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Maruti Swift VDI ABS 173 33.79%
Ford Figo TDCI Titanium 339 66.21%
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Old 23rd August 2010, 20:21   #151
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Originally Posted by ruchirtnt View Post
and when it is expected to hit down the roads, because if it coming soon, then i can further extend my purchase date.
It is expected in the 1st Q of 2011, Jan-Apr. Got to see this, it will only get interesting. Now Maruti cannot afford to hike the price in this market condition. Plus its the right opportunity to give some features to VDi, high time.
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Well guys to summerise it goes this way [in my opinion]
In case the person(s) who loves to 'zip' and must need a drivers car in that sense; and is;
1. A young guy [with or without girlfriend]
2. A family of 2+2[below 12]
IT IS SWIFT for them.

For the person who wants relative comfort, space, taken care of kinda ride, and loves to travel rather than zip in time;
1. A family of 2+2 [12+ kids]
2. A person who wants to get to point A to B without even thinking of the car at all at that moment [most of the time when he uses the car]
ITS FIGO for them
What say guys.
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Old 24th August 2010, 09:37   #153
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Apart from looks, Ford Figo is a clear winner in each and every aspect of a car and is a nice well rounded package which is also VFM.
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Old 24th August 2010, 10:52   #154
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Originally Posted by blorebuddy View Post
I own a Swift VDi which is 53K run and 3 years old.
Wanted to replace the old hard Zen D in the family and have shortlisted another Swift and Figo Diesel. Test drove Figo and impressed with it's space. It is much much more space for rear passengers and bigger boot.
However I am not impressed with it's dashboard display and pick up. That's ok for me. I have done a comparision of spares and service costs between these 2 and found Figo is cheaper than Swift.

Booked a Figo today and will get in 5 days...how cool it is compared to 3 months waiting period. Also it is much cheaper/more value for money for on road cost.

So opt for Figo

Congratulations buddy

Since you already own a Swift and now Figo being booked by you we should have a detailed review from your side with comparison of both these cars with all possible perspective. As you have already done comparison of spare parts, jotting down the same here would surely help many of us.

Which colour and model have you booked ?
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Old 24th August 2010, 11:18   #155
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Voted for the Swift. Not having power windows at the back is a turn off.
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Old 1st October 2010, 12:45   #156
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Default Ford Figo!

I own a Ford Figo 1.4 TDCi ZXi and my friend owns a Swift VDi. Based on my comparison of the two cars, I've summed up briefly as follows (P.S The opinion expressed here is purely personal & based on my observations. The same may not be reflected by all):

1) Figo's TDCi engine (1.4) is a power house per se. The acceleration is instant and Turbo-lag is very negligible. Often I drive around without even applying my foot on the accelerator pedal in the city.

Suzuki Swift's 1.25 DDiS while not lacking in top end power, lacks some refinement of the Figo's 1.4. The acceleration from standstill is not as quick as in Figo. DDiS comes up with a noticeable Turbo-lag in low-mid range which clearly concedes game to the Figo's TDCi.

2) Figo's top-end torque is 163@2000rpm compared to Swift's 190@2000. This isnt such a significant issue at all (in city & highways) unless say, you're into some off-roading or on a steep hill climb when all that Torque is put to the test. Unless you're into all that you dont require so much Torque application either in the city or on highway, which is where the car is designed to run on.

3) Ford Figo handles just so well and precise. The steering and handling is both effortless and responsive. This can also be said of the Suzuki Swift.
Both are nearly identical when it comes to handling. The Figo's gearshift is much more smoother than what I observed on the Swift.

4) Dont be fooled by the Figo's 'small car' look! Go interiors and you'll be amazed at the room and visibility. Especially you'll wonder how Ford has managed to put in so much leg room for the rear passengers! Im 6'0 and I can stretch my leg very comfortably in the Figo.

Swift albeit being externally bigger in appearence, the interiors dont get you the same feeling at all. Especially, if you saw Swift for the first time and decided to check out the rear bench first, you'll be disappointed. Period. The rear is just all too cramped. The leg room fits only kids. Hey what was Suzuki thinking?

5) Figo's interiors are simply by far the best I've seen on any hatchback! Only one bit of advice here, go for the black interiors and not the coral red. The ZXi that I own, comes with its own integrated 2-din audio (mp3/wma) that sounds much better than it looks. Plus, its got the Blue-Me connectivity to top it all. The air-con is a real chiller. Put it on just in the '1' position and even the back seaters protest the chill! Reason: A solid 150cc compressor. (Can you believe that on a hatchback?) Experience it yourself to believe it.

Even the top end swift doesnt come with a factory fitted/integrated audio system. Too bad. The interiors in the Swift are simply a matter of re-design. AC is good while not that of a 'chiller' as in Ford.

6) The talk of the town is the Sea Gray drape of the Ford Figo, it simply looks 'too desirable'. Plus a set of silver alloys to enhance the valor.

The Swift also looks good and its a matter of one's taste.
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Old 3rd October 2010, 23:47   #157
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Here's a comparo :

(B) NOTE (/B) : Points will be given out of 5


Swift - 4
Figo - 3

Though Swift has been in the market for long , but still its one of the best looking hatchbacks in the country . On the other hand , although Figo looks fresh upfront and has a nice planted stance , its not a looker by any means .

Performance :

Swift - 4.5
Figo - 3

Though , Figo is not a bad performer , its Swift , who steals the thunder ! It feels so quick in most of the conditions .

Driveability :

Swift - 3.5
Figo - 4.5

Swift , though has some amount of turbo lag , its lighter kerb weight and torquey engine is decently driveable . But Figo with its , almost zero turbo lag , its a clear winner here .


Swift - 3.5
Figo - 4.5

Figo has really good ride quality on all sorts of roads . Swift earlier had a slightly stiff ride , but things are sorted out now !

Space , comfort and boot space :

Swift - 3
Figo - 5

Though both have extremely good seats , Swift lags by quite a margin when it comes to space , boot space and comfort level .

Handling :

Swift - 4.5
Figo - 5

Though swift is quite fun to drive , figo has better steering feel !


Swift - 23
Figo - 25

So , we have a winner ! As a product , Figo is a winner !
Ford has priced the spares competitively . Figo is a new car,
so reliablity is unknown and it will take some time to know the resale value . In these areas , Swift excels . When it comes to reliablity , resale value , service back up , Swift is a KING .

So , at the end , its still evenly matched !
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Figo for sure.

FTD factor(Steering + Engine + gearbox combo)Drivability/Features/Safety/Space/handling/ride quality/build quality/VFM are all figo pluses.

Swift has Maruti A.S.S, Better topend, Better GC.

FE is a tie.
Resale is up in the air right now. Figo being the huge success it has been till now might get good resale.

Disclaimer is that i am a figo owner and hence would be a bit prejudiced for Figo . The only car in my opinion which is a worthy competitor for Figo in VFM is Punto.
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Old 30th October 2010, 23:19   #159
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Good to know the thread is still alive, after so many months altogether.
One factor that would add more spice is this discussion is Swift with TDi engine from VW compared to Figo TDCi.
Anyway Figo already is winning hands down, but probably a cheaper VW TDi ( I am guessing it will be cheap) could make a difference.
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Old 31st October 2010, 00:08   #160
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Voted for Figo,

Couple of points though, Ford has started (at least Lathangi Ford Bangalore) has put up a comparison chart on maintenance cost of Figo against Swift. But this does not change "replace and not repair attitude" of Ford Service
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Old 31st October 2010, 10:41   #161
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Default Figo...

Voted for Figo.

Driveability and ride is better than Swift. Compared to Ford standards the spare part prices for Figo is less.
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Default Re: Swift-VDI(ABS) Battles FORD-Figo(TNM)-Who is the winner.

Just returned from Metro motors bangalore after a TD of Figo Titanium diesel (about 2200km on odo) , my confusion between Swift & Figo is over.

  • Comes from a better brand from a global perspective
  • Bigger engine (still lesser power)
  • Less power (still lesser fuel economy as compared to Swift)
  • Rattles ( noisy plastic covers behind the front pillars, rear parcel tray make noise as you drive/ rev)
  • Noise and vibration goes up by about 30% with AC on and pick up just dies.
  • Nothing compared to my old ikon in terms of handling or build quality
  • Interiors, though nicely designed - are made of lower quality materials as compared to older fiestas and ikons. More or less the same quality as Maruti
  • Feels cramped, swift with its higher roof feels more roomy
  • Weird placement of controls - who needs a boot opener on the dash just by the instrument cluster and bonnet opener on the left (under the dash - just by the left door - like the logan)
  • Ground clearance is too bad (sales guy says, sir dont worry you'll get used to the low clearance just as City ivtec users do)
  • They have reduced features from lxi, exi and zxi to push buyers towards the top model titanium, e.g. exi no longer comes with a cd player as standard equipment (price remains same).
  • Only good thing is that its cheaper than the competition, but with so many drawbacks, it has to be cheaper. And now with ford reducing features in lower variants, they might lose out the price advantage too.
  • The ford dealer has displayed a comparison chart comparing Figos spare prices with Swift and Indica. With Ford, rather than spare prices its the labour charges and their 'replace it' attitude which causes problems.
Couple of years ago I complained to a ford dealer about poor pick up in my ikon flair then and their first suggestion without even starting the engine was "you'd need new pistons, head and clutch - will cost 80k to improve pick up" the car was 4 years old and had done 60k kms. When the engine fan didn't work, again without checking they said - new fan motor required, we'll order one, should take about 30 days and will cost 8k. I had no choice and took it to a trusted local mechanic I knew, the only problem was a lose connection - cost Rs. 100 to fix.

  • No TD required, I drive a dzire diesel and have driven many swifts
  • Biggest drawback - the roads are full of them, I know that's a turn off but a strong indication that it is a better car too
  • My Swift with 30k kms has lesser turbo lag & better acceleration than the figo test drive vehicle (2k kms)
  • Marginally better fuel economy
  • Way better resale
  • Maruti dealers say Swift diesel price is going up by about 30k for the new look, if that is the case - Maruti will have a problem selling it.
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Default Re: Swift-VDI(ABS) Battles FORD-Figo(TNM)-Who is the winner.

Originally Posted by ff1609 View Post
Just returned from Metro motors bangalore after a TD of Figo Titanium diesel (about 2200km on odo) , my confusion between Swift & Figo is over.


[*]Feels cramped, swift with its higher roof feels more roomy
I have noticed quite the opposite. The Figo is one of the most spacious hatchbacks, if not the most spacious, currently. Even the glass area on the Figo is much more than the Swift, making it feel less claustrophobic.
The Swift is way more cramped.
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Default Re: Swift-VDI(ABS) Battles FORD-Figo(TNM)-Who is the winner.

The Swift is my choice just woted for it.
The Figo though good on features lacks the below (pl correct if am wrong) the high end does not have power windows for rear. Cramped cabin space and also given the road condition lower ground clearance will do it no good. Also stability of swift at higher speeds is extremely good since the power steering is feedback based from the engine rpm (have touched 165 kmph and did not feel any wobble, roll, noise, infact could have pushed harder as tere was room to floor the accelerator, prudence took precedence)

Not to compare but a few quick points
Swift has the best engine bedding for racing dynamics and is truly a beastly beauty. Figo makes noises at higher speeds.


PS: I may be a bit biased but overall am truly owned by my Swift
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Default Re: Swift-VDI(ABS) Battles FORD-Figo(TNM)-Who is the winner.

hmm so this thread is still alive and figo has double the number of votes that swift has. No mean feat for the figo this in a forum like team-bhp where people are quite well-informed about their cars.
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