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Many congratulations and am sure it is a proud acquisition. Great to see this mean looking machine(imagine this one beside the white angel!!).

Heart wins over Mind.....most of the times!

Lets meet up to see your car(am out of loop but for my frequent US jaunts!)
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Originally Posted by Repsol View Post
Congrats on your new purchase. While getting accessories, you should definitely go for fog lamps. It will add-on to the looks of your cruzy !!
I didnt want to take the delivery without the fog lamps. Paid for it well before the delivery but, no stock. Will get them fixed at 1000km inspection.

Originally Posted by DRIV3R View Post
Congrats Mobike008! Cruze is a lovely car. BTW are those integrated blinkers on the ORVMs?
Yep. They dont come even on top-end model. Its an additional cover added on the stock OVRM. Paid 3K for it.

Originally Posted by Rajesh Rawal View Post
Solid! we want the pic of the proud owner standing next to the car as well

if you want a pic of the cleaner guy ,call me to pose
I need one badly, when can i meet you for that pose?

Originally Posted by traveloholic View Post
Avi, when should I do the photoshoot of your new toy using Ani's New Toy
I cant wait to hand over the beast to you and Nazim. Want you guys to make it look " surreal "

Originally Posted by zen91 View Post
Abv Bhai, Congrats on purchasing the "Diesel Rocket"

We were like discussing on the options about a month an a half back and here we have you with the vehicle itself..this one was really fast.

Here's wishing you a lot of FAST miles in the the way Party kab hai??
Thanks Brajesh Bhai, I beat you to it. I hope you will take out the scorp and go for the diesel rocket.

Its totally meant for your style of driving.

Originally Posted by hillram View Post
Avi..Hearty Congratultions on the aqusition of the CRUZE.I know how much you pondered and deliberated on your next car and now this proud ownership.Its a new milestone in your life.Happy Motoring !!!
Thanks Ram. I particularly remember the several naming options that you came out with. Really appreciate that.

Originally Posted by vnabhi View Post
I think Avi has already employed a car-cleaner
Wow! Who has got that coveted position?

Originally Posted by ashish22 View Post
Congrats Avinash, so you have realized your dream!!! and that too little earlier then expected! This shows how much you wanted this car and i'm sure you must be loving every moment of possessing this beauty.
Wishing you and your car miles and miles of driving pleasure, safety, reliability and long term joy. Oh and welcome to the growing Cruze club :-)
When does the accessories/add ons stage start??
Your the reason that i own the model that i own now

Originally Posted by Manvik View Post
Congratulations Avi...still continuing with your trend of upgrading machines gradually, i remember you talking about your next car during our trip Warangal and tentatively Dussera time, looks like the white beast took you over.
Thanks Vicky. I always beileve in sooner the better.

Originally Posted by IronWolf View Post
Lovely post. Many of us were waiting for this.

Such joy and passion in buying a car only on Team-bhp.

The features and lil toys of any top end version mean nothing, when you are seated behind the wheel of a driver's car. Excellent choice.

Now you can use that extra pisa for the toys you personally require in there.

Awaiting an early ownership report
Glad that you feel that way. There is a long way to go with this car and its details on this thread. Please keep tuned !

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Hi Avinash

Congratulations on your new car, how much was the OTR price ?
Chevvy is certainly growing its business and image.

Drive Safe, Have fun..
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Congrats on becoming the owner of a 'Cruzavinash'.
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Congratulations on getting the best upgrade from another great car. Pete'ing this too?

Standing by for take-off...
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Wow beautiful. I am keenly watching this thread as just the other day i was in my usual mode of transport which has been a 3 wheeler for a while when i saw this red cruze next to me.
This got me thinking of well i dont know much about this car even the price bracket it may be in. I liked the speedo of the car and the rear space was amazing.

Well these all observations were from my fully AC bajaj kat kat and god i was loving it.

The front grill are amazing and i have seen these on the SUVs in the states and are amazing to look at. This on the cruze made it look manly.

I wanna know everything from the nitty gritties. Please enlighten me. This thread goes in my book marks
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Congratulations Sir,
you have made the best choice out of all the cars you had in mind and you will feel more and more proud of the decision as you pass time with the car.
I was glad to know that you liked my reply and can I please get to see some interior pictures.
Congratulations again
Jai mata di
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Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post
Now with clarity set in that it will be a brand new car and my budget was a maximum of 11L-11.5L OTR Hyderabad. Only cars considered were :-

ANHC: I drove a friend’s car. It is smooth got beautiful interiors but, the engine didn’t have the kick that I used to get from my Pete’d viva

Verna: I bought so many Hyundai’s (actually 3 cars in < 4 years) in the recent past. I was firm not to buy one. Considered it a wee bit and immediately discarded as I will continue to be in same segment.

Octavia: Read so many reviews on tbhp and was praised for its reliability (better than Laura) and liked its tank like built and looks. But, even for a Skoda crazy city like Hyderabad, they aren’t selling these days. IIRC, they sold 0 numbers in June across the country.

Then decided to climb a single step :-

Civic: This car created awe in me ever since it was launched like it did for most car enthusiasts. I love the way it drives and no doubt has got the best interiors in that class. Soft suspension was a major downside and other being the super exorbitant price. Rs.15.5+ Lakhs for a V in Hyderabad and that too for petrol for my daily running of 60kms+. No way!

Laura: This one was what most of my dreams were made of about my "next car". I was almost obssessed with it's clean broad shoulder design and absolutely loved its road presence. But, pricing was the only deterrent as base model starts from 15L and top end now costs close to 19L. I just couldn’t afford one.


Finally, the advertisements of “Diesel Rocket” and a major conversation at Nagarjunsagar TBHP meet lured me to their showroom.

Before taking a test drive I checked their pricing and was immediately disappointed as the price that I was expecting was history. Increase in road tax from 9% to 14% plus the regular increase ensured this car was well beyond my reach.

Nonetheless, I enquired for a test drive and they brought an Automatic for test-drive. One drive was enough to convince me that this was my next car.
I had more or less the same cars in mind and also made the same decision

Infact, the clutch is quite smooth and pleasure to use. Except for an “irritant” which in technical terms is called “turbo-lag” which is pretty evident till 1200k RPM, I was sold on Cruze. I kept telling my mind :-

stay above 1200k rpm, stay above 1200k rpm.
I always prefer automatics and so bought the automatic

I PM’d quite a few Cruze owners on TBHP and thanks to Ashish22 and NP23 who patiently answered my queries and helped me decide on this car.
Thank you sir
Its only when you compare LT with LTZ, its looks slightly short of features but LT in its own terms has got good amount of decent features to stand against the competition.
I completely agree the only 2 useful features in the LTZ which are not in LT are steering mounted audi controls and the sunroof and acccording to me everything else is pretty much irrelevant
From the time a seed sown into mind to buying the car was approximately 1.5 months which happens to be the fastest-time for me to decide on a new car.
Even though I took about 3 months on decidng and convincing my parents,the booking and delivery process took place in 2 days.On sunday I booked the car,Monday morning I pay the money and Monday evening I drive the car
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Congrats Avi. its a beast and im sure you are gonna have great fun driving around.
When i'm back i need a BIG party
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Hey mobike008, congrats on the buy.So when is the official break in drive to goa for this one?
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Many Congratulations, mobike008! Your car looks stunning. Wish you loads of fun with your new car!
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Congrats one the monster!

Few things, top end and this doent look much different and the info about even the base version having the safety features

Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post

Brathashree, one of the important aspect considered before buying the base version was that TOP END and BASE VERSION have identifical safety features including 2 airbags, ABS etc.
How much did it cost OTR?
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CONGRATS Avinash A best buy at the best time with the best car.. Welcome to the Chevy Family. Hope to see many more snaps Drive Safe..

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Thanks for the gracious words Avinash. Glad to know that my inputs made your decision more simple. Looking at the on-road price of LT in Hyderabad let me just say that you made an intelligent and wise decision. Once you would go through the accessories/add ons stage your LT will rock even more!
Some pointers:
1. Just make sure you don't upsize the tires by too much or rather try to get something better in the same stock size. Yokos and continentals should be good for Cruze. This will help you maintain the dynamics of the car and yet achieve better control and steering feel.
2. Go easy on the pedal for atleast first 1500 kms. Better nor exceed 2K rpm range :-)
3. Be careful with the front seat adjustments controls. They don't seem to be well built.
4. Glovebox is another misfit in this car. Make sure you don't stuff it with heavy items otherwise the latch grip can go loose. Also it lacks decent storage space.
5. Cruze has got good suspension and can really eat up the irregularities and undulations of roads at high speeds. But at low speeds be easy on the potholes and the speed breakers. Take them with utmost caution to prevent any suspension issues.
6. LT has got 4 speakers unlike 6 in LTZ. You better keep ICE on your priority list if your are an audiophile.
7. Cruze is a different car altogether at high speeds. It feels and drives much better above 80 kmph. Call that an irony!
8. It has got excellent braking but still avoid heavy/sudden braking as it seems like brakes tend to wear out early. So much for the torque!
9. Good leather upholstery from Stanley or Nappa, something which matches the interiors of the car will go a long way to improve the premium feel of the car.
10. Last but not the least after having extensively driven this car i can safely say that the real fun starts from 1.5K rpm. Below that its a dead meat! .But from 1.5K till 4.5K rpm its a sheer rocket.
Enjoy the car!
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I will repeat what I said in our chat.
awesome, awesome awesome Car.
and in white its looking absolute fab! Many congratulations on your new marriage as I know your wife will soon treat this beauty as your second wife even before you realize.

I knew when you updated your profile pic in your gtalk that you simply couldn't wait for the D-day to come.
trust me, what ashish told you is absolutely true and dont ever regret on being unable to get a LTZ.
Now I am excusing myself from interrupting you to simply look out of your office window and stare at your beauty (if you have a seat overlooking your white beast)
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