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Originally Posted by VWAllstar (Post 4888950)
You have to drive the new 2020 City. Either the insulation has degraded or the engine. The engine is no more as silent as it is perceived till the car's last generation.

Thats surprising. A lot of reviews said quite the opposite, that that the refinement has improved! My 4th gen City is pretty silent and refined till around 3000 RPM, after which it has a nice induction note which enthusiasts will find pleasurable - others may find it a trifle loud though.

I am yet to drive the new iVTEC motor, or even the VW 1 liter TSI. Will definitely do that in the coming days.:thumbs up


Originally Posted by sumeethaldankar (Post 4888806)
the oil etc is genuine and the correct grade.

Hi, thanks for replying.
Do you have any idea about the grade of transmission oil and brake oil that is needed for my 2011 Honda City petrol manual.

I will definitely try and source the original Honda oils but need a reference just in case.

I usually go for the Honda ASS but they offer pathetic service and I cannot even go there in person, due to the pandemic.



Originally Posted by Vedant Gupta (Post 4889631)
Hi, thanks for replying.
Do you have any idea about the grade of transmission oil and brake oil that is needed for my 2011 Honda City petrol manual.

I will definitely try and source the original Honda oils but need a reference just in case.

I usually go for the Honda ASS but they offer pathetic service and I cannot even go there in person, due to the pandemic.



Kindly refer to the City manual, it will have the right grades for all the oils and time and kms to replace them. Make sure it is the correct viscosity. Honda's generally need a thinner oil.

Completed 5 year service for my city last week. Odo was at 51000 and hence followed service recommendations for 50K. In addition to 50K service, Battery (3.6k), fog lamp (1.1k), Starter motor (5.9k) was also replaced. Following the service, all four tyres were also replaced, even though they had around 2K kms left on them. Upgraded to Pirelli P6 195/60/R15. Cost around 5.9K/tyre. Overall most expensive week in its 5 year of ownership, though I am very happy with niggle free ownership so far. Touchwood!

Was browsing parts on and came across this blueprint wherein cladding for the rear wheel arch is mentioned. Honda sure is cutting a lot of corners! I believe it's available for the international market. Any idea if we can source this?

Hello people,

This is about our Honda City iDTEC,which we bought in 2017 when it had run just 35000 Kms from a doctor,who had bought a Polo GT TSI as a replacement for the City as his hospital was near to his house.



We usually prefer having 2 cars at home.But,in 2013,we used to have a Maruti 800,which was used by my mom for running errands and shopping visits.But,due to its age,we had to sell off the 800 for merely Rs.35000 to a known guy.Till 2014,we used to have a 1st gen 2005 Innova,which we bought it from our company in 2012 and used to have a 2012 VW Vento TDI 1.6,which we bought it used in 2013 when it was just 13000 Kms on the odo.We loved the Vento due to its build quality,torquey 1.6 TDI,timeless looks and what not.The only grouse with Vento was its heavy maintenance,yes,we had paid a hefty bill of Rs.60k just for replacing the clutch when the odo was just 45000 Kms.Then,in 2014-15,we started looking for a second car like new Innova,Polo GT TSI and others as Vento was the only car for us.Then in 2015,our Vento had met with a major accident,which my mom had hit the car to the Tata Sumo,which resulted in frontal damage.Again,we got the car repaired and got a bill of Rs.1.3L,which was reasonable than the Innova,which we got a bill of Rs.2L when it met with similar fate in 2016.After the accident of Vento,we had almost decided to exchange the Vento and buy another Vento but dropped the plan due to personal reasons.But,destiny had other plans.In 2015-end,we had shifted to the new location and due to this,we had dropped the second car plan for another 6 months.Life was running well with Vento until we bought a pre-worshipped Innova in 2016 from a close acquaintance,who purchased one of the last manufactured old gen Fortuner.We initially considered buying the Crysta as the primary car at the time of launch,but dropped the plan as it was overpriced and felt less comfortable than the Innova at that time.In the same year,after almost 2 months of purchasing Innova,the Innova had met with a major accident resulting in frontal damage,which costed Rs.2L.Till then,we had left with Vento only.Then,in end-2016,we had decided to sell off the Vento as it was expensive to maintain and had crossed 1,00,000 Kms on the odo,which results in lower resale value.Hence,in early 2017,we had approached a buyer and sold off the Vento for peanuts(the biggest regret we ever did) after doing 1,12,000 Kms on the odo and in that,we did exactly 1,00,000 Kms in almost 4 years of its ownership.After selling the Vento,we then started for looking for its replacement.

Why second car:

The need for second car is more important because the second car will be used by mom and myself and Innova became too big for our needs and hence,decided to keep Innova for highways and City for city runs and sometimes,whenever our driver is not available and mostly on Sundays whenever our driver doesn't come,my dad also drives the second car.Hence,the second car was needed at home.

Our requirements were:

-It had to be a Diesel as our running is 1500-2000 Kms a month though we were open to Petrol as well
-It should give good FE,which is important,according to my dad
-Safety features are important
-It should be new but we are open to used as well
-It should be within Rs.14-15L of budget

More in part-II

Coming to part-II

Cars we had considered were:

1.Hyundai Creta
2.Maruti Nexa Ciaz
3.VW Vento
4.Skoda Rapid
5.Maruti Nexa S-Cross

Hyundai Creta:

This is the car I have huge crush since it's launch.Had considered 1.6 SX,1.4S+ and 1.6 SX+ AT in Creta.Had decided to book this but had to drop since it was overpriced and 7 people in my dad's circle owns this car.

+ves of Creta:

+Looks-I've huge crush on this version since its launch
+Diesel AT
+Hyundai's proven A.S.S
+Rear seat comfort

-ves of Creta:

-Became too common on Hyderabad roads and in our localities-Whenever I go out,I find atleast 10 Cretas,that too in white on roads and in my locality too
-The variants which we were considering,were overpriced

Nexa Ciaz:

This car was strongly considered by my dad due to its higher FE and cheaper price tag.Had almost decided to book this one in June end before GST but after seeing the price tag of Alpha Smart Hybrid,which was ₹12.7L before GST now became ₹14L after GST.I felt ₹14L is not a worth for this car anymore after GST.All this later on.

+ves of Ciaz:

+Rear seat space
+VFM when compared to other cars,which we considered

-ves of Ciaz:

-It's a Maruti,the brand which I hate due to our relatives or close acquaintances having the cars from same brand
-Diesel engine was not as powerful as other Diesel-engined cars

VW Vento:

After getting used to Vento for almost 4 years,this was one of the strongest contender.Had considered Highline DSG and MT but I felt Vento is not a worth anymore and was not interested in buying another VW due to heavy maintenance costs and bad resale value.BTW,had TD of Vento TDI DSG in May 2017 and almost decided to buy one but dropped it due to the reasons mentioned above.

+ves of Vento:

+It's a VW
+Build quality is at its best
+Torquey and punchy Diesel engine
+Timeless looks
+Our service experience with VW was good

-ves of Vento:

-Already had a Vento before,so according to my dad,buying another VW wasn't worth anymore
-VW maintenance was expensive
-Poor resale value

Skoda Rapid:

Another strongest contender.In Jan 2017,we almost decided to book Rapid after selling Vento and went to Skoda showroom to book the Rapid but had taken some time for deciding whether to go for Rapid or not.But in the end,Rapid is out of list due to bad resale,Skoda A$$ and heavy maintenance costs.

+ves of Skoda Rapid:

+Build quality is at its best
+Torquey and punchy Diesel engine
+Timeless looks

-ves of Skoda Rapid:

-Expensive maintenance
-Poor resale value
-Reputation of Skoda A.S.S in Hyderabad as per my dad's friends,who own Superbs and Rapids

And finally,

Honda City :

My dream car since my childhood.I always wanted to have this car in my garage but bought Vento at that time due to lack of Diesel option in City.Had considered VMT new one which costs ₹14L on road Hyd.

+ves of City:

+Afterall its a Honda and king of C2 sedan segment
+Honda reliability
+Rear seat is too excellent and its a poor man's Superb and E-Class in terms of comfort
+Looks-Especially the rear one.It looks like BMW from rear and she looks hot in Golden Brown colour(my favourite colour in City)
+Resale Value
+Features like reverse camera,cruise control even in V version
+Pickup is decent

-ves of City:

-Build Quality-Not good as Vento but better than Maruti and others
-Low GC
-Horn sounds like meek meek
-Skinny tyres
-Diesel engine is not as good as Petrol Honda City and not torquey as Hyundais and VAGs but better than Ciaz

In the end,dad had almost decided to book the Ciaz until his friend suggested to look at the City as Ciaz was underpowered and at the same time,GST was announced,which resulted in price increase of Ciaz being Hybrid Diesel.I even cried in front of my dad and pestered him a lot by not making him book the Ciaz.

More in Part-III

Coming to part-III,

After seeing all new cars,we had considered some used cars like Laura,Superb,Jetta and others but removed from the list due to its future.And one fine day,I was searching for used City Diesels but all were high run and abused one.I had seen few City Diesels sold by Honda dealers until I saw my Brown Phantom.On Jul 3rd,when I was searching for used Honda City Diesels,I had found 2 used City Diesels(one was 2015 UT colour City VX Diesel sold by dealer and it has run 14000 Kms and asking price was Rs.11.75L and City VMT Diesel 2014(Brown Phantom) for Rs.8.5L.The 2015 City's last asking price was Rs.11.5L by Honda dealer and decided to check her.Then I came across Brown Phantom afterwards and took the number of the seller and had a phone call of about 5-10 minutes with seller.He said,the reason for selling this car is he bought Polo GT TSI and since then,he stopped driving City so he was willing to sell off the car.And,on Jul 5th evening,went to his hospital along with my dad,to check the car(he works as a Doctor in that hospital).Saw the car and had a chat with that seller and my dad had negotiated it to Rs.7.9L and decided that she will be coming into my garage.So,on Jul 7th,paid a token amount of Rs.1.5L to the seller as we had decided to take loan on City.So,after a week,sent documents for loan and agonizing wait had started.I used to pester my dad,"when will the City comes to us?"On 20th Jul,the loan got approved and next day,mom had signed the agreement of loan and the car was supposed to come on Monday(Jul 24th) but due to payment issues(later we paid through RTGS to the seller).On 25th Jul,after my college got finished,went to dad's place and I got a mail from the loan guy regarding transfer papers and immediately took the printouts of those papers and went to the seller's place with dad in the seller's Polo GT TSI and the seller had given us the necessary documents of car and second key.The seller had signed the papers and gave the keys to us and said bye to him and dad drove less than Km and handed the car to driver to get the wash done and Pooja done and dad went in Innova along with him and myself went in City with driver and after few Kms,got her a well deserved wash and went to get the Pooja done and went home and parked the car.My mom doesn't even know that dad is getting this car until she saw her getting parked inside the house and dad said,I have surprised you by buying this car and she got shocked.Another gesture is the previous owner had given the car along with body cover and magnetic shades.Good gesture na

Now,coming to the advantages and disadvantages of our own 2014 Honda City:

+ves of City:

+Its a Honda
+Rear seat space
+Frugal Diesel engine and great FE-Getting around 21 Kmpl to 23.5 Kmpl on highways while it gives 16.5 Kmpl to 18 Kmpl in city limits
+Low maintenance-lesser when compared to our own Innova and previous Vento
+Looks like BMW 3-series from rear and can be called as "Sasti wali BMW"
+Easy to drive nature-we prefer taking this out over our Innova in city just because its easier to drive

-ves of City:

-Build Quality-Not good as Vento but better than Maruti and others
-Features like flip key,remote boot button,leather seats and Push button missing in V variant
-Low GC-my parents complained about this issue and a tyre upsize had solved this issue
-Horn sounds like meek meek-changed to Skoda type horns for 2 times
-Skinny tyres-changed to Yokohama S-Drives 195/60R15,which are the end of its life after doing 45000 Kms on these tyres
-Diesel engine-although its decent to drive in the city traffic,it felt linear on highways and IMO,I still feel Petrol is the best in Honda City and its Diesel is not as punchy as Hyundais and VAGs as it is mostly tuned for FE

More in Part-IV

Coming to part-IV,

Living with Honda City after 3 years and 3 months:

Life with the Honda City has been good so far.It is mostly driven by my mom to her office,which is just 13 Kms from our house.Hence,her daily drive translates to 25 Kms per day in city traffic.I felt that we could have bought Petrol AT considering her running but my dad was hell bent on a Diesel car due to Kitna Deti Hai? factor.That's the reason we had bought a Diesel car over a Petrol car eventhough our running is just 25 Kms per day in the city limits.But,whenever my dad is not in a mood to take the Innova due to less fuel efficiency,he prefers taking Honda City out along with the driver or he himself drives the car whenever the driver is not available.Even I also prefer driving Honda City over Innova on any types of roads as it is easier to drive and gives good FE.

Now coming to the observations of the City after 3 years of its usage:


The Honda City looks smashing from rear and looks beautiful in golden brown colour,which is also my favourite colour and from rear,it can be called as "Sasti Wali BMW"

Rear seat space:

Rear seat space is the another reason why we bought the Honda City.It has oodles of comfort and leg space when compared to our previous Vento.And,BTW,3 people can be seated comfortably without any issues


Driveability in city limits is quite decent but on highways,it feels linear as it is more tuned for FE and not as torquey and punchy as VAGs and Hyundais in terms of performance.And,gearbox and clutch is also smoother than VAGs but not as smooth as Hyundais and Kias

Engine refinement:

The engine noise is audible when you are out but not as audible as VAGs and not as well refined as Hyundais.But,I didn't feel much audible when I'm inside the car and while driving the car


It has quite decent features,which is ok for a 2014 version.My V version is equipped with climate control,alloy wheels,music system with reverse camera but lacked leather seats,sunroof and push button start,which later got resolved in 2017 version.But,for now,I don't feel like missing sunroof in my car but my next car should have sunroof

Boot space:

It has good boot space and can manage around 6-7 heavy bags easily and luckily,the underbody didn't get bottomed eventhough it had heavy bags

Ground Clearance:

The only major grouse with the City is its ground clearance.We travel on lots of bad roads which results in scraping the underbody.Hence,we always be careful whenever we drive on bad roads.That's the reason,I got it changed to 195/60R15 tyres and will be changing to same size again

Coming to comparision between our City and previous Vento,which we had:

Where City trumps Vento:

+Less maintenance costs
+More fuel efficiency
+Rear seat space
+Features like reverse camera

Where Vento trumps City:

+Build quality
+Torquey 1.6 TDI
+Fun to drive nature

Usage of the car in 3 years of ownership,Upgrades or mods,service costs and replacements,issues,accidents and conclusion on this car will be discussed in final part of this review i.e,Part-V

Coming to final part along with conclusion,

Usage of car in 3 years of ownership:

In first year of its ownership,we had run 24000 Kms while in second year of ownership,we had run 16000 Kms(running got reduced a bit due to my mom's daily usage) and in third year of ownership,we had run 18000 Kms.In 3 years and 3 months,we had run 61000 Kms with the City till date and now the present odo is at 96800 Kms,i.e,close to 97000 Kms.In real life,the car is mostly driven within city limits with occassional or emergency highway drives.Whenever my mom doesn't have any work at her office,myself and my dad take the car out while I myself take the car out almost everyday just for timepass

Upgrades or mods done till now:

1.Changed to Yokohama S-Drives 195/60R15 when it was at 51000 Kms on the odo and now needs replacement as it has run 45000 Kms on these.Considering Yokohama Earth-1 in same size as GC is the main priority for us and have quite good experiences with these tyres,which are on our Innova as well

2.Changed the stock horns to Bosch Symphony at the 5th month of ownership and ran well for 2.2 years until it went kaput and later replaced to Hella Chrome trumpets in Feb 2020 and running well

3.Got the stock alloys painted to gloss black as I got bored with its stock looks in August 2020

4.Got 50% visibility tints and door visors installed simultaneously in 2018

5.Got new number plates from Turbo plates,which I found it through instagram,which costed me Rs.3000 in Feb 2020

Service costs and replacement of parts till now:

Till now,the service cost of Honda City iDTEC is quite reasonable if not it's cheaper to maintain than our Innova and previous Vento.In comparision,the service cost of our City is even cheaper than my cousin's 2015 Celerio AMT,where he got Rs.8k just 30K Kms service.

Here is the history of service done till now:

1.Paid Rs.11,800 during 40,000 Kms service,which included the replacement of brake pads as the SA had warned us that it will run less than 1000 Kms.Hence,we got it replaced.If not,the service bill would be just Rs.8000 only.That happened in October 2017

2.Paid Rs.6152 during 50,000 Kms service,which included the replacement of wiper blades.That happened in March 2018

3.Paid Rs.10,864 during 60,000 Kms service as it was a major service.I exactly don't remember the replacements happened during that service.That happened in October 2018

4.Paid Rs.27,200 during 70,000 Kms service,which included the overhauling of clutch and replacement of brake pads and discs.Clutch overhaul costed us just Rs.11.5k,which is way cheaper than our Innova and previous Vento.That happened in June 2019

5.Paid Rs.11,000 during 80,000 Kms service as it was second major service.During that service,we had replaced ignition lock,which went kaput,for Rs.14000 at dealer itself.That happened in November 2019

6.Paid Rs.8243 during 90,000 Kms service,which included replacement of wiper blades again.That happened in the end of August 2020

Issues faced till now:

1.ABS sensor issue-The ABS light has been glowing since last 2 years,which we got used to it for now.When we wanted to replace the ABS sensor,the ASC had quoted a whopping Rs.40k just for ABS sensor and we said thank you and we will replace it later when need arises.

2.In Jan 2018,AC was not cooling properly.The problem was when we gave our City to another driver(not our regular driver),he had scraped it to the speedbreaker and AC gas had been leaking.I felt that AC compressor had gone kaput,but thankfully,it didn't happen and saved Rs.20k on this.Instead,got the AC gas refilled and got the bulk head repaired,which had bent and due to this,AC was not cooling.

3.RHS door(the one beside driver seat) power window got jammed on its own and later,it started working without any Jugaads.

4.Ignition lock went kaput.We changed the whole lockset during 80,000 Kms service and no issues faced till now.

5.3 weeks ago,when my mom was going to her workplace,suddenly the water had entered into the gearbox and clutch due to floods that happened near her workplace.So,immediately sent the car to local FNG and got the water removed for Rs.2000 and running smooth without any issues.

Accidents/Incidents happened till now:

1.A bus driver had hit the driver side ORVM of the car and to get new one,it costed me ₹6k to replace it and it was complete fault of bus driver.Luckily nothing happened to door and fender but lost the ORVM cover.This happened just after a month of ownership

2.When my mom was waiting in the traffic,a lady in the Polo had hit the Phantom from backside and luckily nothing happened to tail light and bumper came out a bit without any dents and after one hour,we had pushed the inside with the help of my driver.Except light scratches and slight paint chipping on bottom of rear bumper light,nothing happened to the bumper.This happened just after 2 days of above incident.

3.When my mom was driving the car,an auto trolley came and hit the front bumper of Phantom and bumper got broken a bit.I don't know why the accidents are happening since past 20 days.This is the 3rd time happened in almost 2 months of ownership.This happened in the same year same month.But,later replaced the bumper along with ORVM.

4.An auto driver had hit the car when the car was on stationery while he was drunk,which resulted the dent on the front bumper.That happened in November 2017.

5.A school bus had hit my car when my mom and my driver was on traffic few days ago and car had suffered with minor dent on left quarter panel.That happened in March 2018.

6.When my dad was coming from our school,a moron,Tata Ace had hit our car,which resulted in small dent on driver side.That happened in April 2018.

7.Just few days after the 6th incident,when my mom was driving the car,a reckless autowalla bruised the car.

8.When my mom was driving to her workplace,a reckless cab wallah Dzire hit the vehicle from left side and fled away from the spot.When my mom tried to stop that fellow,he didn't even see and ran away immediately to avoid hassles from my mother.After this,she called my father and told about this incident.Immediately after the call,I took out my Aprilia SR150 keys and went along with dad to the accident spot and shocked to see that the bumper has come out and a dent on left side fender.Immediately called my driver to bring our Innova and my parents took the Innova and I went home by Aprilia and driver took the City to mom's workplace and we had put the bumper into the trunk.That happened in September 2018.

9.A biker guy had damaged rear tail light when we were going to my college.That happened in June 2018.

10.In Jan 2019,when my mom was parking at a restaurant,she had bruised the running board to an iron rod.

11.In Dec 2019,when our driver was opening the door,a reckless biker,he was on phone when he was riding,had hit the door,which resulted the dent on the driver door.

Apart from these,there are some chota mota,I mean minor accidents happened.For now,planning to get the car repainted soon by removing those dents and scratches.

Highway trips done till now:

To be frank,we've done only Hyderabad-Warangal trips for numerous times in this car along with trips to our hometown,which is just 60 Kms away from our home.Along with this,we had went to newly opened Kondapochamma reservoir,which is 55 Kms away from Hyderabad and few trips to Karimnagar,Nizamabad,Mahboobnagar etc.And,this car hasn't crossed the state yet.It was driven within the limits of Telangana state.If we cross the state or there are people of more than 4 or 5,we prefer taking our Innova.

Future plans/upgrades on this car:

1.Get the car repainted at dealer or local FNG
2.Get the wrap for front grille
3.Change the bulbs to LED's
4.Change the seat covers,which are showing signs of age and those seat covers came with it during its purchase
5.Get the ABS sensor replaced

Few points which I had noted during the car purchase were:

1.The City is our first Honda,second Diesel sedan,third sedan(first was Ford Ikon Petrol and second was VW Vento TDI)
2.This is our first TS registered car.Our previous cars were registered to AP before bifurcation.
3.When my dad felt that AC cooling was less,he by mistakenly switched off the AC(middle button) and I had to switch on that middle button.
4.My friend(City VX Diesel 2014 owner),had warned me to take care of City's GC as its bumper is bit lower.


Honda City was and is my dream car since my childhood.It has good rear seat space,it is fairly reliable,has easy to drive nature.But,I recommend buying Honda City if it is only Petrol due to its iVTEC engine.When it comes to Diesel,I'll look further like Verna or VAG twins(when it comes to used as new Diesels are not available anymore) along with C-SUVs and Crossovers.

Will I recommend buying Honda City?Yes,if it is a Petrol version.

Will we sell this car?As of now,no due to this covid situation and it is the most loved car among our family due to its fuel efficiency.We might retain this car for atleast 1.5-2 years from now on as we had purchased a new house recently.

Hi bhpians
Hoping to get some help on possibly two issues with my 4th generation honda city vx mt.
1) I don't think the car is getting locked if I move away from the cat forgetting to lock it. Any way I can check this setting and change it?
2) How do I activate the security alarm to check if it is working?
3) Can I fix a grab handle for the driver? There is a recess but I do not see any slots on the ceiling cover.

Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.


Originally Posted by sid_misra (Post 4911409)
1) I don't think the car is getting locked if I move away from the cat forgetting to lock it. Any way I can check this setting and change it?
2) How do I activate the security alarm to check if it is working?
3) Can I fix a grab handle for the driver? There is a recess but I do not see any slots on the ceiling cover.

1. You don’t think? It’s either yes it is locking, or no, it isn’t locking. If it isn’t working as designed, the first thing to check would be do you have ANY aftermarket electrical accessories fitted to the car? If not, if the car is still under warranty, take it to the Honda dealer & get them to fix it.

2. I’m not sure about the City, but for any car, a good way to test the alarm is to lock the car with the bonnet open, then drop the bonnet shut from a height of 1ft (to create sufficient impact). The resulting impact should trigger the alarm.

3. You can fix whatever you like, BUT, there is a safety reason why the driver doesn’t get a grab handle. It’s due to the fact that the driver should have BOTH his hands on the wheel.


Originally Posted by sid_misra (Post 4911409)
I don't think the car is getting locked if I move away from the car forgetting to lock it. Any way I can check this setting and change it

You will have to press the request sensor on the door handle or the 'lock button' on the remote to lock your car. I don't think the car has an automatic walk-away locking system.


How do I activate the security alarm to check if it is working
The system will arm itself when you lock the car. This can be confirmed if you are able to see a red light blinking on the meter console.


Originally Posted by OSH (Post 4911618)
The system will arm itself when you lock the car. This can be confirmed if you are able to see a red light blinking on the meter console.

Does the City have a factory installed anti-theft alarm/horn-hooter system? Is there a separate indicator for that in the driver's console?

Typically the red LED with a car+lock logo that blinks in all cars is about the engine immobilizer being armed. This blinks the moment the ignition is turned off, not linked to car door locks. And this doesn't signify that the alarm will sound. Just engine won't start without a matching (coded) key.


Originally Posted by Reinhard (Post 4912450)
Does the City have a factory installed anti-theft alarm/horn-hooter system?

The owner's manual clearly states 'not available on all models'. Atleast in my variant, the instument cluster indicator is present and blinks just like its mentioned in the owner's manual so I guess some sort of security system is present. I have not seen it in action though.
4th-gen Honda City : Official Review-20201020_163201.jpg

4th-gen Honda City : Official Review-20201020_163452.jpg


Is there a separate indicator for that in the driver's console?
Yes, it has. This indicator is just above the 3rd dial (MID) of the instrument cluster. It is a plain round indicator light in red, very close to the stalk which controls the MID.
4th-gen Honda City : Official Review-20201020_162643.jpg


Typically the red LED with a car+lock logo that blinks in all cars is about the engine immobilizer being armed. This blinks the moment the ignition is turned off, not linked to car door locks. And this doesn't signify that the alarm will sound.
The immobilizer system indicator is very much seperate from the security system indicator. AFAIK it will blink when the key is not recognised by the system and not when the ignition is turned off like you mentioned. Even the manual does not say anything about it blinking with ignition off.
4th-gen Honda City : Official Review-20201020_162814.jpg

I have not seen this happen in my City. Which variant do you have ? It could be variant specific. I have the facelift version, maybe your's is different.

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