List of cars from 2009 to 2022 that were named Team-BHP Car of the Year

Tata Motors & Mahindra have combined wins of 8 (out of 14) COTYs, making Indian manufacturers the majority winners in T-BHP COTY!

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Continuing what @KiloAlpha posted in 2020, and what I updated last year:

2009 Car of the year: Tata Nano

  • Total Votes: 1058
  • Tata Nano got 406 votes (38.37%)
  • Vehicle sales: Flop. After the initial excitement, sales dropped off. Now discontinued.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2010 Car of the year: Ford Figo

  • Total Votes: 979
  • Ford Figo got 375 votes (38.3%)
  • Vehicle sales: Hit. Sold a consistently high number (5-6K per month) in the initial 3 years, then tailed off. Was replaced by the new generation Figo, which is a sales flop.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2011 Car of the year: Mahindra XUV5OO

  • Total Votes: 2626
  • Mahindra XUV5OO got 1487 votes (56.63%) - the highest winning margin.
  • Vehicle sales: Super hit. Continued to consistently be the top performer in the segment until a couple of years back. Updated model is (finally) on its way.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2012 Car of the Year: Renault Duster

  • Total Votes: 2122
  • Renault Duster got 1135 votes (53.49%)
  • Vehicle sales: Super hit - at the time. Defined a segment, and sold huge numbers until the competition caught up with it. Now feels badly outdated, and is a slow seller despite facelift, BS6 turbo petrol, and automatic variants being launched.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2013 Car of the Year: Ford Ecosport

  • Total Votes: 1362
  • Ford Ecosport got 696 votes (51.1%)
  • Vehicle sales: Moderate hit. Unique offering in the compact crossover segment, carved a niche for itself. Good sales numbers despite new competition. Facelift appeared to continue the success, but now it begins its slow decline. Best selling Ford model for a while now.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2014 Car of the Year: Tata Zest

  • Total Votes: 2454
  • Tata Zest got 962 votes (39.2%)
  • Vehicle sales: Flop. Has not met Tata's expectations, did not pose a threat to the Maruti DZire. Even fleet/taxi operators did not take a shine to this car. Now discontinued.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2015 Car of the Year: Renault Kwid

  • Total Votes: 2363
  • Renault Kwid got 692 votes (29.28%) - the narrowest winning margin. Hyundai Creta polled 557 votes (23.57%), Maruti-Suzuki Baleno 330 (13.97%), and the Figo-Aspire twins got 293 (12.4%)
  • Vehicle Sales: Moderate hit. Initial bookings were strong, and Renault upped the game delivering to expectations. However, now selling around 5K per month - which is below expectations. Facelift keeps the interest in this model alive.
  • T-BHP Official Review
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2016 Car of the Year: Tata Tiago

  • Total Votes: 2451
  • Tata Tiago got 901 votes (36.76%)
  • Vehicle sales: Hit. Has been (mostly) finding around 5K-7K homes every month.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2017 Car of the Year: Jeep Compass

  • Total Votes: 2387
  • Jeep Compass got 1047 votes (43.86%)
  • Vehicle Sales: Hit. Like the Renault Duster 6 years back, it has carved out a niche at its price point and was virtually without competition - for a while. With competition catching up, and FCA's lethargy, sales have now begun their slow decline.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2018 Car of the Year: Mahindra Marazzo

  • Total Votes: 1964
  • Mahindra Marazzo got 726 votes (36.97%)
  • Vehicle Sales: Flop. It started off selling OK numbers, but sales have since fallen and is was underperforming. Fleet operators seem to have propped up the sales numbers.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2019 Car of the Year: Kia Seltos

  • Total Votes: 2751
  • Kia Seltos got 1499 votes (54.49%)
  • Vehicle Sales: Super Hit. With just this one model in its line-up, Kia went from nothing to the 4th highest-selling brand.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2020 Car of the year: Mahindra Thar

  • Total Votes: 1932
  • Mahindra Thar got 794 votes (41.10%)
  • Vehicle Sales: Hit. M&M is not making enough to meet the demand. 34,829 copies shipped from the factory since deliveries started - averages 2679 per month, and waiting period varies from 4 to 6 weeks to 6 to 8 months depending on the variant/ powertrain/ transmission. This is in spite of a price hike of up to 73k to 1.33 lakhs on the ex-showroom within the first 9 months of launch.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2021 Car of the year: Mahindra XUV7OO

  • Total Votes: 2016
  • Mahindra XUV7OO got 1267 votes (62.85%), taking over the "highest winning margin" title from the XUV5OO!
  • Vehicle Sales: Hit. M&M is not making enough to meet the demand. Waiting times have reached the equivalent of the license raj era, resulting in a thread just to discuss the waiting period of this car. All initial reviews have been positive, with delivery timelines seemingly being the biggest problem.
  • T-BHP Official Review

2022 Car of the year: Mahindra Scorpio-N

  • Total Votes: 2263
  • Mahindra Scorpio-N got 632 votes (27.93%), making this the narrowest winning margin, overtaking the Kwid's 29.28% from 2015.
  • Vehicle Sales: Hit. Mahindra does not report Scorpio-N numbers separately, but comparing their overall sales from July 2022 (27,862) and later months (Avg 31,602 between Aug - Nov '22), we can guesstimate that M&M is dispatching between 3,000 to 5,000 copies per month (3,740 avg) which is still not enough to meet the demand, giving Scorpio-N the notoriety of having a thread dedicated to discuss wait times (on the same lines as XUV7OO).
  • T-BHP Official Review

A look at the manufacturers whose cars made it to T-BHP COTY over the years:

  • Maruti and Hyundai, India's top two with a market share of 56% (Nov '22) are missing from our COTY!
  • Toyota and Honda too did not get to win the title so far.
  • Mahindra is the only manufacturer with a hat-trick COTY until now.
  • Tata and Mahindra have a combined win of 8 (out of 14) COTYs, making Indian Manufacturers the majority winners in T-BHP COTY!

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

Great points! Thanks for the insightful post. I think, with reference to Maruti, all of their new launches do "most things right", without excelling in any particular area. Case in point, this year's Brezza & Grand Vitara. For the latter, the sole standout point is Toyota's hybrid tech, for which the Hyryder rightly got rewarded with the no.2 spot.

Marutis generally appeal to the head but don't pull the strings to our hearts… thus missing out on COTY awards.

Here's what BHPian vellatechie had to say about the matter:

Considering how Thar is just a 2 Seater, and Scorpio and XUV700 have huge waiting lists, I think it's safe to say these are super hit.

I mean in 2019 who would've thought about shelling 18L on a Thar and nearly 30L on XUV500 2.0?

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