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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Finally, a non-biased review of the Indian Ford Fiesta. . Excellent review I must say. Rated the thread a well deserved 5 stars!.

Rehaan a few questions: Sorry if it sounds too much.

- How would you/team rate the rear seat comfort when compared to the competition?. A 'C' segment sedan in India, most times, has its rear occupied. Hence the question.
- “Pull drift compensation”. Now, if it detects if the steering wheel is off center and makes corrective measures, wouldn't that be a problem during alignment issues?. And make it harder to notice for in experienced drivers?
- The petrol has only a 6k revv limit?. DISAPPOINTING.
- OK, now we know that engine options being the only flaw in this otherwise fun and super involving car, how friendly is the car for aftermarket mods? How is the space in the engine bay? (might sound too much for new car?)
- Glove box isn't cooled?
- Glad that the audio system turned out good, epecially when aftermarket replacements are hard to find.

Finally, for that blunt rear, I guess a set of tbhp stickers would do just the right thing. Why no tbhp stickers in the car?.

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Smile Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Thanks Rehaan for that excellent review. The thread duly deserves a 5 star rating.

The pics look good esp the blue beast. Reminds me of the Acquarious blue S Fiesta. Somewhow after going through the thread I am believeing that the Classic is a much better car than the New Fiesta esp on the handling part.
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Talking Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Superb review! I quite liked the new Fiesta, except for the big bum like rear. The blue color looks fascinating and I think the equipment levels juse seem right. If Ford gets the pricing right, they sure have a winner on their hands! The interiors also look more functional rather than just cosmetic. It looks like a worthy contender to the VW Vento

Just a question; with the huge rear end, did you have a problem reversing the car? I could see the sensors on the rear bumper.

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Default A 10 Star Review!

First & foremost, an outstanding review! Totally worth the wait. I have to say Rehaan, this is by far the most comprehensive, detailed & exhaustive review i have read on TBHP till date I haven't even seen the car & i can confidently say i know all there is to know about it, right down to the nitty-gritty's. 5 Star rating for sure & clicked on thanks for almost all the posts within your review.

You have covered even the minutest trivia like the AT gearbox available abroad, no rear or middle roof-light, warnings, how the front seats are actually part of the sport package elsewhere, the list is endless. Seriously appreciate all the hardwork & effort put in. Id say this review has raised the bar for BHP reviews. GTO, stay on your heels

At the start, when i saw the pictures of the rear doors and parcel shelf, i was worried about the speaker placement and quality of the OE ICE. Sure enough, it was covered by you later & in excellent detail like the rest of the review. Truly, no words for this review.

Now, coming to the car itself. I do hope Ford is monitoring this thread closely as there are some very valid points within the review itself. Following are my views:

- We are desperate for the 6 speed, dual-clutch auto-box available abroad. Going by information from Mustang, a Petrol AT should be launched within the year.
Like many others, i completely urge Ford to bring in a Diesel AT, not just for our sake, but it'll light your sales charts on fire like never before. Heck, you'll surely taste Figo like (maybe more?) success for the Fiesta if this is implemented.

- The horrendous rear interiors need to be spruced up for sure. Rehaans comments make perfect sense. Just add some touches of colour (like the silver finish to the door handles) & chrome to spruce up the rear. This is more than enough & will still keep costs down.

- Lastly, i wonder why there is only a single reverse light. For one, it makes the rear look even more "fugly". And secondly, i see two clear lenses above the actual fog & reversing lamp, what are they for? I mistook them for the reverse lights at first.

Apart from the above, a have to say kudos to Ford for a truly fabulous effort & an excellent product.
- A big thumbs up to having ABS & Dual-airbags across the range - other manufacturers could definitely take a cue.

- The keyfob being standard is another very welcome addition.

- While talking about safety, i also applaud the lane change indicator function they have incorporated. Something i truly appreciated when i experienced it in my Superb. It is really good to see such useful features trickle down to segments below.

- Also love the very innovative OVRMs which have two levels of convexness to reduce blindspots. Another important safety feature which should be made mandatory for all cars.

- Love all the features including the excellently implemented voice controls & cruise control.

- The interiors are excellently designed and the added attention to detail for India specific changes (NVH, black interiors, lock mechanism for floor mats, auto folding mirrors) are to be applauded for sure.

- Further brownie points to them for launching brand new global engines, in India first! And though they may be disappointing for an enthusiast, im sure they are perfect for our conditions keeping in mind rising petrol costs in case of the petrol engine, and that everyone who has reviewed the diesel, says that though not tarmac scorching, it is very adequate.

Final note - Im sure that even the small gripes like the dull rear interiors will be overlooked once the pricing comes out as definitely, after all the effort & having an excellent product, Ford will make sure they trumph the pricing.

Looking at the Indian market in general, it gives me immense pleasure to see the excellent products that manufacturers are finally making available. Competition is indeed an excellent thing for consumers. Just look at the offerings we are getting! The Verna & the Fiesta are both well rounded products.
Another noteworthy thing is that the manufacturers, though making excellent products, are each making them for a different type of buyer & satisfying different needs and requirements. Take the 8-10 lack segment.
Want endless features and a soft ride in the city - Verna
An all rounded package with enough goodies but driver focused - Fiesta
Want German build & quality with understated elegance - Vento
Still a Honda fan - Price-slashed City

All i can say is, its a great time to buy a car!

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

I was waiting rather impatiently for the past few days for this review. But what a piece in the end! Superb review Rehaan. Great attention to detail with many a things like the new Ford sedan. Thanks a ton!
Time to make way for a 7 star rating system here.

Great front seats on the car!

A question. Is the 1.5 Diesel based on the old 1.4 TDCi or the new 1.6? I am getting a lot of mixed information on this.

Originally Posted by Rehaan
The lit up foot well showing the standard rubberized pedals, an adequate dead pedal and a hood opener latch.
Is there a light in there? How/ when is it switched on and off?

Originally Posted by Rehaan
Comparing the amenities and feel for the front occupants vs the rear, it’s quite evident that Ford does not expect their target customer Ajay to be chauffer driven, but rather a self-driven man. All the features and fun are up front.
As someone pointed out, its definitely a story of 2 worlds out there, front and back. And clearly shows that the new Fiesta started its life as a Fun To Drive hatch with more emphasis on the driver and the front passenger. How I wish it was launched here.

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Great review. Thank you. Been refreshing TBhp since the weekend Now a few questions

1. For a regular city commute(bumper to bumper) and a once in 2 month long drive, will Fiesta Diesel be a good car? If this is a vague question, please ignore!
2. Is there a drivers arm rest(I see you have mentioned about the right side, am asking about the left side)?
3. The boot open lid is near the left foot of the driver? That's what I could comprehend from the picture. Chances of accidentally slipping on it?
4. Not sure if you mentioned, but are there defoggers for front and rear?
5. How is the view from the central rear view mirror? I see you have mentioned about both the side mirrors. Just wanted to cross check on the central one as well. While we are it, are the mirrors day/night mirrors?
6. Will Kate open and close the door for me, since the door knob is at the central console?

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Default Fabulous Review of a fabulous car!

Congrats Rehaan on a brilliant review, composed in your typical gently-wry style! I was waiting for this ever since you told us about it at the mega meet. Does not disappoint- rated it 5*!

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
What you'll like about the Fiesta:
• Futuristic front-end & stylish dashboard design
• Great feature set including voice activation, auto-fold mirrors, cruise control, and more
• ABS and Dual-airbags are standard across the range, including the entry variants
• Ford’s torquey, fuel-efficient diesel engine
• Excellent driving dynamics and impressive steering feel for an EPS
It certainly appears as if Ford executives spend a lot of their time on T-BHP analysing what Vento and Verna owners love/hate about their cars. How else could they have got this feature package so perfect?

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
Ford is currently on a roll, with the Figo single-handedly giving the American company previously unseen volumes in the Indian market. In only 1.5 years, the Figo has tripled Ford India’s monthly sales. Seeing what the Figo’s VFM pricing did to the car’s successful innings, the Fiesta needs to be well-priced from the get-go(...) It needs to be priced right from Day 1; there’s no scope for price-cuts, discounts and special editions as was the case with the Escort, Ikon and earlier Fiesta.
I have a feeling they will get it right. At least I hope so! With Figo and the new Fiesta, Ford have a great opportunity to cement their place as a serious player on the Indian scene, and one hopes they take it!

Auto-folding side mirrors are a huge plus for our Indian parking conditions
Nice! I absolutely hate that I have to manually fold in the Vento's mirrors when I park- takes away the premium feel, plus they don't even fold easily or go in all the way!

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post

The instrument cluster looks great overall and has a notable design flair to it. Placed dead-center in the cluster is a small MID which shows : Outside temperature, odometer, 1 trip-meter, distance to empty (DTE), real-time fuel (liters/Hour at idle & liters/100 kms when moving), average fuel consumption (liters/100 kms) and average speed. You can toggle the display using the button on the instrument cluster or alternatively use the left stalk – which is very convenient.
Can the display be changed to km/litre as in the Laura? The Vento has kpl as standard, none of that per 100 km stuff which is confusing (to us desis!)

The foot well is not wide by any standards, but there’s enough room in here for the ABC and a usable dead pedal.
I am actually wondering why I didn't wait for the Fiesta now! Looks like Ford have thought of every pain point that a Vento customer experiences. For example:

Ford equips the top end Fiesta with : Dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, Rear parking sensors, Auto-fold mirrors with electric adjustment, Steering mounted audio & cruise control, height-adjustable driver’s seat, Climate control, Guide-me-home headlamps, Voice activated features (more on this in the next post), 6-speaker CD system with USB, Aux-in and Bluetooth phone integration. Missing from the features list is (...) rear air-vents (like the Vento and Linea offer) and the surprising omission of a central or rear cabin light.
Let's face it, rear AC vents and cabin lights are hardly a deal breaker! The features I have highlighted in bold are all missing in the Vento Highline.

Comparing the amenities and feel for the front occupants vs the rear, it’s quite evident that Ford does not expect their target customer Ajay to be chauffer driven, but rather a self-driven man. All the features and fun are up front.
Ajay likes!

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
Impressive audio quality, great soundstage with firm and powerful bass. Really well rounded for an OEM system. I’d give the audio system a solid 9/10 rating.
Check. And mate! With the voice-activated calling system as the icing on the proverbial cake.

I can't wait to drive this car. If Ford prices this even at a small premium to the Vento, it may find itself with a nice little market. The C+ segment is *the* place to play in for the auto big boys and Ford has joined the party in style!

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Delicious thread. Though it came a bit late, it made up completely for the delay. I am inclined towards the Diesel always, but it hurts to know that the petrol engine is not as good as the old one. I always had rated the petrol Fiesta [S] as a true drivers car and would have bagged one when I wanted a petrol car. Looks like the rear space is also not as bad as people expected. And hats off to Ford for making the ABS / Airbags standard in all the variants. Hope rest of the manufactures also soon adapt this trend.
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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Thanks Rehaan, great review. The front seats look superb!
However, can you tell me what the dash of the base variant looks like ? What will it not come with ? The integrated stereo ? Voice activated thingies ? Chrome ?
I will keep a very interested eye out for the base diesel, because it will have ABS+Airbags standard.
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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Thanks for the great review. 5 stars!
I was hoping that the new Fiesta would be manna from heaven for driving enthusiasts on a budget, but Ford have disappointed on the engine front. Sure, the handling might be great, but how many of us drive on beautiful winding roads every day?
Oh well.... back to daydreaming about the Vento diesel.
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The futuristic instrument panel looks overdone and the boot+tail light cluster doesn't gel with the overall design...
Overall the Diesel version seems to be a fair bet...
Ford could have done better in many areas....

Originally Posted by amitg79 View Post
Thanks for the great review. 5 stars!
I was hoping that the new Fiesta would be manna from heaven for driving enthusiasts on a budget, but Ford have disappointed on the engine front. Sure, the handling might be great, but how many of us drive on beautiful winding roads every day?
Oh well.... back to daydreaming about the Vento diesel.
I agree!!
Vento Diesel surely is a mature car!!

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Hey Rehaan. Excellent Review! You forgot to mention the 0-100 timings of both the engines. Any idea what its estimated price would be? The black interiors will look boring after a period of time!
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Thank you for the very detailed report Rehaan. Few things I missed.
1. Pic of the car with a team-bhp sticker on it.
2. The rear view thru the inside rear view mirror.
Ford doesn't seem to expect much sales in the petrol avatar. It seemed that the petrol version was mainly tuned for fuel efficiency as pointed out by Rehaan.
The diesel also should have been more powerful.90HP is low, even the punto has 90HP. We will have to wait and see how a peted fiesta will turn out to be.
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Thumbs up Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Excellent review Rehaan!!

The coverage of the review is quite amazing. I especially liked the way you've described stuff with some extreme intricacies (Loss of 9.8 BHP due to rarefied air..awesome).

Overall, I quite liked the car. Infact, I feel it is just slightly better than the Verna due to safety features being standard all across, better rear seats and better driveability. Like Noopster mentioned, rear AC vents can not make or break a deal. After all, only 2 cars out of 6-7 in C segment have those. As long as the AC is powerful enough, it does not matter. Infact rear AC vents could equate to uncomfortable middle passenger (like the one in the Laura).

I think the not-so-peppy petrol engine translated into very good FE figures and that might just be the plan of Ford India. Diesel engine was anyway going to be most sought after in the current fuel cost scene in India. Good that it is excellent to drive too. I feel the diesel base variant will be the fastest to fly off the shelf, unless the top-end diesel lands on the lower side or equal to 10 L mark.

Ford has/had all the time and the advantage of launching the new Fiesta after the Vento and the new Verna to price this car perfectly to see huge volumes. I hope they do justice to this advantage.

P.S. Surprising to see that a 90 BHP engine is an FGT one. The 90 HP engine on the Punto is a VGT and it gives slightly better FE figures.

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Default Re: Ford Fiesta : Test Drive & Review

Great review Rehaan. Few queries though
- Is parking sensors standard across all variants? How easy is to reverse park the car without the sensors?
- Is there provision for fold down armrest for driver on left side?
- What is the likelihood of Ford launching AT variant for petrol and diesel?

Already Airbags and ABS is standard. Therefore a base variant (ABS + Airbags) having automatic transmission would be great
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