Loss of built-in features when upgrading car's infotainment

I am considering the purchase of the MG Astor SUV.

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I'm in the market for a new car and am considering the MG Astor.

My question is, there seems to be a lot of features like the ADAS that seem to be tied into the head unit.

If I decide to upgrade to a more premium head unit, will I be losing out on all these features?

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It's impossible, or maybe possible but way too difficult/dangerous to warranty, to do so in any of the cars that nowadays come with built-in, factory, bespoke touch screen systems.

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The kind of integration with the vehicle settings etc. available on the current crop of Infotainment Systems is next to impossible to achieve on the third party aftermarket systems.

Secondly, the OEM Infotainment Systems that are being used today (10+ inch ones) are already very expensive, they cost upwards of 60-70K.

If you need an improvement in the sound stage, why not use an external amplifier and better speakers?

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