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Old 23rd October 2019, 11:46   #46
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I am an Amazon .com, and .de user since 2007 and user since 2014. When only flipkart was there in India, there was no choice and used it to full extent and bought quite a few high value items costing up 50K +; those days everything sold by wsretail was good. But as soon as Amazon entered India, shifted to it smoothly due to

1. previous acquaintance with .com sites
2. customer service, no question asked return, so far all good experience for me, even for returning some of the costly items
3. variety of items are far more rich than flipkart
4. reviews (gives a basic idea, could be biased many times, but still gives some idea)
5. I felt the marketplace concept in flipkart is not monitored well and had some bad experience with different sellers though they are flipkart advantage items,
6. flipkart sent me e-mail to remove a review about a flipkart/wsretail fulfilled item that I was not happy about and they deleted the review once I said no. To be frank, it triggered my dislike towards flipkart more. You will get an idea why in next point
7. Profile and reviewer ranking - little show-off, but I write reviews of items as unbiased as possible, that I buy on Amazon, which is sort of good time-pass for me at times

Now I do not even compare price with flipkart; do I need to buy something, directly head to - search, research, add, buy.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have generally been an Amazon guy all this while - it just works! However, this festive season Flipkart gave a good run of money to Amazon. Not only deals were better, customer service to notched up a bit. I had 2 instances - one, ordered 2 pieces of an item from Amazon, only one got delivered. Still haven't received the money back or replacement of the missing item. 2, Flipkart - pair of shoes never got delivered. Within a week, they investigated, called me up and sent replacement.

Good to see the competition heating up and consumer benefiting out of it. Wish offline market too matched up the customer satisfaction of online players!
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Being a prime member my first preference is always Amazon. Especially the free next day delivery is an addicting luxury. However, whenever there are sales going my observation is that Flipkart usually have much better prices than Amazon. However, flipkart delivery simply sucks. In the recent sales I got all my Amazon orders within couple of days whereas Flipkart took 7-10 days minimum.

Mobile deals are mostly better at Flipkart and all my experiences regarding that are positive so far. For high value electronic items I prefer brick and mortar stores. They usually match the online prices and i have the peace of mind getting the exact product i saw.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

97% for Amazon versus 3% for Flipkart

This looks more like the election result in a dictator ruled country rather than the split of market share between 2 cut throat competitors. Surely the overwhelming preference for Amazon on this forum is not representative of the ground realities.

Amazon's India marketplace clocked revenues of US$ 3.2 Bn in the year ended 2018 while Flipkart did US$ 3.8 Bn during the same period. As per the same report Amazon India had a Gross Market Value (GMV) of US$7.5 Bn, while Flipkart stood at US$ 6.2 Bn. Surely those invested in Flipkart are not missing something.

Whatever adjustments we make (order value versus order numbers, Tier I versus Tier II etc), there is no way that the market is split so much in favour of Amazon. I know this poll is not meant to determine the split countrywide, as this is easily available from online sources, but the sheer lopsided result here suggests to me that people have forgotten all the shopping they have done on Flipkart!


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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Originally Posted by pahwa View Post
I have generally been an Amazon guy all this while - it just works! However, this festive season Flipkart gave a good run of money to Amazon.
Good to see the competition heating up and consumer benefiting out of it.
I am on the same page. Been an Amazon shopper ever since some bad delivery + poor customer care experience from Flipkart in 2014.
Flipkart under Kalyan is really running a steady ship with a streamlined shipping and delivery experience most of the time. However, the delivery is still inflexible and customer care is also dreadful.

Nowadays - I use Amazon for Grocery shopping, household items, tools, etc. That D Mart is just 1.5 KM away from my home and I still continue to buy from Amazon, which is a testament to their pricing during super value days.
However, for electronics and fashion, FK has really left Amazon behind with their pricing and the variety.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Voted for Amazon.

The array of products available on Amazon simply matches my requirements and yes, I do have a membership on Amazon prime, for which Amazon offers prioritized delivery.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Prefer Amazon over Flipkart these days. Have ordered multiple items from TV, phones etc to useless items on Flipkart.

But off late Flipkart seems to be acting pricey! especially when it comes to exchange. Have had 2 instances where they refused to exchange my old phone giving silliest of reasons!

With amazon, exchanges are smooth, deliveries are on time and refunds (even on non-refundable items) is quick and easy.

have even shopped on (to a friends address in US) and have had good experience every time.

Flipkart some time back removed the option of accessing their website on mobile via browser and were forcing to download and use their app. Amazon never had this, but currently i only have amazon app and have uninstalled flipkart app after couple of bad experiences
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon, hands down.

Last year, I ordered a Sony point-and-shoot camera from Flipkart - the seller was "Tech-Connect Retail Private Limited". Inside the original "sealed" box, there was a broken Samsung camera. I called Flipkart immediately and they told they'd take care of it. I called them everyday for 15 days and then they tell me my account has been suspended due to high number of returns. I had only returned some fashion items due to sizes, and never once returned any electronic item, which included an iPhone, Apple Watch, HP printer, a Motorola phone and an iPad over the years.

I complained, and complained, and complained to Flipkart, to Consumer Forum, ranted on twitter, but nothing happened. So, yea, that happened to me and so now I only use Amazon. Needless to say, I do not order any expensive items online any more. Sigh.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I use Amazon exclusively. I am completely hooked into their ecosystem of Kindle for e-books, Amazon Prime for Young Sheldon and other stuff, and Amazon Prime for free delivery of stuff. Have stopped even comparing rates at Flipkart due to sheer laziness for the past few years. I did start shopping books from Flipkart as they started their journey in India and left the platform when it stopped focusing on books and started selling other stuff. I then returned to Amazon because I could order rare books from across the world and was hooked onto the ecosystem. Based on the polls here, I am assuming the rural india is still hooked onto Flipkart because they claim to be undisputed leaders in the Indian marketspace.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon always, never used Flipkart. The experience so far is extremely good, whether it is .in or .sg.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I've been using Amazon as it's simply a better experience so far. Returns are hassle free, the customer support is usually on point and the interface is far more agreeable than Flipkart. Plus, I've been reading a lot of horror stories about customers being sent the wrong gaming laptops during the last Flipkart sale.

Both Amazon and Flipkart are 10x Diners partners though so I get about 33% returns with my Diners Black card on purchases under 45,000 INR. Makes most purchases far cheaper.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have stopped shopping out for groceries, garments, shoes and electronics including large appliances. And 90% of it is from Flipkart. So voted for them. I think a lot depends on which annual subscription a person has. As Amazon provides prime video bundled it has a larger subscriber base which would prefer their portal due to free shipping on all orders. I have Flipkart Plus membership which is basically free of cost if you have accumulated a minimum amount of "coins" through Flipkart shopping. I have had no issues till date with Flipkart and was even able to return items which were only eligible for exchange. Only once I had to escalate matters and their escalation team was quite responsive and polite.

Some things I always do take note of which might be a reason for a hassle free experience till date is seller rating. I have only ordered stuff from Flipkart assured sellers and with a rating of 4 or above(with a good review sample size).

Not to say that my Amazon experience has been bad but my go-to site is Flipkart for now. They can improve upon the review system though. Amazon reviews seem more authentic while Flipkart's seem inflated.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon any day over 'Plifkart' (that's how one of my colleagues pronounces it )

With Amazon, we can be rest assured that the product is original, never used and packaging has not tampered. I was fooled so many times with Flipkart. Once I bought a laptop and I found out that I received a used one. I bought a Motorola smartphone, again got used and so on...

The irony is that I recently bought Google Pixel 3 and Nokia 6.1 plus from Flipkart. The packaging was good but I still have that doubt back of my mind.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Voted for Amazon. Between the two, I am using Amazon for the last 5-6 years. I had bad experience with Flipkart about 5-6 years back multiple times. If the product is not to your liking, FK customer care would endlessly argue with you to keep the product. Only multiple escalations would lead to returning the product & getting your money back. The Customer care team was also not groomed properly in communication. Their experience was frustrating. Then Amazon arrived, returns were as easy as clicking a button, money was immediately refunded no questions asked, excellent packaging, fast delivery, prime membership which can be used for TV, Music, delivery etc, very good UI with almost no bugs, etc. I have not used Flipkart since then ( though I have heard their services have improved).

Another of my observation. I live in a society with 4K residents. Throughout the day Amazon delivery van comes loaded with parcels for delivery but I hardly see the same for Flipkart, In fact, I don't even remember I ever saw one. I believe the metro market has been completely captured by Amazon.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Voted for Flipkart, I spend a lot on Flipkart's supermart. And being a Plus member, I get ~8% worth super coins on every transaction. I used to have prime subscription but discontinued it recently as I didn't find worth the money.

What intrigues me here is, 95% Vs 5% on T-Bhp is quite opposite to the actual marketshare where Flipkart leads Amazon by decent margin! Also, lots of people have mentioned about Prime & UI/UX of Amazon's other county portals.

I guess an average T-Bhp member is considerably privileged compared to an average Indian !
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