5 reasons why I got Tucson instead of Tiguan as my Harrier replacement

Even though I did not like its looks initially, it is definitely growing on me much faster than I expected.

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Finally after a lot of confusion, contemplation, minimalist options available, upcoming (next 6 months) launches, and of course the availability (delivery timelines), I am happy to announce that I have taken the delivery of my Tucson Diesel 2WD Signature AT.

While the Tiguan was immediately available for delivery, the Tucson was made available immediately by a different dealer in my home town (even though I booked with a different dealer and delivery was scheduled in July/Aug). My exact choice of the same White 2WD Diesel top variant was available as it was allocated to another customer and it was cancelled at the last minute. What an ecstatic moment when everything falls into place.

Of course, the final contest between Tiguan and Tucson was voted in favour of Tucson for the following reasons:

  1. DSG vs TC - In terms of reliability (especially in Indian conditions), it is TC any day over a DSG. Also, the ASS experience of VW is always a hit or miss. Coming from a bad experience, I don't want to take another chance, especially at this price point (as I already had to stretch way beyond my budget for either).
  2. The 7-speed DQ381 is definitely better to drive than the 8-speed TC. However, the 8-speed TC is not far behind. Again while the Tiguan is the benchmark in driving dynamics, Tucson did not disappoint me. In fact, the Tucson went one step ahead and surprised me during the TD.
  3. Considering my usage of at least 15K kms per year, a diesel made more sense. And the tons of NM at low rpm in the diesel is definitely mind-blowing coming from a Harrier. While I also think this is the last leg of diesel - so better get the best.
  4. Tiguan is no more available (Similar to Octavia & Superb). And I can sense the urge of VW and the dealer to clear the last stock available (all are 2022 models). As per the dealer, the Tiguan MAY be relaunched during the festival season (August-Sept). So I don't want to buy a car that is already discontinued (even if it is temporary) with no horizon for the next launch.
  5. As mentioned in my TD review, Tiguan's ride is too hard for Indian conditions.

Regarding Tucson's looks, even though I did not like it initially (even now I am not fully satisfied), it is definitely growing on me much faster than I expected.

Regarding the full review of Tucson, I will shortly share it in a separate thread.

Here's what BHPian raptor_diwan had to say about the matter:

Fantastic! Congratulations on your new purchase!

Choosing the Tucson was a smart move, it's known for its reliable performance. Can't wait to hear your detailed review on how it handles your daily commute or if it impresses your weekend trips.

You'll be driving down the road one day and suddenly realize that you're in love with it. Trust me, it happens to the best of us.

Here's what BHPian 84.monsoon had to say about the matter:

Congratulations! The current generation of the Tiguan was launched in 2017 and is at the end of its life cycle. The Tucson on the other hand is a very recent global launch. I would recommend every time that it is always better to buy cars at the start of the generation, as they stay fresh for a minimum of 6 to 7 years.

7 years is a long time in terms of technology and platform advancement for major automakers, and I think what you are seeing is that Hyundai has almost caught up with VW in terms of driving dynamics, performance and safety as compared to the prevailing generation of VW SUVs like the Tiguan from the second half of the last decade. The last generation of Tucson was very far behind the Tiguan even though they were both launched in 2016-17 globally. VW has stayed slow in this segment with more of its energies going towards electrification. Whereas Hyundai has moved faster.

Here's what BHPian 07CR had to say about the matter:

Congratulations on a great choice!

One more reason the Tucson would be massively better than the Tiguan is the air conditioning. Considering you are from Chennai a great AC is a godsend. Coming from Tata Harrier (Tata cars usually have great ACs) I am sure Tucson would have at least a comparable AC performance, Tiguan on the other hand is below average.

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