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Default Re: Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery

They were punctual for me and the xuv was clean but one tyre had a chip of rubber missing from the sidewall and the other tyres had several other crack / tread wear issues that made me glad speed was limited to 80 kmph

Pickup was also prompt though I was delayed by some 20 minutes due to traffic and the poor fellows had to wait in the 42 degree hot sun for me to turn up.

No idea on flight arrival related flexibility though pickup should be fine as the car is effectively in your name / hired by you for say a couple of days for the shirdi trip.

Originally Posted by Arka View Post
Hi Suresh, I am planning to book a Revv, for my upcoming Shirdi trip, from Pune airport. I have used Zoomcar earlier. So know how their terminal pickup and drop works. However, no idea if the Revv delivery and pickup from the terminal is punctual. Did they deliver and pickup the car at the terminal on time for you? Are they flexible with the delivery time if there is a delay in flight arrival?

Choosing Revv this time as I have had not so great experiences with Zoomcar the last two times.


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Default Re: Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery

Superb experience with Revv

After my near disastrous experience with Zoomcar (Zoom Car Reviews - Self Drive Rentals in India), I scanned pages after pages of T-BHP for a self drive recommendations. I was able to zero down on Revv as the best possible option.

Downloaded the app, selected the vento, made payment and waited for the car (although anxiously and with only 50% confidence of clean process being followed).

But the anxiety was unfounded. About an hour before pick-up time, the executive called and took the google map location from me. He reached about 15 minutes before the actual start time with a nice looking vento.

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-vento_1.jpg

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-vento_2.jpg

He was courteous, explained car basics, took photos, gave a file containing all documents and off we went.

The car had 46000 km on the odo and was driving like a charm. Well maintained and nice smelling car. No issues in the car whatsoever. We enjoyed exploring the city in Vento.

Next day, we had planned to go to Mahabaleshwar and I was tempted to get a bigger car for this journey. My wife was against the idea since our Scorpio experience was bad and this car had her impressed.

I still pushed on with the idea and a single call with Revv ensured that the upgrade happened seamlessly. I agreed for the difference in rentals and the spanking new XUV 500 was given to me for rest 8 days. The car had only 8600 km on the odo and was maintained very well. No niggles or issues whatsoever.

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-xuv_1.jpg

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-xuv_2.jpg

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-xuv_3.jpg

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-xuv_4.jpg

The car drove well throughout the trip and was collected promptly on the last day. Since I had topped up the car, it had 40% more Diesel than what was originally there. The delivery executive noted this and went off with the car.

Within 48 hours, my deposit and the excess fuel reimbursement was refunded to my credit card.

I am impressed by the service and the fleet of Revv and would use this as my first choice self drive company whenever I am in India.
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Default Re: Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery

This is my first post on Team-BHP if there is an error please excuse.

Great Experience with Revv.

After a very moderate experience with Zoomcar's extremely dirty Creta, we were looking out for some different rental company when the extended family visited us in Pune. After reading a few reviews about the different options available on Team-BHP and elsewhere along with the general opinion about the brand, we chose to go with Revv.

Since my uncle along with his family was coming to visit us in Pune, we wanted a car that would hold 6 people in comfort and a bit of luggage with us so that we could all be in the same car and enjoy the drive to Mahabaleshwar. After contemplating on whether to get the Toyota Innova Crysta or the Mahindra XUV500, my father decided to book the Crysta

The booking experience
The Booking experience was simple, all I had to was to download the application, select what car I wanted and book it. We went ahead with the Crysta with Fuel Included for 325 Kilometres. The total amount came out to be Rs.7745 which included an Rs. 2000 refundable deposit and an Rs. 350 Pick-Up & Drop Charge. I am giving the complete breakdown of charges incurred.

Fare break-up:
Base fare (incl. discount for long bookings): Rs. 5395
Discounts: Rs. 0
Doorstep delivery and pick-up charges: Rs. 350
Fuel: Included
Insurance and GST: Included
Refundable security deposit: Rs. 2000

Delivery, Pick-Up and the Crysta itself
Usually, for any booking on Zoomcar, the registration number along with the name of the person delivering it would be mentioned. But, in the case of Revv, I had only received a mail confirming my booking the night before. I went to bed a bit worried about the early start the next morning. The next morning, the agent from Revv gave me a call at 7 am and said that he had already reached my society. I was quite surprised to see this despite the 8 am booking time and went ahead and took delivery of the car. There were only a few documents to be signed and the car was ours for the day. As soon as the formalities were sorted out, I received a mail containing the pictures that of dents and scratches on the car which were taken by the delivery agent.

The car was a 1.5-year-old Bronze coloured Crysta registered in Thane with 73413 Kilometres on the odometer. Surely, driven quite a lot for a 1.5-year-old car! It was a 2.4L G Variant and was in a 7 seat configuration with Captain Seats in the middle row. The car was decently clean from both the interior and exterior with the only dirty component being the floormats. It did have quite a few scratches all around the body but nothing major. Even though the car did not have a touchscreen like a few other I read about on Team-BHP but Revv was courteous enough to provide a standard 2-DIN audio system (they did not provide an AUX cable) which did its job perfectly.

The 2.4L engine felt a bit utilitarian at start-up and idle but smoothened out as it started building up Speed. Power & Torque felt adequate with 6 people and a bit of luggage and the steering, albeit a bit van-like in its positioning felt pretty good. The space inside the cabin is also pretty good and the last row can accommodate 3 people who are less than 5 feet 5 inches quite well, only because it had the captain seats however people taller than 5 feet 5 inches would prefer sitting in the middle or first row as legroom might be pretty tight.
Because we live close to the Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway, we did not experience any city roads to get a feel of how it would be to drive in the city. It was only after we reached Mahabaleshwar that it felt a bit cumbersome to drive.

We arrived back around an hour before the booking was about to finish and received a call from the Revv executive asking me if he could pick up the car as he was nearby. He arrived within half an hour and the return process was very easy. A few pictures clicked and he was on his way. I received the Rs. 2000 refundable deposit within a couple of days and a mail from Revv which had the pictures of the car after its return to the agent.

The Experience
Overall, I had a very good experience with Revv and their excellent customer service coupled with the extremely competitive pricing made the deal even sweeter. The car was well maintained and the professional service made it a deal that was hard to resist.

Thank you for reading!

Image Source - Mail from Revv and Phone gallery
Attached Thumbnails
Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-revv-crysta.jpeg  

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-revv-crysta-back.jpeg  

Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery-revv-crysta-interior.jpeg  

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Default Re: Revv self-drive car rentals with doorstep delivery

Originally Posted by Pancham View Post
I noticed there is NO INR 350 (door step delivery charge) + INR 5000 (Security Deposit) if I book in Kolkata but these charges exist in Delhi NCR.

Any reason why? This will my 1st time booking a Revv. Am I missing something?

Just curious.
Came across the reason why, in a casual chat with someone associated with Revv.

It seems that North India is the commonest zone in India for customers to steal / swap out parts from their rental cars. Most common are tyres. If you find your rental has 4 unpaired tyres, all of which are worn almost to the end of their service lives, don't blame the company - they did not put those tyres there, the previous chap renting that car did. If the suspension rattles in a car that has hardly done 20k km, you know what happened. And if the ICE doesn't work, and seems more battered than the rest of the dashboard, you know why the company is asking you to deposit ₹5,000 or even ₹10,000 as security.

In comparison, southern and eastern India treat rental cars really well (though eastern states tend to return cars with more dents), so there is usually no security deposit.
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