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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Jazz SV-MT petrol looks good to me and plan on booking it soon. However, I am a bit skeptical after reading the niggles faced by honda city owners here.

Any thoughts on whether Jazz's build is an improvement over the City's.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Hi everyone,

I had a chance to check out the Jazz V MT and VX MT at Magnum Honda yesterday.

First off, I did NOT find the rear seat of the V variant to be as bad as the review suggested.

I'm 5 feet 11 inches tall and I could rest my head fairly comfortably on the rear seat's integrated headrest. I accept that this may not be very good for whiplash protection though.

Secondly, I found the under-thigh support and the firmness of the seat squab to be very good. No complaints.

Do I wish Honda offered the magic seats in the V variant? Of course, yes. But will I reconsider buying the V variant because of its absence? Absolutely not.

The space inside the Jazz is unbelievable. In the Elite i20, my head ends up grazing the rear grab handle when I sit in the back seat. No such problems in the Jazz. It has amazing headroom.

Overall fit and finish is excellent. I even thought the doors had a very Un-Honda like build. They didn't feel tinny at all.

My only real grouse is Honda not offering the Sunset Orange shade in the S and SV variants. Come on, Honda!

The SV has just about everything one needs and yet a buyer can't have it in Orange.
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Originally Posted by bulletboy76 View Post
Robby, on Xcent or Grand i10, you CAN turn the music system on.

Basically for starting ignition , you need to press the clutch and then press the Start Stop Button, BUT if you do not press the clutch and press the Start Button, it will power up the music system. Please try, it should work!

That is what he meant actually, that he has to first switch the ignition off and then again power on to the accessory mode. Whereas with a key you could stay on accessory mode after turning off the engine.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Here's the Jazz price list for Mumbai. The V MT turns out to be marginally cheaper OTR than the I20 Asta Petrol.

Copy of Jazz Price List 08 07 2015.xls
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

It's a terrific package, but the diesel variants seem to be too expensive for what they offer. I don't understand why Honda omitted features like start stop button, adjustable rear headrests, magic seats on V variant?
Also, hope that the jazz 1.5 petrol is on it's way. That'll be the petrol hatchback to beat.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Here is the Jazz TVC. If any body here is still interested

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Originally Posted by jeet8686 View Post
Jazz SV-MT petrol looks good to me and plan on booking it soon. However, I am a bit skeptical after reading the niggles faced by honda city owners here.

Any thoughts on whether Jazz's build is an improvement over the City's.
I think the problems related to the City were mainly in the initial batches.. the later batches seem to have no apparent quality control issues.
So, Jazz should not have such issues as Honda would have ironed out the issues by now.

You can check with a few City owners. I know quite a few and they all are happy with the quality and reliability of the car.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Amazing Review. Very comprehensive. Haven't seen a better test review anywhere.

Can someone please confirm whether the Sunset Orange shade is metallic or non-metallic? I read here that it was non-metallic, but it seems that there is an extra charge for that color.

Would also be interested to hear about opinions on the engine performance of Petrol Automatic V CVT variant. Does the car feel underpowered? Would there be a better automatic petrol option in the sub 10 lakh (Delhi prices) range? (Is the Citi Automatic S CVT a better option?)

Thanks so much.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Visited Honda showroom with couple of my friends yesterday at 7pm. They are both looking at buying a car in the immediate future and Jazz is in their consideration set. All SA at the showroom were wearing a yellow and black Jazz T-shirt. We were greeted by a SA who seemed quite knowledgeable and was patient enough to stay with us for about 30 to 45 mins we spent there.

Test drives have already started and is available from 10am to 6 pm. Unfortunately we reached at 7pm so test drive was closed.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly the showroom had a barren look with no prospects. During the entire time we were there, only 2 families walked-in. One to check City and other to check Jazz. This was much unlike what I experienced during EcoSport launch when there were 20 odd prospects at the showroom.

In the showroom, VX variant was on display in my favourite colour - Urban Titanium metallic while the test drive car which was parked in the backyard was a V variant Silver colour. Both were petrol manual variants. No CVT or diesel available for test drives.

First impression - Exterior
* The car looks smashing from outside. In fact with the body proportions and specially the front grille. I think it looks better than Honda's current best seller - City.
* Panel gaps were well controlled and minimal and paint finish is top notch
* Sporty rear spoiler in VX variant does look really good
* Character line on the side is prominent and adds to the sporty looks of Jazz
* Wheel well cladding is missing and noticeable. I am sure 3M will be happy to know this
* Alloy wheel looks good though I love the Tosa alloy wheels offered by VW on Polo and those on Elite i20 more
* Tyres do appear to be skinny on what is a smart and sporty looking hatch
* Doors seem to be light but do open wide open hence ingress and outgress is a breeze
* Boot space is huge and bigger than most hatch and compact sedan out there. Low and wide loading lip makes it easy to load and unload your luggage. However, rear parcel tray is fixed and does not move up when the hatch is lifted. This hinders loading luggage deep inside the boot as it is obstructs your visibility
* Tools are neatly placed in the boot with 14" spare tyre under the tray

Overall there was no major noticeable difference between exteriors of V and VX variant except for sporty rear spoiler. The one on V variant too looks fine and well integrated so no complaints

First impression - Interior
* The cabin is airy and roomy where black dash gives it a premium feel. Looks just like City
* Both black and beige interiors look good so it is even-steven here
* Steering of Jazz just like City is a delight and leather wrap makes it look premium and offers good grip. It offers adjust for rake which is good because I usually prefer driving with the wheel at a higher position. Adjust for rake would have been good but me being 5ft 8", its not something I will complain about. One of my friend is 6ft and he thought rake was a must given he had to push back his seat
* Steering mounted controls are easy to operate and well placed
* Quality of plastic on the dashboard and sides is acceptable though not comparable to Polo. However look and feel is good
* There was no dead pedal available. Team BHP review showed a piece of rubber stuck onto the carpet to act as a fake dead pedal. This was missing possibly because the mat was full size and hence either this piece of rubber was under the mat or Honda has removed it from production version
* Dummy switch and cover is bit of a sore. While one can ignore dummy switch on the drivers side armrest, it is difficult not to notice dummy cap in place of Push start/stop button
* Touchscreen AC panel is a breeze to operate and adds to premium cabin feel
* 6.2" AVN in VX variant did not look very appealing to me, I rather liked the normal 5" non touchsreen unit in V variant. Also the advantage of this 5" unit in V variant is the AUX and USB slots which are available on the centre console as compared to loose cables in the glovebox
* For those buying V variant, there is an option to upgrade to 6.2" AVN
* Sound quality in both variants was good. However, it is not as good as what we get in cheaper cars like Zest and Bolt
* Dials are clear and well illuminated. MID offers a lot of information so one can play with it for a long time
* Coming to rear seat, in VX variant the rear seat is a tad more comfortable than in V variant. The problem is that in V variant the rear seat is about couple of inches lower than VX variant and that adds to discomfort. Having said that, I think under thigh support was comparable to VX variant. I did not take a test drive so this impressions is basis what I experienced in a static car. But it looks like Honda has offered better rear seats in production version of V variant than in media drive vehicles
* Surprisingly in VX variant, middle passenger will feel quite uncomfortable. The section in the middle is for some reason raised by half an inch. The width of this raised section is about 6 inches. You can imagine sitting on a 6 inch seat, after sometime your body will start moving left or right begging for more support. Comparatively, there is No such problem in V variant and feels comfortable
* Magic seats are brilliant for the flexibility it offers. While Honda claims that rear seat can be folded to form a flat floor, I noticed that the rear seats are about half an inch above the floor level of boot. This gets masked by the mat of floor which is attached to rear of the seats and hence hides the difference in level. On close observation you will notice that there is a slope at the joint between seat and boot. Comparatively, in V variant the seat when folded is about 4 inches above floor level of the boot
* Fixed headrest for rear seat in V variant is quite uncomfortable and this is a big sore point for me. They feel literally non existent and in fact it is a very important safety feature which is missing. I wish Honda had offered a way to add it later as an accessory.

*Pricing sheet was not available yet so we will have to wait till tomorrow.
*In Mumbai ex-showroom price is 20k to 40k higher than Delhi price. Just adds that much more to an already premium price tag for top Diesel and CVT variants

My one friend is considering Diesel VX along with other cars including Elite i20 while my other friend is considering V (CVT). Both of them will take a decision only post test drive next week.

Snaps of VX variant
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185349.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185434.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185650.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185725.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185358.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185425.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185453.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185459.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185503.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185512.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_185532.jpg

Snaps of V variant
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_184226.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_190827.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_190836.jpg
Honda Jazz : Official Review-img_20150709_190847.jpg

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Well I guess everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.
So, though the team-bhp review is excellent, I beg to differ on the impression it is creating in particular about the petrol engine in the Jazz. Reading the review one gets the impression that the petrol engine is actually very poor and inferior to the competition which is not true.

In fact, I feel it is one of the better ones in the segment and definitely a plus point for the car (or neutral) relative to the competition.
My order for the petrol engines in this segment would be - Swift=Jazz>I20

The Jazz does have a weaker bottom end compared to the others. Agreed! But, if you use part-throttle at extremely low rpms, it gives decent response but slow. Once it hits the 1900 rpm (the official review mentions 2500 rpm which I don't agree with ), the car picks up speed and the acceleration gets progressively stronger all the way till the 7000 rpm redline. So, if you use the gears, you can enjoy the engine a lot and it can be really fun to drive. And the exhaust note at >3500 rpm of the IVtec sounds really sporty! Personally, I upshift the gears a little late (around 3000 rpm except for the 1st ) and I thoroughly enjoy the drive.
On the other hand, the I20 offers a better response at lower rpms. but it quickly runs out of breath on the open highways. If you drive the I20 and Jazz on the highway, there is a pretty significant difference. Add to this the fact that Jazz has slightly better dynamics and better high-speed ride and stability, it makes the Jazz a much more enjoyable driving experience than the I20 (not to forget the steering is also better in the Jazz)
Also, I believe the Honda petrol give much better mileage in actual driving conditions, irrespective of what ARAI says.

All this opinion is based on the assumption that the engine tuning and gear ratios are not changed (as stated by Honda). Also, the new Jazz being 40 kgs lighter, it actually has a better power:weight ratio than the previous one. SO, performance, if anything, should be better.

Obviously, all this is subjective ..if anyone has 0-100 and the in-gear acceleration numbers from auto mags like Autocar, please do post them here. I am pretty confident that the Jazz will be way ahead in the 0-100 and top-speed numbers and the in-gear figures will be close (I20 will not be way ahead, in fact Jazz could be ahead as well)

PS - On a different note, if the argument is all about bottom end response, the Santro 1.1 engine is better than all the so called premium hatches. Following the same logic, I wonder why don't we say that the Renault diesel engine of the Micra with 65 horses is the segment best? Definitely, it has way better low rpm response than our national engine - the 1.3 MJD

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Originally Posted by roby.thomas View Post

I am trying to avoid an extra interruption in power to accessory systems, especially head unit. That's when you stop the engine and you know for sure that in the next couple of minutes you will start it back. I can avoid that in key start systems if I decided to turn the key back only up to accessory position when I turn off the engine. The next obvious interruption is when you crank the engine, and I can't avoid it (But that's perhaps possible in Zest as per it's Team-BHP review).

So I still believe, a missing Start/Stop button is not a really bad thing in Jazz. If there was a highest trim for a vehicle without this Start/Stop button I would opt for it - And Jazz seems to be exactly offering that.

interesting problem... although bit of OT here I thought Google
might come to rescue for this universal problem. On Nissan forums
people say

"...actually, with the push button start, you can just put the car in park and tap the button twice quickly. I do this all the time when I am on the phone and have reached my destination. Just turn the car off normally, but hit the push button a second time really quickly, and ACC will come on with no gap in power."

Another one states

"EDIT: Tested on my GT manual (standard). Quickly pressing the start/stop button a few times will turn off the engine and enter ACC mode."

May be you can give it a try?
For manuals we might have to try some combinations like put the car in neutral with handbrake on maybe? Just guessing here. But some experiments should be done.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

The current price of the Polo GT TSI is ₹.10,06,000 and the Jazz CVT is ₹.9,54,600 here in Hyderabad. The difference being an approximate ₹.51,400. I can't speak for others but if I was going to get the V CVT then I surely will not hesitate to pony up another 50K to get the GT. Both have their pros & cons but there is no denying that the GT trumps the Jazz in many ways.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Excellent review, incomparably better than anything else I have read on the web.

I think the best variant to buy would be the V, to which one can hopefully retrofit the magic seats. If and when I am in the market to buy a hatch, that would be my choice. However, I don't think the lack of magic seats is going to be a deal breaker for 90% of the target segment.
Given how they are equipped and priced, I think Honda really wants to make the V variant look VFM and drive max sales volume, with the VX reserved for the 0.1% who just have to buy the top model - irrespective of what it offers or in this case - doesn't!

My personal opinion is that Honda will likely have to introduce the magic seats on the V variant - at least as an option if they have to claim an USP against the i20.
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The ARAI claimed average on the CVT is 19 but the review says that not to expect average anywhere close to that which is understandable.
What sort of average can one expect from the CVT for city use?
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Some excerpts from review by Overdrive

"The ride quality is very good too and even surpasses the Hyundai Elite i20. The suspension is a little noisy, but doesn’t overwhelm you with crashing sounds. Long distance journeys are still going to be comfortable in the Jazz, but a rear arm rest and AC vents (especially for a cabin as big as this) would have made the journey more comfortable.

Driving in the city is a breeze. The steering is well weighted and progressive. So are the brakes. Despite the cushy suspension, there is no unnerving nose dive even when coming to halt from 80kmph. The grip from the 175-section Michelin XMs is decent but 185 or 195-section rubber would have been welcome.

But despite the smaller rubber, the road manners of this compact-sedan-dwarf are very good. There is body roll, but not in unnerving amounts. The ride isn’t bouncy either. The handling dynamics aren’t in the league of the Polo but comparable to the Swift and better than the i20."

I am very happy to see that Honda has improved the ride and handling of the new Jazz. This was one of the main focus areas of the new Jazz and they benchmark-ed it with the Polo in this regards. Though they might not have matched the Polo, it seems the improvement is quite significant.

I agree with the following conclusion from Overdrive
"In fact, the Elite i20 and the Volkswagen Polo are the primary targets for the Jazz, which means that it won’t be a cheap car to buy. But if you think about it, it is essentially like a Honda City without a boot so you get space almost similar to the sedan, but with the convenience of a hatchback. To me it makes more sense than the crop of compact sedans out there and if you don’t necessarily need the 500-odd litre boot space, then it may even serve as an alternative to most mid-size sedans. And in that sense, the Jazz continues to make a very strong case for itself."


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