? I have searched some used examples, but for some reason, all S-Crosses I have checked till now, have been abused by their previous owners.

4. Tata Safari/Storme VX 4x4 - I have lusted after the Safari purely for its looks since I was a child. I had been really close to getting one multiple times, but I get cold feet whenever I am about to finalise on one due to the 'what-ifs' of Tata after-sales that I have seen many face around me.

5. Tata Hexa XTA - Same reason as above. Almost on the verge of passing another one on.

6. Toyota Corolla Altis GL 1.4D - A friend was selling his 2018 car in 2019 as he was moving out. Again, cold feet got the better side of me, and I still regret the deal that was around 60% of what a new one cost.

7. Maruti Baleno RS - By the time I was confused on finalising this as we have an Alpha CVT from 2018 and I am not very happy with the headroom myself, stocks ran out.

8. Mitsubishi Pajero SFX - I still lust after this more than any other car, mostly because its old-school, minimal electronics and easily maintained. But I am mostly over it now due to the eye-watering spares which may be needed anytime as the newest example is almost a decade old. Additionally, I also fear of NGT doing a blanket ban nationwide for 10 year old diesels. I passed one on just three-four months back.

9. Toyota Fortuner 4x4 AT from 2015-16 - I let one deal go by when it was being sold at 11 lacs. I let it go due to the lockdown. Now, I am unable to find a anything below a 50% hike over my mental budget for one which is still at 11 lacs.

10. Maruti SX4 ZXi AT - I drive a manual 2008 ZXi since 2017. My brother has the same car in BS4 avatar with the auto gearbox. I drove it for a day and fell in love with the convenience of the transmission. We were almost on the verge of exchanging when father again vetoed the idea. Could I have pressurised a bit to change his decision? Yes. Did I? Yes. Did it work? No. Plus his being a car from Mumbai was not in the best of shape, so regretfully had to let this one go too.

This is the top 10 that I can recall off my mind. There must be more. There are more. Like a 1.6S Fiesta now that I recall. Also who knows, one day stars may align and I may actually be able to strike one off from the list.

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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

When I picked the Honda city, due to budget constraints had to go for MT S variant, though I wanted an Auto one. I sold the car after 5 years and got a Vento TSI, though a better driving car, it was a step down in interior space. If I had somehow stretched the budget and picked an AT at that time, maybe I would have still had the car.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

The one car I didn't buy when it was being sold at a massive discount, and regretted not taking the call later, was the Honda Civic Hybrid.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

The 2019 Innova Crysta GX AT i.e. the 2.8L one.
This was the updated version that had 3 Airbags, Music System, Cruise Control, for a very reasonable (IIRC 30K) increment in price.

Cars for which prices increased astronomically/unreasonably (IMO) after its popularity rose :
  • XUV5OO (futuristic car for its time), ~2012 was the ripe time
  • Renault Duster (Great balance between power, space, size & ride quality), ~2012
  • Hyundai Creta (all the above + design), ~2013
  • Skoda Superb (longest car in its segment), ~2014 was the ripe time
  • Jeep Compass (well finished product from the beginning), ~2017
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