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note from mod

Excessive use of smileys and encouragement of violence / damage is not encouraged on this forum. Please read the board rules etc before posting further

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Some pretty sad stories here.
Same stuff has happened to our car.
When we take the fiesta to school, it is parked in lane nearby and someone just keeps on scratching it. We have gotten some deep scratches on the roof and body and some light ones onthe body too.
Its kinda tough for me to accept what has happened and i am hoping a good polish should work.
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guys thats nothing

c this
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This kind of Vandalism occurs nearly in all states. My Black Honda City has one on the driver's side while it was parked inside the Office parking.
Its worse on my Scorpio where its on both the sides..

I will have to paint the whole side to get rid of them.
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Vandalism exists allover the world. My friends from all over have experienced it at some time or the other, even in Germany, Japan etc.
Back here in Our India--
I have replaced atleast 20 star embelems on my Mercs in the last 20 years.
Have had deep scratches, generally by keys/keychains, at all places on the body of my cars[these show out more on darker colours]
All sorts of frustrated souls exist on Mother earth!!!
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Originally Posted by Mugen_Power
Guys Look at this Vandalised BMW.

Apparently - was an enraged wife taking revenge on a cheating husband
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If the BMW owner is as crazy about his car as most of us on this forum, then I guess his wife hit the bulls-eye. :-)
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Default burrrrr...

hey i guess scratches are bound to come on any car so long as bombay has rickshaw drivers cutting lanes like no ones biz i had one of them scrape the rear fender of my rocco got it repainted hate a scratch ne where on ma baby ! those bas***ds better keep distance !
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Old 22nd April 2006, 14:48   #129
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Default The Bangalore way....

small kids come to beg at the signals.....they tap on your window a couple of times asking money.....if you dont give them any thing

they start walking towards the back of your car

as they walk you hear a noise of the kid scratching your car with the coin / nail in his hands......you come out to see that you have a strong line of modern art on the side of your car.

what can you do.......really i cant think of what to say or do to a kid.
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Default beggars at traffic signals

Oh i hate this too ... Over here in noida whichever traffic signals u are at, u always get surrounded by beggars, kids, women and old ppl. Thats not all even if u'r car is shining they will come with the dirtiest cloth and start wiping it ... uhhh so pissing off then they come and stick their hands and greasy palms on the windows uff!! if you give one of them some money u are just hounded by all of them ... this is just a nuisance. I always keep a considerable distance between me and the front car as soon as these ppl come on to my car i move an inch or two ahead ... works at times.
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I had parked my Indica in my club parking lot and had gone to play tennis where I got into an arguement with another membr over the court and when I came out i caught the same guy trying to break my side view mirror right there in front of all the security guards .Caught the guy (who is in his late 20's) and gave him a good hard sock straight on the nose.I was banned from the club for a week after that but it was worth it .
It's really shameful when seemingly cultured,well educated people from good families behave like this.
This really proves that although many people today have money they have no sense.
Anyone ever had to face a similar situation???????????

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This is such an annoying problem!!! My friend in Bombay has two hot sports cars, a Toyota MRs and a Fiat coupe. Countless times people have scratched his cars, everything from long scratches with blades to graffiti with blades. The sad thing is you cant do anything about it, except not taking your car out.
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Default How does one prevent a car being keyed?

I had parked my car outside during the night for a couple of hours. Didn't know anything about the scratches till today morning. Some frikking ******* used a sharp object (probably a stone) to scratch my car - the entire bonnet, the side doors; didn't even spare the bumper :(
Is there any way one can prevent this from happening? Would a car cover help?
Am so very upset. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope I find that bugger. Just want to wring his neck.

Mods, sorry if my language is inappropriate ...

Note from the support team: Thread merged.

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I faced the same when I took my car (new NHC) to my hometown in TN this weekend. I had just washed the car (for almost an hour and half), went in to take a bath, came back to find a blade/stone line on the left side of the car's entire length..

I rushed the car to a nearby paint shop and he applied some rubbing compound and tried to get rid of the line.. at places where the paint was just little off, the line is gone.. but wherever it was deep, it remains.. though one cannot spot it by a cursory look, if you observe, you can find the line..

What can one do with such people?
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some ch****a stole the valve caps from 3 of my wheels. wots he gonna do with them??? stuff em up his nose??

Now i might have to buy those Petes thingies... jus coz they have a little bit more protection than the normal ones...
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