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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

You have fair points. Agree on the rupee depreciation piece but I am not sure if the tax rates have changed over the last couple of years.

At the same time, we have to ask, if the delta value over the prior version justifies the commensurate price increase.

Finally, people would not be concerned, if their net worth or incomes/savings have increased at the same speed.

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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

First its the series of lockdowns, that supposedly brought the economy to a halt. What economy? All the new launches have been 30l + and there is so much demand that you need to wait an year. The world wide high inflation and the tightening of the credit seems to not affect the local markets. Someplace in the social media reports of how India has a 0% chance of recession are making rounds.
Rather than the govt reports, this long waiting seems to be the barometer test that Indians are insulated from the (impending) economic downturn. People are lapping up 30l+ cars like pani-puri!
Crazy times we live in!
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Originally Posted by HammerHead View Post
Hyundai Tucson design reminds me of Lamborghini Urus.

Attachment 2345197
Attachment 2345198
I am so glad that I'm not the only one to make that association. The pics you posted are so clearly highlighting the resemblance.
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Originally Posted by mgoel View Post
Booked the Diesel 2WD after checking it out twice in last few days. I am looking for the entry level Luxury SUV with 4/5 comfortable seats. Test drove X1, XC40 and GLA but back seat of all these German car was disappointing. Tucson so far checks all boxes in terms of Good looks, Luxury interiors, Feature pack, Safety, Space and build quality. Reviews from Team BHP as well as auto journals so far is positive with no serious issue with Diesel, final decision will be based on test drive next week...
I am in exact same situation as you. Please share your thoughts of you get a chance to test drive. It will atleast a week before we are able to get test drives IN Ahmedabad.
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Hi Techgeek, i asked for test drive as well, sales adviser told me that he will get the vehicle at my place next week once initial rush is over.
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

The "baby" Tucson.
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Here are my super brief impressions of the car:

I had to visit the Hyundai showroom to collect my refund cheque for the advance booking of the Tucson (I had picked up a Kodiaq Style while I was waiting for the Tucson's release). I wanted to use this visit to also check out the Tucson on display and hopefully not feel too much buyer's remorse from buying the Kodiaq over the Tucson.

I was surprised to see the showroom's parking lot be completely packed - which I chalked down to droves of people coming down to ogle the new Tucson. To my surprise, there was just one person standing next to the car in the showroom waiting for an SA to assist. Everyone else was busy checking out the other models. I think the price really has played spoilsport.

At 34.5L ex-showroom the top end Tucson is just 1.5L cheaper than the Kodiaq Style I purchased (albeit the Kodiaq's price has gone up by another 1.5L recently). Forgive my slight bias but the Kodiaq just seems to be from a segment above when compared to the Tucson.
  • The exterior design probably might age well but the alloys are just an absolute eye sore. Even the Alcazar has much better alloys. They ruin the otherwise funky, new-age look
  • The doors are heavier than those on other Hyundai cars but that is not saying much. No where near the tank like feeling of the Kodiaq doors
  • It still has the wobble centre console present on many Hyundai cars (albeit without creaks). The Creta's and Alcazar's not only wobble but also creak when you leg pushes against it

There are so many other differences mentioned before but really the million dollar question is - is it worth it? The answer for me is a resounding "NO!". I would always pick a Kodiaq for a few extra Ls. Not only would that be money very well spent, but you will also not be constantly ridiculed with "You spent how much on a Hyundai???" (this is inescapable in our society)

I do not know how much "extra" the ADAS functions add to the price of the car but in a country where the rules of the road are not followed what is the point of assistance systems that follow them? Sure, some of them are useful and can get you out of a tricky spot but are they worth the cost? I think folks considering the Tucson should also seriously consider the Alcazar. I was also very close to pulling the trigger on the Alcazar but the creaky centre console was a deal breaker for me.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: My Kodiaq had a few initial niggles (rattles) but they have settled as time as passed. My brand new Venue had the same issue initially)
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

So went to check out Tucson with 2 dealers. Both mentioned the test drives are available only from Tuesday, but somehow managed to get a short but good drive in the 2nd dealership for top end diesel.
Also managed to get a test drive of C5 and Jeep Meridian. Though Meridian was even small test drive, due to traffic.

Exterior Looks: Not a fan of new Tucson's look. But honestly, in real it's not bad as in pictures. The white colour looked good. Alloys were very disappointing.

Build Quality: The best build quality I have experienced in any Hyundai. For that matter any Asian cars. The door had good heft and closed well and firmly (unlike the new Creta, i20 etc.). In terms of perceived build quality, I would say Tucson is 70 to 80% of Tiguan/Kodiaq/Compass/Meridian/C5 etc.

Interiors: Interiors are good, very minimalistic and I loved that wrap around dashboard. Good quailty with generous use of softouch plastics and some fabric element. In comparison the interiors of C5 looked a segment lower, with so much of hard plastic over the dash. Also after seeing Tucson interiors, the C5 looked very boring. I felt the quality is more or less same in Tucson and Compass/Meridian. Tiguan though very basic has slightly better feel to the materials. Kodiaq honestly has best of the interior quality and sportsline black interiors are class apart for me.

Space: Very spacious. Infact I felt this is much more spacious than Tiguan and C5. Honestly Compass interior space is a joke. Even my new i20 is more spacious than Compass. Tucson has a very airy feel.

Engine Response: Good and linear progression, picks up speed quiet well. Felt C5 and Tucson to be in same range the way speed was build. Compass felt slowest of the lot, they really need to spruce up the power of Compass / Meridian. None of them actually felt faster than my Octavia TDI (even in stock condition) - mine is stage 1 remap now.

Ride: I felt Tucson to have the best ride quality at low speed, even C5 had a slight firm edge. But as speed builds up, C5 had a better ride quality. Tiguan, Compass etc are definitely stiffer

Handling: This is where I was actually disappointed with Tucson. There was a curved ramp to the highway which I took in 60+ and there were lot of body movements. The suspension is defintiley on a softer side. Even C5 had a good body roll and felt more like Tucson in that curve. In the same curve (many months back) Tiguan drove much better. To give a perspective, I normally take that curve in my Octavia (with Bilstein B6) at 90+ and it still stays flat. Infact I felt the new i20 (not NLine) took that curve better than both Tucson and C5 - I know its not a right comparison

High speed stability: Did not get a chance to drive fast both C5 and Tucson, but I am sure Tiguan/Compass/Meridian/Kodiaq would fare better here.

Now important questions:

Is Tucson overpriced? - In isolation it is. But then almost all other cars are expensive. When you really compare with Compass, Meridian, Tiguan, C5, Kodiaq etc. I dont feel Tucson is overpriced. This is definitely not like your other Hyundai's - there is a huge improvement in quality and it definitely feels like a proper premium CKD product.

Would I buy one if in the segment? - Well that would be NO. I can live with a stiffer suspension but not a softer one. And Tucson clearly has more body roll than my liking. If I am in the market for a entry premium SUV (any fuel type), my preference would definitely be Tiguan. It drives very car like. Though Compass drives well too, it surely feels underpowered and a size smaller than these cars. Would not prefer Kodiaq and I am not a fan of 7 seaters.

Now this makes me wonder - though we have so many products in that price range none of these are complete. Why cant we have a spacious 5 seater SUV, that is powerful, drives and handle well and also has a diesel motor

On another note, the Citreon salesman informed me that C5 is getting a facelift in September and it is going to have a fully reworked premium dashboard and even the front would be different. Not sure whether its true, as I havent seen anything on that yet.

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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Went to check the Tucson with my better half in Advaith dealership at ORR in BLR yesterday. Display vehicle was an Amazon Grey Petrol Signature Variant. Test Drives are yet to start there.

Our initial observations are as follows.
- Tucson looks sleek & stylish more than an imposing SUV. Felt the current gen Creta has more imposing front. Personally, we liked the exterior of Tucson which is well proportioned and designed! Those looking for butch SUV or an imposing road presence, better look elsewhere.

- While the exterior has all those cuts, creases, design elements, we felt the interior was less adventurous and slightly underwhelming. Missed the wow feeling of a premium product. But we both liked the beige interiors, seat comfort and last but not the least the SPACE! It has oodles of space inside which gives freedom to the driver and co passenger to adjust their seats as per their wish! Rear passengers won’t have any complaints at all!! Am 6 feet, my wife is 5'10 tall and we were really impressed with the rear space, front seats set to our absolute comfort.

- Range of rear seat incline and comfort are incredible. Though there is space for a middle passenger, the seat back is hard, not sure someone would prefer a long drive in that position.

- Front seats were supremely comfortable and one can easily find a relaxed posture with the range of adjustments possible. I liked the view from the driver seat as well which felt commanding when I raised the height a bit.

- Somehow the soft touch materials in the dash looked ordinary, not so ‘soft’ in fact. Wife felt nothing stands out in Tucson and it is very similar to Hector interiors. From a driver side perspective, I felt the seats are very wide, this was a problem in Compass wherein my left leg was always brushing against the center console.

- Center unit felt the same as in Creta, Climate control console felt after market. I liked the driver display console though which is very crisp and clear. Tried the AC diffuse functionality but was unable to find a difference in the airflow, maybe in a long drive one might feel it.

- Disappointed that Hyundai omitted rear blinds in Tucson, reason being CKD? Similarly, can’t understand the reason behind leaving out ventilated seats in the platinum version which could have been a VFM variant compared to Compass, Tiguan, Aircross etc. Both me and wife liked the sunroof which adds more feel to the already spacious vehicle.

- Boot is spacious and the petrol version comes with full fledged alloy spare wheel while the Diesel has a space saver only, due to ad blue tank I believe?

- Wife felt the doors to be heavy and sturdy something she mentioned only for Compass earlier. I also felt the same. Lastly we felt the Amazon Grey not that exciting in person, need to check the Starry Night and Black shades.

We were planning to upgrade our 10-year-old Honda City and eagerly waiting for this launch mighty impressed with the last gen Diesel test drive did some months back. Thought we should wait for the new gen Tucson, but alas prices have gone up beyond our expectations by at least 5 lacs. Good thing being T BHP and media drives highlighted that the Diesel is still punchy and refined, but mighty confused whether to go ahead with Signature variant (2WD) which comes to 42L on road in BLR.

We would have preferred the Platinum variant but can’t digest that ventilated seat are missed out. SA was mentioning that waiting periods has gone up to 5 months now! Surprising considering the price bracket Tucson falls into!

Will do a test drive coming week and then take a call. Maybe we need to check the Tiguan as well once. Meanwhile we observed a good footfall in the showroom for the Tucson, for sure this launch has garnered interest!

2022 Hyundai Tucson Review-tucson-front.jpg

2022 Hyundai Tucson Review-tucson-side.jpg

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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

The emblem at the back sure looks out of place IMO, fortunately there's an easy fix, vinyl wrap!!

Someone abroad did this and am attaching their pictures of before and after
2022 Hyundai Tucson Review-img_20220814_170012.jpg
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Originally Posted by pms View Post
SA was mentioning that waiting periods has gone up to 5 months now! Surprising considering the price bracket Tucson falls into!
Actually the waiting times have come down. We should feel lucky. Truly agile.

Just a couple of days ago, they were quoted at 8-10 months. See this.

Originally Posted by TusharK View Post
Hyundai Tucson commands a waiting period of up to 10 months

The fourth generation Hyundai Tucson was launched in India earlier this week. The carmaker has now revealed the waiting period for the SUV, which stretches from 8-10 months.

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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

I like the fact that the display is neatly tucked down and doesn't infringe on your view. Had checked out the car today and though the Gray shade photographs well, isn't a looker in real. Black should be good. Interiors and the sunroof are stunning. They'd placed it next to the Alcazar and my wife found that car to be bigger and better in terms of being VFM. Test drives start in 5 days
Originally Posted by ChetanM6 View Post
Saw the car in person today
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Originally Posted by SRISRI_90 View Post
As a Citroen C5 Aircross owner , all i can say is that this car looks Super Premium compared to the Citroen, i would definitely pay the premium that Hyundai is charging !

The Tucson Feature list itself will put the C5 to shame.
360 degree Cameras, ADAS , Cooled and ventilated seats and the list goes on .

Most frustrating part of owning the C5, manual controls for the passenger seat adjustments. Tucson has Powered passenger seats as well.
As a fellow C5 Aircross owner, I couldn't agree more. Ventilated seats, 360 cam and memory on powered seats are sorely missed on C5. Tucson (old) & C5 were my finalists back in Nov'21. I waited for Tucson for quite some time - I mean, some announcement, some carrot from Hyundai and I would waited longer, before taking a plunge with C5. I'm quite happy with my vehicle but if I really was in market today I would have certainly inclined towards Tucson. is offline   (11) Thanks
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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Took a TD of the diesel AWD car. I liked the diesel engine. The gear shifts are smooth and the car rides plush on bad roads. Body roll was acceptable for an SUV. Canít compare with sedans. The diesel engine and transmission combination is better than the Compass diesel. Sport mode weighs up the steering adequately.

Personally, I liked the interior and felt that it was no less than a Tiguan. Tiguanís Vienna leather seat upholstery is not very attractive, but the seats in Tucson felt better.

Also, I was told my Signature 2WD would have 5 months waiting even though my booking number is under 50 for the dealership. Looks like Hyundai is going to provide under 10 units per dealer per month.

Again stuck with the mental block of a 40 lakh Hyundai

To add to the confusion, I was just googling the best compact SUVs in US, UK and Australia and the Tucson is on every list in the top 3!

Attaching starry night modelís pictures. My glitterati gold Punto is in the background. Another point - the bonnet is super heavy! Surprising for a Hyundai.
Attached Thumbnails
2022 Hyundai Tucson Review-d26d939bf4b44f34b35a654eb991fb9c.jpeg  

2022 Hyundai Tucson Review-f1d1fe139e7549e3b08a3e15c019d0cf.jpeg  

2022 Hyundai Tucson Review-be0242e799c04356a1fa3add55318c1c.jpeg  

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Re: 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review

Honestly, nothing wrong with the car. I was ready to pay 30 lacs for the first time in my life for this but the pricing is a complete shocker.
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