Maruti Suzuki to focus on efficient petrol, flex fuel engines

Diesel vehicles account for less than 17% of the overall vehicle sales and it is expected to drop further post 2023.

C V Raman, Chief Technical Officer, Maruti Suzuki, has stated that the company has no plans to return to the diesel segment. The carmaker expects diesel car sales to crash with the rollout of the next phase of emission norms in 2023.

The prices of diesel vehicles are expected to increase with the introduction of new emission norms. This would adversely affect sales and further reduce the percentage of diesel vehicles, which currently stands at less than 17%.

Maruti Suzuki had discontinued its diesel models with the rollout of the BS6 emission regulations. It resulted in the phasing out of the Fiat-sourced 1.3-litre oil burner. Since then, the focus has shifted to the petrol range.

At present, Maruti has 1.0-litre, 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre petrol engines in its portfolio. The carmaker will be focusing on making them more efficient and might also develop a new family of engines.

Raman has also confirmed that all Maruti engines will be E20 compliant by 2023.

Source: ET Auto

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