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Old 22nd September 2009, 11:23   #61
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Sid, brilliant article, as always.

Congrats on the Jazz. Trust your parents' decisions. They are far more practical than a lot of us, who tend to be emotional and passionate towards certain things to an extent that we overlook a few issues.
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Old 22nd September 2009, 12:29   #62
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Congrats!! Sid on the latest acquisition. You should be a Professional Writer, I am pretty sure if a Honda Executive is reading this thread they must be feeling ga ga on your excellent write up. It goes perfect with "One Life Why so Serious"

Enjoy your new ride and looking forward to read a similar write up from you on your Red Punto acquisition. Hopefully it happens soon.
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Old 22nd September 2009, 12:34   #63
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Nice Wirte-up Sid Waiting for more.

Congrats for your Jazz.
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Old 22nd September 2009, 12:50   #64
Team-BHP Support
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Congratulations Sid! This is one of the best ownership reports I've seen on Team-BHP, we know that we can count on you to keep updating it with time too. The Jazz is a heck of a hatchback. As long as you are happy with it, at the price, that's all that counts.

*clicks 5 star thread rating*
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Old 22nd September 2009, 12:51   #65
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Good Write up SidIndica.

A good hatch for its price and brand too.
It feels very roomy inside and gorgeous outside.
I felt the same when i td'ed Jazz.
Enjoy and Drive Safe
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Old 22nd September 2009, 13:03   #66
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Excellent owner ship thread, one of the best i have read on TBHP

congrats on the car and keep up updated .....

EDIT: voted 5 star
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Old 22nd September 2009, 13:28   #67
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I little too much drama for my taste much great and extremely detailed report nevertheless..


Often one has to buy cars from the head, and not from the heart. Possibly at a later stage in life you'll be able to buy a Punto 1.6 MJD (when it launches).
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Old 22nd September 2009, 14:13   #68
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Sid, this seems that you very much like reading Novels in your free time.
Again saying, Very well Written.
And now when you have Active Package for Free.........Congrats for the Deal
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Old 22nd September 2009, 14:19   #69
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Hey Sid congrats from another Sid on the purchase.
Absolutely amazing write up one of the best I have read so far !
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Old 22nd September 2009, 14:35   #70
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Congrats Sid.

What an unique way to put forward the entire new car buying experience.

I think Honda can utilize all these part by part write up to up the sales of Jazz. They will definately achieve a good number based on your write up rather than their stupid ads.

Keep it up.
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Old 22nd September 2009, 15:40   #71
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Sid, I love the writing style, and you are long on facts also, which is rare in a good writer.
Keep updating with the ownership experience.
As for the "active" pack FOC, I feel it's a precursor to Honda giving it to all to pep up their declining sales figures.
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Old 22nd September 2009, 18:11   #72
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Superlative ownership writeup. Am impressed with the keenness your parents have shown in checking out various cars before deciding on one. Congrats on the active deal, guess knowing the concerned person personally for sometime has stood you in good stead.
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Old 22nd September 2009, 18:17   #73
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Congratulation Sid. This is a very interesting and indeed long initial ownership report. I wonder how many pages will your long term report have?
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Old 22nd September 2009, 18:49   #74
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Good one man. It's always good when the whole family is involved in the decisions. No Heartburns later.
Enjoy the Jazz..
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Old 22nd September 2009, 20:03   #75
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Hi sidindica as an outsider I have always admired your writings.Enjoy your car.Please do continue to provide details on cost of ownership and longterm reports.
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