Changed the cabin filter on my Maruti Alto: Here's how it's done

You can buy the AC cabin filter in Boodmo or the Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts website.

BHPian chandrus03 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After every 5000kms it is recommended to change the AC cabin filter which will keep the air quality in a good condition. Recently I had to change my AC cabin filter after completing 17000kms and I decided to make a post about how to do it.


  • Any waste cloth or tissue
  • New AC Cabin filter

You can buy the AC cabin filter in Boodmo or in Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts website…

Step 1

Get in the co-driver seat and push back the seat all the way.

Open the glove box and keep everything inside the glovebox aside, maybe on the driver seat.

Step 2

If you lean down slightly you can find two plastic pieces on the both inner sides or glovebox. Push them inside simultaneously and the glovebox will sag down.

Just pull the glovebox carefully to completely remove the glovebox. Clean the glovebox with the tissue or cloth.

Step 3

Now that you have access to all the parts of the AC blower and filter… find the AC Filter on top of the AC Blower

Carefully pull out the lid from both sides

Step 4

Take the AC cabin filter out carefully. Replace with the new Cabin filter by checking the Top marking on the filter as shown in the image

Close the cabin filter as how it was removed. Check for the UP marking on the lid.

Fit the glovebox in the reverse order of how it was removed…

Hope this post helped you with changing AC filter of your car . Most of the Maruti Suzuki cars have similar setup of AC cabin filter. It’s good to change the cabin filter on every 5000kms

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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